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  1. Mine kept doing this for ages. It's a little annoying, but everytime I turn my PS4 off for the day now I unplug it from the socket then press the 'on' button 4 times for 4 beeps until it stops beeping. It seems to be working for me I have also put coasters underneath it ha
  2. For anyone who can't progress because the enemies In the room with the golem aren't attacking (above the lift near the bonfire) trying luring the two enemies in the nearby room and killing them next to the golem. I was stuck for ages until I figures this out. Hope this helps someone
  3. Just got this last night, without timer:)
  4. You genius, it worked! Thank you
  5. I just bought the disc version today, do you think it would be better to wait for a patch (UK) or just play now and risk not getting the trophies? Thanks:)
  6. Level 100 trophy in GTA V. Taking foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  7. Classic theme. Memories rush back every time the little tune from PS1 plays :3 Edit: I think it's the 20th anniversary one
  8. Save your game right before you get it, then if you don't crash, immidiately after. This worked with me sometimes
  9. Sometimes I can go a decent amount of time, other times it happens as soon as I load the game back up, repeatedly
  10. Does anyone else keep getting blue screened and sent to the dashboard every 5 minutes or just me? So annoying!