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    Making friends with people who aren't tribal or gatekeepers and just enjoy nuanced political and philosophical conversations. Getting trophs obviously. Being too sexy for this world. Thriving on the flattest globe.

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  1. Got a Driver boosting session starting in 2 hours if anybody wants to do the 4 player trophies? 

  2. My PSN is supposed to a txt speak version of 'defied', that never translates however and people just think it's gibberish lmao. People often just call me duh-fid, which is fair given that the word without context is fucking gibberish. 'dfyd' is also welsh, so still gibberish either way. 

    1. DrBloodmoney
    2. dfyd


      Sry I dnt spk WELSH. 

    3. AK-1138


      Add "id" as a prefix and it sounds like a DOOM cheat code for summoning a Faroese Yldritch Dragon

  3. Anybody got a 'retirement' point in regards to trophies? I mean, a milestone at which you'll stop actively hunting unless you're just doing it on a game you very much enjoy. I see the retirement point for me to be at 100 platinums, but I want to take it slow have the vast majority of those plats be games that offered fun and meaningful experiences, rather than things I only played for the trophies. 

    I see accounts now with 1000 platinums and the vast majority are just those $5 Rata plats. On one hand I have a strong conviction to try and applaud anybody having harmfulness fun and doing what makes them happy and not to berate them for what they enjoy, I'd never attack or mock someone personally for that; as who am I to do that? On the other, my other, more judgemental, superficial hand, I have a visceral reaction to those accounts which is currently 'wow, what a load of a trash. Why?' 

    I wonder if anybody else has this visceral reaction. I'll remind myself that it's different strokes for different folks and I'll never understand the kids these days and that's fine. I do think Sony should have never let any of that happen though. I miss the old days when you would see a high plat count and be instantly impressed. 

    100 good plats is the zenith I think and then I'll be done. 

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    2. temp-910724


      I didn't have a retirement point but I said I'd slow down once I hit top 100 world ranking, because the amount of easy games releasing was taking a toll on me and I was not playing games I wanted to play because of the huge number of hours that would hinder my leaderboard progress. I hit that and then kept going to top 50 world and then I hit a giant burnout and effectively retired since, if that counts. I didn't plan for top 50 to be my end point, but it was

    3. Icebrand1270


      Allow me to share an unusual thought on this. I got into "trash" Plats out of a desire to make up for lost time (I lost a PSN ID I had from 2008-2017 due to a bank card hack). The plan succeed but it gave me severe burnout as a result. Now I stand at 199 Plats, wanting something substantial for 200. I believe I still have the skill and I wish to display that, if only to myself. I've done some cool things in gaming, most notably 4 "1st to Plat" moments (8 To Glory, RBI Baseball 20, NA version of Super Sports Blast, NA version of Monopoly Madness) and I went after extremely tough games in the NES and SNES eras. I just wonder about how things have changed, both personally and with all the debates... and name-calling... on gaming forums. I openly wonder if 200 should be my last as I haven't had one in 4 months. Especially with stress and other personal issues getting in the way. It's unfortunate... but that's how it's looking like.

    4. DrBloodmoney


      I'll stop hunting trophies when I stop playing games...

      ... and I'l stop playing games when I either run out of good ones, or run out of heartbeats...


      ...and there's no chance I'll ever run out of good ones 😂

  4. How do I claim a refund on a US PSN account? Using the us playstation site, it sends me in a 'help' loop, where I just keeping circling back to a bot. How do the Americans among us claim a refund from playstation? 

    1. SnowxSakura


      You can either do live chat



      at the bottom, select live chat when it is open. Currently it is not open yet


      The other option is to call their number 1-800-345-7669

  5. Is Killzone Shadow fall 100% possible if I start today? How long does it take to get all online trophies with bots? 

    1. DaivRules


      I think all that is covered here: 


    2. HuntingFever


      If you start now and don't play anything else, you can do it with some time to spare but there isn't much margin for error since there are only 8 days left until the servers close. I've been playing for approx 10hrs a day for the last week and only have 1 trophy left to get in the co-op DLC, then I'll have all the online stuff done.


      Do note you need 2 people to max out the Supply Box challenge needed for the Jack of all Trades trophy (because the bots are dumb and never use the ones you place) and to get the 50 revives needed for the Necromancer DLC trophy.

      The big 100% blocker is the DLC trophy for finding 25 Online Collectibles. The closer we get to the shutdown, the harder this trophy will be to get, because the most popular map and mode (Pistols only on the Penthouse map) are swarming with trophy hunters who know exactly where to look so more often than not, they will beat you to them. Also, there's only 1 collectible per-map, per-session so you have to keep lobby hopping to try and get one that hasn't been found.

  6. Got aces high. Earned 320k yesterday to ensure I got it. Did hostile takedown like 20 times. 😂 Everyone is paranoid about not getting it after hours of playing, so just push through to 300k rather than risking it at 200k. People will just have to put the shift in and get 300k. People will be having to do 400k a week from now.
  7. Hotline Miami 2 A+ all chapters, done! Hard mode, done! The rarity of this plat does not reflect it's difficulty. I'm shocked it's not UR. This game was a pain in the ass and I never want to play it again! 

    1. MidnightDragon


      Sometimes rarity is deceiving. 

      Like The Sims 3 Pets. It's an UR, but an easy game. The main thing is the trophies are buggy. 

  8. A+ Hotline Miami 2 chapters done. Now making my way through the chapters on hard, just finished chapter 11, 'dead ahead' for those who have done it before me, I salute you. We are now punished kin who have suffered together. What a shit show! 
    The game doesn't even try to be fair. I am shocked this has a 5% plat rarity. I've done UR games that make this look like a breeze. A lot of hotline fans must be hardcore players as this has UR plat written all over it, except it's not UR at all. Props to men and women who saw this through; not easy! 

  9. Was anybody else shocked by the massive design quality drop from Hotline Miami 1 to Hotline Miami 2? The game is shocking in comparison and commits many game design sins, usually reserved to being the hallmarks of people who fundamentally shouldn't be making a game. The amount of times I'm being killed by enemies I cannot see or know they are there, is atrocious. It's made me re-evaluate Dennation games. Perhaps they just got lucky with hotline miami 1. They've said they won't be making a third and after playing 2, I think that's for the best.   

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    2. dfyd


      Yeah it's bizarre, I just recently finished HM1 so was really looking forward to starting 2. I'm now half way through the game, I just can't wait for it to be over. I have no idea why they chose to design the game like this. It wasn't broken, so why fix it? I just wanted more of the same lol. 

    3. CelestialRequiem


      I found them to be pretty different, but consistent in quality. I think I play them for different reasons. 

    4. Flubberwunked


      I swear I'm the only one that likes Hotline Miami 2 more than the first lol

  10. It's still perfectly available on PS3?
  11. Finally, after 8 years, I'm making progress on Trine! 

    1. Sgznf


      Your longest completion yet? :highfive:

    2. dfyd


      It's set to be, haha. After a long hiatus and me just not looking forward to doing Trine, I'm getting it done. Can't wait to reach 100% completion. Your profile is coming along very nicely so far, well done and keep it up! :) 


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. dfyd


      Exactly! Single female and proud. 😇

    3. Silver-I-Chariot




      You better close your DMs really fast. 

    4. StygianWolf4


      Same, until over 2 months ago. Single people are valid too! :wub:

  13. Seeing all the game has to offer, at least what the developers wanted me to see and a way to maximize the amount of fun found from a single game. It's the best way to game for me for these reasons. It represents 100% completion of the game in a way that's observable as it's represented by the trophy.
  14. Not trying to offend the commendable people who make achievement/trophy sites but WHY is psnprofiles is so much better than its competition and why is there no xbox psnp equivalent? Again, not trying to be rude but I can't ask the question without seeming so, none of the xbox sites come close to the clinical presentation and collection of statistics that psnp offers. Is PSNPs developer just really talented? Had more funding? Any ideas? 

  15. Is there anywhere to find that stat? 'completion % over time' to see how much it's gone up or down over time? As an example, In 2020, I had 90% completion, played loads of games, it dropped to 73% by 2021, but by the end of 2022 I reached 99.1% completion rate. If that's not a feature already, any hope of making it one?