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About Me

Well, what can I say about me?




I am an old gamer (30's is old, right?) that has a lot of games, both common and not so.


I am also very silly, usually up to something ra~ SQUIRREL!


Uh, yeah.


I am also, when I am not gaming on a console (which I have a few of), Live Action Roleplaying as a Vampire. Search for Vampire the Masquerade if you want a few details. Also search Malkavians for my Clan affiliation.


And I tabletop. As in roll D20's and use magic and stuff.


I am also a mild anime and cartoon geek. And a huge fan of music in various forms. If all of the above didn't tell you that.


If you wish to add me as a friend, on here, or on PSN, just do. But if its on PSN, say you are from here, so I know where you are from...