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  1. Finally reached 75% completion ratio. I have had to play some really bad easy titles to get there to make up for my complete lack of talent 😀

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    2. Evertonian


      Yep that's the plan. Keep mopping up on the ps3 stuff and hopefully get to 80% by end of year.

    3. ee28max


      Good luck on 80% :) 

    4. Evertonian


      thanks matey!

  2. thanks op
  3. thanks for the tip
  4. totally agree with the topic heading apart from the method of death rubber banding (and server closures) don't deserve mercy vicious baseball bat brutality killing in a dark alley is far more apt!
  5. very enjoyable carried on all the way to level 12 on the ps4 playthru as its a fun title to complete as well as plat as always Ratalaika titles give you trophy bliss and a retro fix top stuff
  6. thanks for the heads up matey
  7. Losing your gaming mojo is not uncommon matey Just find a fun title that you can play and it will all be good Try a remaster of something you may have played and enjoyed before (I hit up the Burnout Paradise remaster a month or so ago and it rekindled the fire nicely) Stay away from mopping up tough trophies for a bit and have a splurge on summat fun or easy Happens to us all at some point
  8. Really fun game but as the others have said there is a bit of grind required along with the annoying King of the Hill boosting I felt the cars to be a little bit twitchy at times but once you get the hang of it you should be fine I need to go back and finish this so thanks for the post reminding me! After struggling for a week trying to mop up trophies on Ridge Racer Unbounded, I am looking forward to a different driving model
  9. as always great stuff bad driver matey
  10. Having platted it this week I can definitely confirm that you can still get the plat Its a brilliant game and the servers are still fine even though the dev went ages ago. Other companies could learn a lesson there I remember beating it on the 360 years ago and found it just as fun second time around. Some of the races are epic and you often find yourself beating target times by just the title of the game For beating the devs times trophies choice of car is everything. I struggled on the second one of these until I switched from the recommended rides to something I found worked. Just a shame they were not able to make a sequel or a remaster as its extremely fun to play
  11. Thanks Crimson for reminding me why I found Hot Pursuit not as good! Rubber Banding is a real issue in it
  12. Really enjoyed Rivals and double platted it on PS3 and 4 Once you get into it you will find the driving experience is very well done Most Wanted is a much longer game but is also well worth playing. I still have some work on the DLC I played Hot Pursuit on the Xbox 360 and never really enjoyed it as much as Rivals or Most Wanted and the ach/trophs seemed to be a lot tougher for me Shift 2 is a great title but again has a few tough trophs especially on the mp side Still have the latest two titles to start on PS4 but am looking forward to doing them If you are willing to put in the hours then most of the NFS stuff offers excellent racing, but be prepared to repeat some events several times and you will need to rely on gaming sessions to max unless you have a good boosting partner Enjoy
  13. no worries good luck with the boosting!
  14. worked fine for me today mikey Set up private elimination game and invited mate in and I was able to keep the event going for a few hours till I finally reached level 1 Seemed very fast connection and very stable online No idea why you have not had same sorry
  15. It popped for me after I cleared the last base fine. However looking at the stats in the progress tab it was still showing me as only 95% in Liberation. So I played the missions up to the FOW to disable the nuke, and checked again and it was still showing only 95% with 1 province still not complete. All of the list in the tab showed as being completed. So I exited the game and went back to title screen then went to continue and when the game reloaded it was at 100%. Not the first time I have exited to title screen in the game either as I get the occasional enemy red triangle that wont disappear even though the enemy is dead. So if you are having issues with the completion stuff I reckon a quick exit and continue might help. Am glad this trophy popped though as its taken me weeks to clear all of the areas as the game is just so huge. Fun to play though. Now on to the last of the missions, collects and then I might have a bash at the 5 gears in everything but that last bit is probably a bit above my skill grade. Shame the missions are a bit samey and annoying as the base infiltration stuff is great. Beating Cent Com on the last island before disabling the nuke is a mayhemic experience.