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    Games, books, manga, and languages (and a few other things).

    Fluent in Danish and English, know a decent amount of German, enough French to answer simple questions. Studying Japanese on my own time.
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About Me

Oh, I didn't see you there! 


Don't mind me. Just busy pretending to do something important.


I honestly don't know what to write here. I've never been good at it. 

Well, my earliest video-game-memory is back when I played "Finding Nemo" on my GBA. Probably around 2003-2004? Sounds about right. 

Many people know me as "that weird guy", which is good and bad. Because of it, I've gotten a small group of friends (6 people) who seem to like me and whom I actually trust. On the backside, people tend to run away from me because my so-called weirdness. It actually suits me just fine if we're being honest.


I am an avid manga-reader, but I tend to concentrate on a few series' at a time. These are the ones that I am reading at moment:



I'm not much of an "Anime-man", so I haven't seen a whole lot of that.


My all-time favourite game is Okami, with Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory being a surprisingly close second. 

I absolutely adore the Metal Gear Solid-games, with 3 and 4 being my favourites.

My favourite genres are Action, adventure, JRPG and rhythm. I like to think that I'm decent at 'em.



Platinum Showcase! ('Cause why not?)

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Platinums that I'm slowly working towards (No particular order):

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Until next time!