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  1. I don't know which possibility is worse: The attempt to troll so many members of the PSNP community with this rambling post. The chance that this rambling post isn't even an attempt to troll the PSNP community.
  2. I agree, but from high completion games (Terminator Salvation) to region/platform stacks (Sound Shapes) to visual novels (Steins Gate) to minutes-per-plat (My Name is Mayo), the boundary of "easiest" will continue to descend. Each step downward is accompanied by criticism that these games devalue leaderboard positions. I wondered what prompts a leaderboard competitor to abandon chasing easy plats, and [EDIT] how much peer pressure contributed to the decision.
  3. Thank you for sharing your story and uniquely qualified perspective. May I ask what prompted your decision to change? Many posts in these threads advise gamers to stop hording easy plats, and I wonder if they are effective or ignored. Seems that a person only corrects an unhealthy lifestyle due to a traumatic moment of self-awareness, not because a stranger says "You should stop drinking so much/overspending your budget/cheating on your spouse/stacking EZPZ games." Rewind five years ago, before you decided to quit -- how would you have responded if people admonished you for region/platform-stacking Steins;Gate?
  4. That's actually profound -- trophies symbolize the past, not the future. Edit: Scrolling through my profile is akin to going through an old photo album. I remember some Atari, Commodore, x86 and pre-trophy PS games, but trophies are memory joggers for events inside otherwise forgotten games. In these profiles we often speak of going for a platinum or completion rating or UR count, but categorizing trophies as historical experiences rather than challenging objectives is a much more enjoyable and less daunting perspective.
  5. Arthritis -- my retirement plan != my body's retirement plan.
  6. I played video games before gaming was cool. EDIT: Okay I (and many PSNProfile compatriots) played video games in a dark basement corner before THIS.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_esports_leagues_and_tournaments https://www.nytimes.com/2006/10/08/arts/08schi.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=of1k5AwiNxI
  7. Clank's Time Puzzles from Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time where you program Clank clones to move simultaneously onto different trigger points. Such a reusable concept for a standalone title, I'd be grateful for any pointers to similar game mechanics elsewhere.
  8. I'm a wash since I've stacked twice on accident with counter-balancing results. Defender's Quest was ridiculously fun so playing twice was a treat. Mistakenly staking Pix the Cat just increased the number of UR trophies I will never earn. John Wick was the first game to tempt me to try region stacks, but I wussed out and moved on. Region stacks strike me as a mean method of consumer manipulation, like prestige pricing or selling addictive products, but ultimately it's a consumer decision. If the demand warrants the supply, then so be it, and respect to whoever figured out people will pay to play three different versions of Chickens on the Road.
  9. As if any other accomplishment does? No matter what grades you achieved, or records you broke, or children you sired, in 100 years everyone reading this thread will all be equally dead. In 1,000 years everyone reading this thread will all be equally forgotten. In the "grand scheme of things" this planet will eventually be destroyed by our Sun's inevitable nova burst. EDIT: Step back far enough, and no ambition/accomplishment matters in the grand scheme of things. The original post asked what you thought about "your realistic completion ceiling". Leave the rest of us alone.
  10. A glitch (Breach & Clear) and some twitch (Sine Mora, Pix the Cat) make 100% unrealistic for me. I plan to complete the rest, inching closer and closer to the impossible 100% barrier. I like to archive screen shots of my profile each time it reaches a new peak (last personal best was 99.75% in October 2020). P.S. - Props to everyone who answered the original post without preaching to others.
  11. Wish I was gaming.
  12. So this thread was triggered by this other thread... ... but was undeniably exacerbated by a Void Bastards cut-scene that I finally managed to snag in my last play-through:
  13. "The game is currently listed for release on Xbox Series X/S and PC, with no last-gen consoles announced." https://www.ign.com/articles/plague-tale-requiem-innocence-sequel-e3-2021-summer-of-gaming Nuts.
  14. If only there was an easy way to see a list of people who had ever achieved 100%, listed in descending order of their highest PSN level at the time of their feat...
  15. 1. I'm slow (barely 1 trophy per day). 2. I don't twitch well. 3. I don't get bored.