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  1. Forgot to do a stat update last week, so here it is now! o w o Stat changes during the year: Platinum trophies: +4 100% completed: +5 Completion: +0.85% As for next month's theme, I don't really have any suggestions. I do like some of the ones suggested though, particularly There was a book?! and Too good to be forgotten.
  2. Been busy at work with shifts moving around, but I finally have some time this weekend to get things ready. Right now I only really have Code: Realize Future Blessings ready to pop and I'm going to try and get a few more ready this long weekend.
  3. UPDATE:: Four more games knocked out since the last update. Burly Men at Sea was a nice, short game. A bit repetitive but apart from that I liked it. Sparkle 2 (PS4) was a bit of a grind, particularly on the hardest difficulty. Didn't really enjoy it but it wasn't that bad to clear off the list Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days was pretty easy to complete: sit back and enjoy some confusing cutscenes. Omega Quintet was a weird but enjoyable plot. It gets to be a bit of a grind at the end when clearing out the rest of the trophies and the like. This bumps up my finished games to 23 and doesn't really do much for my new game count, which is still in the negative. . _ . ;;
  4. Just finished my game for this month: Omega Quintet. There is outfit changing in the game although it wasn't so essential to the gameplay. Got the first trophy for the game three years ago and completed it for another event, PSN Weeblympics.
  5. Finally got through the first game of my list. ^o^;; #1 - Omega Quintet
  6. Meant to do an update on the last day of January but it completely slipped my mind. Didn't get much done last month, finished just the one game: Burly Men at Sea (November 2018 PS Plus line up) -Complete a game you started in that month Stats Changes: Platinum trophies: +1 100% completed: 0 Completion: +0.28
  7. Since I’m not gonna clear anything else any time soon, here are my stats for the beginning of the event! Stats at the start of 2019:Platinum trophies: 82100% completed: 135Completion: 55.84% EDIT: And had to fix the 100% complete cause I missed the clarification before I posted. XP
  8. Alright, just made up a working list of games. I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to switch some things up but it would only be for the ultra rare and bad rap games. Category Game (With Region/Version) Qualifier EZPZ Code Realize: Future Blessings Completion 80.38% Ultra Rare Disgaea 3: An Absence of Detention (NA) Completion 1.75% Platinum-Less Abzu Unpopular Children of Zodiarcs 365 Owners DLC Watch Dogs DLC Pack 1 / Bad Blood Difficulty The Banner Saga Hard Difficulty and Challenge Speed Run Kingdom Hearts Speedster MP Persona 4 Arena Amazing, Sensei Veteran Speak with your fists! They call me... Peripherals Hidden Agenda PlayLink Bad Rep Zenith Metascore 46
  9. Hm. Building up a list is going to take time but I’m all for it. o w o Sign me up—hopefully I’ll have something by tomorrow.
  10. I’ve been debating on whether or not to for a while. Sign me up—I’ll add games later.
  11. I’ll be signing up again this year—new stats will be posted sometime January 1st too!
  12. Sign me up! I've finished both Bayonetta and Gravity Rush. o w o
  13. Put me down for Abyss Gazer, completed Demon Gaze and RayGigant. Just mentioning RayGigant reminds me of the problems I had staying focused while working towards the platinum for RayGigant.
  14. Please sign me up as a Nipponese Sealer with The Last Rebellion completed.
  15. Sign me up as Lightning's Sidekick. I have Final Fantasy XIII, XIII-2 and Type-0 HD. I also have A King's Tale: Final Fantasy XV and Adventures of Mana 100% completed as well. O w O