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  1. As far as i know yes you could technically get both times the bad ending and get the trophy for it, but don't quote me on that. I only know that at least one of the runs can be a bad ending run. Someone else has to confirm that.
  2. I used this one
  3. I fought them both in my first run since there is no new game + required. My second run was the skip run i just mentioned.
  4. I got the platinum recently on the ps4 as version. - Social Butterfly needs to be done with only one character. I would recommend to use the female character, since she has more night time social links. - A pair of wildcards can be also done with the bad ending in your second run. You can actually just skip till december 31, get the bad ending and the trophy after the credits end. After the tutorial you don't have to go to tartarus at all for this, since you never will fight nyx, meaning you can just skip literally everything, leaving you only the story related bosses.
  5. To get the Unrefined Palate, you need to do Umbrellas Blockbuster (214PP, , uses 3 Meter) on all Characters, except the DLC Characters. I don't know if you have to finish them of with the Blockbuster, however i did it like that and got the Trophy for it. Can be done in Versus with a second Controller.
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