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  1. "The game is currently listed for release on Xbox Series X/S and PC, with no last-gen consoles announced." https://www.ign.com/articles/plague-tale-requiem-innocence-sequel-e3-2021-summer-of-gaming Nuts.
  2. If only there was an easy way to see a list of people who had ever achieved 100%, listed in descending order of their highest PSN level at the time of their feat...
  3. 1. I'm slow (barely 1 trophy per day). 2. I don't twitch well. 3. I don't get bored.
  4. I just got home from a relative's funeral. She died alone in her bed two weeks after her second shot. A different relative feels vindicated for avoiding the vaccine. I got my second shot with no side effects. Only theories explain why my office-mates were incapacitated by (and recovered from) their second shots. The theories are endless. I won't smugly criticize other people's Covid beliefs. Even the American CDC hasn't been very sure of themselves. It's your life, choose your theory and make your decision. The least we can do is wish each other the best of luck.
  5. Or just like a game that no one else wants to play. https://psnprofiles.com/100-club/8025-phantom-doctrine
  6. Credit to @ladynadiad who was the only one to say an encouraging word about GameStop the first time this came up. In a world where cynical outraged self-labeled victims are a dime a dazillion, a refreshingly constructive "I hope this works" comment really leaves an impression.
  7. Sorry I can't help you with those four, but your profile prompted me to put Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan on my to-do list!
  8. For some reason "average person” can be used as a derogatory term. When it is, I wonder how the author tips the scales to ensure he rates higher than millions of his peers. Maybe he earns more money than the average person? Maybe he reached a higher education than the average person? Maybe he has lived longer than the average person? Often not. Probably more accurate to say "The average gamer has different values than me. Jim Ryan appears able to capitalize on this disparity. After all demand for the PS5 continues to exceed supply even at a time that end-of-life for the oldest PlayStation systems arrived earlier than I prefer and the PS5 seems to implement some poor design choices." I advocate protesting Sony's decisions if you don't agree with them. There's just no need to tread on "the average person" in the process.
  9. Effortless access to new games may fuel replay-repulsion more than dastardly trophies. Consider movies as an example. When they were limited to physical media, I suspect people were more satisfied with replaying their favorites. Now we can access all the movies all the time, and I bet we're more interested in new material than watching "Aliens". one. more. time.
  10. Me and Montana trying to sort out the selfie camera.
  11. Nuts. Should have known better than to credit myself for having an original opinion. Thank you for doing basic background research on my behalf @ScarecrowsFate!
  12. Considering how biased the questions are written, it’s no surprise results tilt low and to the left. Consider the first question: If economic globalisation is inevitable, it should primarily serve humanity rather than the interests of trans-national corporations. As if “humanity” and “corporations” are different species of competing animals. As if "trans-national corporations" aren’t just groups of human employees, owned by human shareholders, that create products/services for human consumers. As if “serve humanity” is even measurable. Yet how can you disagree with this statement without disappointing your mother? A more telling way to ask this same question would be something like: If economic globalisation is inevitable, it is more important to enforce universal economic standards (e.g. setting a global minimum wage) than to allow corporations to leverage economic inefficiencies (e.g. moving factories to less expensive labor markets).
  13. There it is - the sweet, comforting sense of accomplishment that accompanies the little 100% progress bar next to a tough game on your profile. So... complete.
  14. "Is a 100% account worth it?" That's like asking if a cheeseburger is worth it.
  15. How appropriate! On July 2nd I'll pour one out for these lost heroes: Remember Me - The graphics were silky smooth, Keiza's pronunciation was intoxicating, and the plot was mind-blowing. My most serendipitous, PS3-only game experience. Of Orcs And Men - Not sure why I liked this so much. Swapable brute and stealth characters? Unique origin of universal ogre/goblin hatred? The soundtrack? I want more!!! Dragon Age - Origins - The dialogue in this game is epic. Who puts this much work into a side quest??? Sorry Dragon Age II, but this was an impossible act to follow...