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  1. Not sure why "QA Tester" didn't pop for you as it should have after playing Samurai Kitchen the 1st time for the request. For "Those who Gather in Akihabara" and "Hope Bringer", I think those two only popped for me when I was on the Co-existence route, was that the ending you got on your first run?
  2. Ah, I ended up being able to get it a few days ago! Me being the dummy I am, I was using the character related guides as a base since I started the game. (So for every character I started off with Sayuri's requirements and then branched off to the others' when the guide instructed me to. Instead I should've used the normal chapter walkthrough, in Sayuri's guide for chapter 6 it doesn't indicate that you need to use love + touch in a certain interaction for Kaede to get her ending requirements met, while it does say so in the general walkthrough. So the whole time, I wasn't even meeting her ending requirements! haha Thanks for replying even though it's been a long time since you've played and for all the tips!
  3. I know it's been awhile, but do you remember what you did to get Kaede's ending? I only recruited her and denied everyone else from joining and took her on all main missions and still end up with Kojiro's ending at the end.
  4. Nope, their only use is to trade for "rare" cards from certain people in towns.
  5. Of course! I used the map made by Demajen on the steamforums, and would mark off any collectibles I would get along the way so I would know for sure if I had them or not already. As others have said, cards do not count towards 100% so don't worry about those. Also, use the pause function whenever you need a breather!
  6. I got a time of 03:11:06 which was enough to obtain both the 100% and any% trophies.