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  1. Retro Gaming is a thing. So the games aren't dead, they are just resting.
  2. A footnote to all of this: Although a 3DS can play most games, newer models (with the New moniker) play them better, via the better hardware and clock speed. Its very noticeable in any game created after 2016.
  3. How often does Sly forget to renew it? Maybe create a reminder for it XD?
  4. Not everyone is a gunter here.
  5. B3B Episode 8. Now I can't wait for Ep 9...
  6. I watched that too today. Said Ep was EPIC. Ahum. I think I need to attempt to continue my S1 (end of) Ep 3 fic at some point soon...
  7. A Yoshi Amiibo Speed Freaks (PS1) Timesplitters (PS2) World Cup Italia '90 (Master System) A set of 7 polydice (orange) 2 Dresden Files Card Game Expansion Packs Mouthwash 12cm Frying Pan 2 2 ring binders (different ring types) A box organiser thing A haircut
  8. I have the problem the other way (UK resident), and can answer most of them. 1. Yes. 2. No, but buying PSN credit from another source (google is a godsend here) is a way to go. You can buy credit, and use a paypal if need be. 3. Yes. UK and Europe. It can even be subdivided into languages. Stick with UK though. 6. I think so? I've only ever bought PS1 games, so no idea. 8. Not saying.
  9. Reading LARPing (I play in an Old World of Darkness Vampire Game, once a month is the 'live' game, longest running game in the UK) Music (extensive collection of all sorts, including anime, film and other) Tabletop Gaming (with Dice) I'm sure there is more.
  10. I know this is a double post. Here is the photo. I couldn't find the Hulk Funko, and the Persona 3 thing. Added to the figurines, a wooly Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files book series), a Protoman helmet thing, and an Ash Williams (Evil Dead) Funko.
  11. Its late, and I am tired currently, but I have a decent collection of figurines which I will photograph later; Ezio Auditore (from an Assassins Creed 2 special edition) Edward Carnby (from an Alone in the Dark special edition) The Inquisitor Bobblehead (Red Dwarf TV show) Wolverine Funko Incredible Hulk Funko Goku Super Saiyan Funko Various other trinket figurines. I have a Persona 3 figurine somewhere...
  12. A giant plush attack shark.
  13. True dat, but my advice was a more safe than some of the rest. Considering I am giving advice from experience too, and not trying to push OP deeper in or further out of the relationship, my advice was more neutral than positive or negative.
  14. If you look at my original advice (also be friends with your partner) I never gave any advice on the related stuff. I did snark at an amusing thing later though, soyeah.
  15. Considering evolutionary biology may need slight refinement, as we may still be evolving, mentally as well as physically, not everything can be explained by it. And yeah, I agree that logic should be checked. But I disagree that all women are attracted to bad boys straight away. My partner told me that when they met me (at a friends leaving do several years ago, way before we became a couple) they were asexual until they met me (where they fell for me almost at first sight, as did I with them, and it was only confirmed to them after they had an allergy attack (bananas -_-'), and I helped them back to the leavers place by holding them over my shoulder, although I was warned off pursuing them at the time by the leaver, and we were friends for years until we upgraded), and still kind of are, with the exception of me. And the only reason they fell for the psycho(logist) person is because they sounded like me on the phone. And I am considered a nice guy. If you are Midlands based by the way, I live thereabouts.
  16. I am also UK, and my current relationship had an ex that was/is a psychologist in training (Uni course), and they did things to them that scars them even now. And I gave how long we have been together somewhere in this topic. I have been in 8 relationships though overall, most of them for a decent amount of time (shortest is a month), and I am aware of how weird Uni courses are. I also didn't say you were wrong. I was just asking where your perspective (which sounded scarily like things my partner has said her ex said) had come from.
  17. Snipping cause a big post, but how many relationships have you been in, and how long have you been an armchair psychologist? It depends on the kind of person both people in the relationship are really.
  18. Not to derail this topic, but is her surname Solo (so sue me, the pun was there for the taking)?
  19. The Wild Arms 3 characters. So Virginia, Clive, Gallows and Jet. 3 guys and 1 girl. I need a bigger place, and more beds. And a lot of groundrules. Like no shooting the TV. And please no using Arcana or summoning Guardians while inside...
  20. As a guy that has been in a relationship 3 years odd, and several relationships previously, I can tell you OP, that the most important thing in a relationship is something that nobody has mentioned. Be a friend to your partner as well, not necessarily a best friend, or you will quickly grate on one another.
  21. Considering PS3 can also play PS1 games, you have options that aren't new, but still good. Jade Cocoon is an option there. Also Monster Rancher, though that is rare and hard to find. But specifically for PS3 games, Ni No Kuni. There is Enchanted Arms as well, though that is old. Also POSSIBLY World of Final Fantasy, if Vita or PS4 is an option too.
  22. In age order: Mega Drive 1: I don't know how old it is. I would guess a minimum of 20 years. Still works though. PS2 Slim: Got to be at least 8 years old. Still works, and is good for playing PS2 games. Gamecube: Its a wonderful workhorse. 360: Second one I have, haven't used it since I got PS3. DS Lite: Another workhorse. Its gone to my girlfriend. Wii: Haven't used in a while. But still a good console. PS3: Still use that. Heh. PSP: It works (I think), although its covered in dust. 3DS: It works well, with a little lag on newer games. It has become my girlfriends though. PS Vita: My newest PS console. I like dat. PSTV: Except for that. New 3DS: My current newest console, I am playing it right now.
  23. Completed the Alola 'dex some time before new year. Been doing various hunts (Shiny, Island Scan, etc) since. List of my Shinies so far. The National pokedex is connected to pokemon bank. Hit info, it will update with your SunMoon cartridge info, and do so with XYORAS too.
  24. Possibly. Maybe get a scorpion, and get it to pinch you, to see? Well I didn't know about Negotiation and Recruitment in P5 till now.