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  1. Nice one thank you
  2. If I just do the daily and weekly challenges will I get enough or do u need to grind loads of rounds too?
  3. Sorry if this is cheeky and I hope its allowed. Does anyone by chance need the re 5 ps3 version professional trophy? It's one of two I need for the plat. Or any pro players able to carry me?
  4. It's too long. Combat is repetitive and boring
  5. Like on destiny and ghosts of tsushima. Trophy percentage on the site is like 70% but if you check in the console it's only 50%
  6. If I buy a ps5 off sony direct will I get points
  7. My plus has expired can I still progress on it? When I sub again will buying my sub go towards my rewards?
  8. For some reason this is on my game list. Tried it and it's just terrible. I'm trying to cheese some trophies to get my percentage up.
  9. No. Games with other install settings. Like gran turismo 5 had an adaptive install that copied the cars and tracks the first time they were actually used so it took longer the first time but subsequent races loaded quicker. It also had a normal full install option.
  10. Like mgs5. Installing the next app aa you progress. What were some games that had other options than just a normal install?
  11. Want to get mine up. Will simply getting any trophy from a game help?
  12. Anyway to mark and hide unobtainable trophies
  13. Thank you
  14. Can I get this on time trial