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  1. I have a question, i finished the question quest but while fighting monsters, i accidentally killed the quest giver. Am I locked out of those quests and does that lock me out of the plat?
  2. Never mind, figured it out, just forgot how the controls worked
  3. Even though I have the words and cleared the story, I cant use Chopper's Create Remedy or Brook's New World. Am I missing something?
  4. I hadn't triggered that event, i got the event now, just forgot the one in zaphias, Thanks
  5. I can't seem to trigger the event in arunion. I have triggered the event with the cat in Dahngrest and i'm fairly confident i have over 90% of the map done but not 100%. I just can't get that event to trigger.
  6. I have a save where i got the first 9 holes in one. I decided to stop for a bit and destress before takling the rest. I turned the game off for a bit cause i didnt want to look at if for a bit. Do i need to start over?
  7. Ok, i thought so, just wanted some clarification. thanks
  8. really silly question, but can you play this game without vr headset or do you need it to plat the game
  9. the only thing i touched the power button , it just turns off on its own. I getting someone to look at it this weekend so hopefully i figure it out soon
  10. I finally got the zestiria platinum!
  11. Mine dosen't beep, just turns off CECH 4201C I hope its this
  12. My ps3 was working fine this morning, then while i was playing, it just stopped and shut off on its own. I turned it back on and it did worked for a bit, then froze and shut off on the home screen. now it will turn on but turn off after about 10 seconds. I have left it unplugged all day but when i tried it, nothing changed. I even tried it with my ps4 power source, but nothing. What should I do?
  13. How am I suppose to beat 52 seconds, I never get under 52, i almost always am off by milliseconds. Its really frustrating, My horse is at 5 hearts too. I try to stay on the inside fence but it doesn't help. What do I do
  14. Little big planet 2