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  1. The earliest I can see that I can put the suit on is after the game has started on the boat. Is that right? So as long as I put the skin on at that point I will be ok for the trophy?
  2. Finally finished this without cheating or paying real money! Took me 1 year, 5 months and 4 days.
  3. Nice. I'll get the 100% this weekend now.
  4. Looks like it just finished
  5. Just finished it off and all I did was run around in a large circle, can't really help you. The beasts are hard to stop at times.
  6. I really hope this is true, although I've not read it anywhere else but here. Dislike this mode as much as I did in the first game. Would have been nice to have had a counter as well.
  7. There's a theory that you need to fully max everything to get it to pop now. Rather than just unlocking all the nodes. Have you tried messaging the person who unlocked it on the 24th? Asking he they maxed everything?
  8. Yea, I had an issue with that one as well. I'm thinking it might not have popped because I used the auto upgrade option, rather than spending the points myself.
  9. I have all my characters rank 2 spells but no trophy. Has anyone else had any issues with this trophy unlocking?
  10. Feel free to make one. 😉
  11. Although there maybe something in this, I got all 22 cards with exactly 100 medals.
  12. Upgrade the ships health to one off being maxed. Then on stage 5 on normal, take a few hits from the blue orbs, only take 5 or 6 and this should leave you on 5%. Just finish the level and it will pop. Maxing the health may also give the same result, I just know I was 1 off max when I did it.
  13. Have you got the upgrade that gives a 2% to drop a manager for a kill? This helped a lot.
  14. For every soul pumped into Morg you get 11% dps increase. Whereas if the soul is left unspent you only get 10%. So you gain an extra 10% per soul put into Morg. 100 souls unspent gives you 1000% dps increase. 100 souls in Morg gives you 1100% Hope that makes sense