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  1. It popped for me after I cleared the last base fine. However looking at the stats in the progress tab it was still showing me as only 95% in Liberation. So I played the missions up to the FOW to disable the nuke, and checked again and it was still showing only 95% with 1 province still not complete. All of the list in the tab showed as being completed. So I exited the game and went back to title screen then went to continue and when the game reloaded it was at 100%. Not the first time I have exited to title screen in the game either as I get the occasional enemy red triangle that wont disappear even though the enemy is dead. So if you are having issues with the completion stuff I reckon a quick exit and continue might help. Am glad this trophy popped though as its taken me weeks to clear all of the areas as the game is just so huge. Fun to play though. Now on to the last of the missions, collects and then I might have a bash at the 5 gears in everything but that last bit is probably a bit above my skill grade. Shame the missions are a bit samey and annoying as the base infiltration stuff is great. Beating Cent Com on the last island before disabling the nuke is a mayhemic experience.
  2. Not sure if this is just UK or you have to have plus, but apparently Onrush is free to play this weekend
  3. ah ok I sent you an invite to my club anyway only 3 of us in it but its level 65 or summat If you want to join to bag the trophs then feel free mate Enjoy the game.
  4. I will load up the game later this evening and send you an invite to our club Have already done all the club trophies, but it will help you get the join and level 10 one, then all you have to do is drive 1000 miles as a member Will try and remember this evening but if I forget just send me a pm
  5. This is a great old skool platform style game and I really enjoyed it. However it was not until the very last boss that I noticed you could just hold down the square button to spam the sword attacks rather than having to continually mash it. So now I have one plat more and RSI in my right thumb. No wonder it took me a few hours more to finish than everyone seemed to stating it did. Did same thing on Sky Force but luckily found out early in that game you could hold down fire. That's the trouble with being really old. Mashing buttons is just our way!
  6. Apparently the devs found a handy trick using some sandpaper one of them had in their pocket to affect the ratings back into their favour
  7. If you have unlocked every gear mod in every category and set them all to active then this trophy should pop You just need to have had every gear mod set to green (active) and the gears to have been active for at least a minute There were reports of this being glitched when the game first came out but it should be ok now. I hope so anyway as I am playing the game myself currently
  8. Yeah same here Have a shed load of old ones that lose charge straight away. Fell into same trap as a lot of folks here and bought two supposedly genuine ones to find out they were just cheap fakes. Never thought about seeing if you can get new batteries for the original controllers so thanks for the heads up. Will have a look and see if its possible
  9. I maxed out the SkyForce Anniversary edition and so when this Reloaded went on sale I was happy to bag it But after putting in a serious amount of time, I still cannot get very far in this game at all I have played enough to upgrade the ship completely with everything and I have found all the cards, but I am still not able to get the final 3 pieces of the last two ships to pop even though I have played and replayed levels 6-9 on insane loads of times. I also cannot beat level 13's end boss. I get past the bit where it fires the hoooj laser the first time and then I manage to destroy the outer pods, but as soon as it goes into its spin cycle with the four large lasers I am toast. I will probably get level 5 and 10 beaten on insane with my meagre skill set, but is there anyone who has some pointers about how to farm the last few ship parts, or beat level 13? I am hoping that it I can get the Octopus craft I might get a bit further, but at the moment this game just has me beat
  10. thanks for the post Bray Carl good to know its a game worth seeking out
  11. Plays like a dream mate Only thing folks have reported is using a bike when doing ten timed challenges. If you bag ten with a car first then its no issue Not had any problems with the game and at 12 notes its a steal Enjoy (Its the complete remaster.....DJ Atomika is still annoying too!)
  12. glad you lot posted about this, thanks one less game to start and one more dev to avoid in future
  13. Definitely played a few games like that..
  14. I love this game and maxed it out on the PS3 and am on my way on the remastered version. But I keep thinking about how hard I found this when I first maxed it on the Xbox 360 years ago and how less taxing it seems now I remember it seeming like so much more was needed on the original and so I just looked back to the ach list and now I know why this has been bugging me. The original max was full of far tougher tasks. One of them was to find and beat every event and rule every road. That's why I kept thinking about one of the Burning Routes that I had to make umpteen attempts at but didn't need to do on this or the PS3 version. You also had to get every billboard and every gate which took some searching. What puzzles me more is why I never twigged the change in the list when I played the PS3 game. Probably everyone but me knew this was the case already Personally the newer trophy list is far fairer but I will feel just a little pleased knowing I beat the original list too
  15. not certain matey but will see when I get there currently just getting to level 50 so will bear in mind what you said and see if it pops as I hit 60 or when I play another round afterwards