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  1. Surf_Dont_Like_The Dimmu_Anymore.
  2. please
  3. is my demonology trick working on you
  4. poo has hit
  5. Yes Dimmu has sense the fear in you. Ha Ha. How you doing Xeliot. Dont be scared. Your safe with me.. Xeliot?
  6. Dimmu-T.. nobody misses him, but i do..
  7. Kill
  8. Nope.. But Ruliya can i please share with you> I would love share those dark secrets. Xeliot?
  9. Well Well Hello Ruliya how are you.. Do you really want to know.. Oh and im good thanks for asking Ruliya?
  10. Dumb
  11. Banned for not excusing anyone here
  12. Nope i wish.. Resistance 2
  13. ^ Tough
  14. 10/10
  15. 8/10 Ninja'd 10/10