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  1. Picked up my first trophy just shy of a two month drought.  And not for lack of trying!  A hundred hours chipping away at Pathfinder:Kingmaker on Unfair difficulty.  Lots of research, lots of restarts, before finding a strategy that works for me.  The turning point was finally finishing Temple of the Elk on Unfair, and there it was -- that sweet, sweet dopamine hit -- that sense of "holy cwap i'm going to make it!!!"  Such pleasure from such pain.  The same sensation from sorting multi-console cheese to beat Secret Ponchos or getting dragged through Uncharted 4's DLC by uber-god @CookiestMonsterr.  It feeds my addiction to Ultra Rare trophies.  URs may not be difficult, and I may not be talented, but it. Feels. So. Good. to get a trophy that others abandon.  Maker of Kings, I'm coming for you!

  2. I am so grateful that my career doesn't depend on how much complete strangers like me. Movie superstars, pop music idols, social media influencers -- that's gotta be a living hell, waking up each morning and wondering if today is the day when people you've never met will stop seeing your movies, buying your music, or liking your tweets.
  3. Sooo.... move to Denmark?
  4. Doesn't matter. It's not enough. It's never enough.
  5. On this one-month anniversary of Putin's military invasion of Ukraine, we now know it would be a mediocre video game. Pervasive corruption completely neutered the Russian army. Money for modernization, sustainment and training was siphoned into yachts, jets and villas. These same maladies will ground their nuclear arsenal. This isn't Fallout -- nuclear weapons require constant maintenance. As a game, the terrifying end Boss reveal is a lonely old dude with a giant red button that isn't attached to anything. Thoughts and prayers for innocent Ukrainians and Russians.
  6. I dunno, seem to be lots of similarities between the nightly news and CoD. Unlimited adversaries, daft AI tactics, lopsided weapons. List goes on and on... Can't we all just play video games?
  7. I think someone already cracked that code....
  8. For me it isn't the completion percentage -- it's the euphoric rush of completing a game (especially tricky or unpopular ones), like how a runner enjoys finishing a marathon. I admit to reserving really difficult challenges (e.g. IRS Form 1040 by POWGI) and mind-numbing grinds (e.g. Diablo II’s “Daily Cardio” DLC) for my alt account - Real_Life. Currently chipping away at the trophy “It’s Only 1,962,116,129 Steps” -- Reach Level Moon.
  9. It turns out the "Average Completion" on a game's trophy page accurately indicates how the game will affect your profile's Average Rarity. The game will raise (or lower) your Average Rarity weighted by the ratio of the game's trophy points to your profile's trophy points. Completing the game will result in the new profile Average Completion: ( Profile Starting Average Rarity x Profile Starting Trophy Points ) + ( Game's Average Completion x Game's Trophy Points ) ( Profiles Starting Trophy Points + Game's Trophy Points ) This formula accurately predicted my finishing rarity for the last game I completed, Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood (incidentally, a disappointing game). I just started the Pathfinder: Kingmaker (suh-weeet!!!). It has 1,350 trophy points and an average completion of 5%. I started with 161,010 trophy points and average rarity of 35.51%. Completing this game (all other things staying equal) will change my Average Rarity to become: ( 0.3551 x 161,010 ) + ( 0.05 x 1,350 ) = 35.26% ( 161,010 + 1,350 )
  10. I suppose "stealth-like on-rails over-shoulder button-masher" isn't an IGDB category...
  11. Yeah that's a stretch -- unless RPG qualifications are limited to selecting from a few outfits and/or choosing which skills get maximized first...
  12. Thank you, I didn't realize the extent of auto popping. The last PS3/PS4 NA title I can find (Rainbow Skies) came out almost 5 years after the PS4 launch. Yikes. You're right, my mistake, it all starts to run together.... That's uniquely insightful, thank you.
  13. Every title I see with both PS4 and PS5 versions all have a (sometimes slightly) higher completion rate on the PS5. For example: Assassin's Creed Valhalla Demon's Souls Godfall Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales Outriders Werewolf: The Apocalypse - Earthblood Maybe next gen gamers are compelled to squeeze every drop from their hard-to-find consoles? Maybe haptic feedback improves gamer determination? May a preponderance of PS5 owners are dedicated trophy hunters? Maybe PS5 gamers aren't distracted by gazillions of legacy PS4 titles or their PS4 backlog? Maybe you have a better theory???