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  1. For those who do not know, Bungie has launched their Refer a Friend system for Destiny. For those who do not like Destiny or are just here to bash, please move on; this is a thread aiming to help. Essentially this system requires two people; a person who has already played The Taken King (Veteran) and a person looking to start playing (Referee). The Veteran sends the Referee a code (created from and the two complete quests together and earn exclusive rewards. The Referee has to redeem this code within seven days of starting Destiny: The Taken King. These rewards are an exclusive sword, exclusive Sparrow, two exclusive emotes, an exclusive shader, and an exclusive emblem. This is a thread to, hopefully, help people find a corresponding partner for this system. You have to both be on the same system (PS4 or Xbox One) so ensure you both are before trying anything. I'll go first; are there any people looking to start Destiny who wish to be the Referee to my Veteran? EDIT: Found a Referee.
  2. Glad this had a happy ending!
  3. Hmmm, that sounds like a very weird bug...
  4. Vex Mythoclast is the only weapon that works? What? I upgraded my Thorn back in year 1 and that's what got me the trophy.
  5. I have every trophy in the original game and the Whistleblower DLC and looking at this list, I am pretty scared. Insane difficulty was hard enough beforehand, but now we have to do it without reloading the camera battery? This was something that you had to do on the Xbox One for the original game to get all the achievements but PS4 managed to avoid, so I'm scared to have to do it now.
  6. My only recommendation is try mastering Ares, Bacchus, Cabrakan, Fafnir, Geb, Khepri, Kumbhakarna, or Xing Tian in the hopes that one more guardian might right it. I had no issues with this trophy; mine popped on my fifth guardian master, but doing six for you might fix it.
  7. All seem grand to me, should be a very manageable platinum.
  8. Love Turts is currently glitched; when you complete its criteria, you get Bee Plot instead.
  9. Hmmm, I kind of agree with the guy above who said that the incentive to keep playing will kind of pilfer away once I have achieved the platinum, so it's kind of a shame to see it seems to be so easy.
  10. FeelsGoodMan
  11. Really pleased to see this trophy list appear, here's hoping for a soon enough release.
  12. Was looking down through CounterSpy's trophy list, the majority of it does seem okay. However, saw the World Peace... For Now trophy, so was just wondering how many difficulties the game has, and how long the game itself takes because otherwise this trophy may be very tedious and time consuming.
  13. Don't have any recommendations but congrats on your first platinum!
  14. I'm planning on getting this game soon, but I've noticed something strange happening with some other users on here and this trophy list. I'm assuming the issue is because it is a shared English and Japanese list. If you view the trophies as a whole under the game's header, they're all in English, but if you view each trophy individually or on the scrolling border on a user's profile, they're in Japanese, even if the user is from an area that is not Japan. Is there anyway to make this not occur, so they appear English all the time for an English speaking profile? It's a really annoying bug and knocks off the consistency of other trophy lists. I have noticed the same issue occurs with Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness.
  15. Happy days, bought Virtue's Last Reward in the Big in Japan sale but have been holding off on playing it until I could play the predecessor. Hope this comes out quickly.
  16. Been playing for a few hours every item and still no sign of a painted or certified item for me, getting really frustrated.
  17. Been playing the Danganronpa games lately for the first time and have been watching Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls for a while to get the full story, but could never constitute the £35. The sale puts it down to £11.99. Thank you, based Sony.
  18. Means that for every user on here who has a trophy in that DLC pack, 99.99% have this trophy, which is highly likely because the entire DLC pack is based around grounded mode.
  19. Got 100% in both Lego Dimensions and Lego Marvel's Avengers quite recently, so looking forward to doing the same here!
  20. I did this yesterday and had no issues at all; took me a couple tries but I got faster every time so I'm assuming I was just missing it by a second or two.
  21. Just checked the store and the two add-ons both cost £4.49, not sure what that equates to in USD, but they're not free anyway.
  22. Nope; Smite is free to play. The only things you can pay for are gems to buy skins in-game.
  23. Diamonds Are Forever isn't working; have had Amaterasu at rank X for ages and the trophy didn't pop, decided to play a game with her to give it another chance to unlock, but no joy. Currently no one has the trophy either so seems it's a problem with the trophy itself. I'd say they'll get on looking at it soon.
  24. Don't want to toot my own horn but if you check out the guide I did for the Card Collector trophy, and CTRL + F "Francesca", you'll find the locations of the four Francesca Findabair cards
  25. There are some journal entries that are part of the main story which you get naturally, but those do not count for the trophy. Throughout the game there will be certain things you can press triangle beside which causes Nate to make a journal entry about it, and those are the ones that count for the trophy.