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  1. Massive thanks to Dante for this method. Followed it and just bagged the trophy and with it the 100% completion on PS3 Had to unplug my ethernet cable to get game to boot but once I was outside the character design shop I popped it back in and signed into PSN It then allowed me to get to the upload character screen and pop the trophy Between this tip and the one about disconnecting to get the game to boot, I have been able to enjoy and complete this great title again. Cant say thank you enough.
  2. Thanks matey. After platting the PS4 version, I finally unwrapped the PS3 disc I bought in 1870 and wanted to get on and play that version. After half an hour of installs and updates it would not get past the same point as you found. So I unplugged the ethernet cable and it loaded fine. Popped the cable back in once the game was underway and it stayed working. Great tip and many thanks for finding it. Strangely the disc worked fine on my second ps3 when I did not apply the 1.06 update. I was trying to see whether Saintified would pop by not being logged in on an alt account, but it didnt and so I guess this will be a game I get to be one bronze short of 100%. Once I get used to L1 and 2 and R 1 and 2 being the other way around from the PS4 version that is! Great game though. Been so long since I was in the Row that I had forgotten how fantastic it is.
  3. Have now platted all the Uncharted games I have on PS3 and vita. Some impressive completion times too with the original and Uncharted 2 each being beaten in just under 9 years!

    Shame I never got round to getting and doing the DLC before the server closures.

    Liked all 4 titles but crushing difficulty really tested my controller chucking restraint especially on Unc 2.

    Think I might leave doing the remasters for a long while

  4. Finally reached 10,000 trophies and by design its one called Platinum!


    Been mopping up stuff on the vita and after a speed run of just over 6 years to get Uncharted Golden Abyss completed, I got to the milestone.

  5. It would actually make a great ps5 title as the only minor drawback to this massive game is the amount of time on load screens between each area. I love the game and am revisiting it now after leaving it unfinished years ago. I maxxed it on the 360 and forgot I had not platted it on ps3 so the remaster has got me playing it again. But if they were to make it playable on the ps5 and that constant delay everytime you fast travel or enter an area was gone, then it really would be an epic must own title.
  6. Platted Project Cars last night. The game netted me a nice haul of ultra rares, but was actually an easy game. I guess its just the massive amount of grind and time you had to put in that keeps the trophy haul low for most folks. There are a couple of really long winded ones but in the main the rest of them are simple to get. Beautiful graphics and decent handling though. Liked the fact that I finished the game on the same day the community events finished. I really do hope the devs release another set so that others can have a chance of maxxing the title. 

    Looking forward to starting something new 

  7. to get the trophy for getting to LMP1 in 10 seasons you can just do the events that are required in your current chosen car class You will probably need to do a few of the invitational later especially the le mans 24 hr but to get you through to the LMP1 season you can just skip away Once you have the main gold trophy list done then you can carry on in same career and play a full season of the invitationals if you like. Once you have an invitation it will appear each year whether you drive it or not.
  8. Finally bagged this trophy last night when I finished event 78. Seemed to pop as soon as I had completed a couple of laps so I guess you just need to be showing in time lists for the previous 19 events and the last one just counts straight away 20 weeks to get a bronze trophy but now I can start on the game proper by mopping up all the rest of the online ones just in case the servers close Was thinking how different the world is today from when I started the first event! Big thank you to totallycrushed for the event updates and I really hope they release another set of 20 events so everyone else can get this trophy. Saw the game had gone on sale on PSN here yesterday so maybe they will update the list after the final event next week Best of luck to anyone still trying for this
  9. You need to wait about 15 mins for your time to be registered assuming you did a valid lap Just keep pressing 'find me' every few mins until your time shows up
  10. congrats mate pleased the trophy popped for you 3 more events for me and hopefully I will get it too
  11. After yesterdays new one I have just five of the six events left to see if this trophy pops and I can then start the title proper. I do hope the cars in the actual game itself are easier to handle than on these community laps as I slide and spin out like I am on a permanent oil slick. Mind you I find that with a lot of driving games so its probably down to me! Do hope they release a few new events so that even later comers to the game can max it. Big thanks to totallycrushed for the info and updates.
  12. At long long last Space Marine is platted. Mastering the weapons and getting the 40K kills has taken all of the meager game time I have had over the last month. The last trophy would have been easier if I had been able to get the DLC, but that was delisted a long time ago here. I enjoyed the campaign and did not really mind the grind in Exterminatus but I am glad to move back into normal gaming land again. I feel a Far Cry fest coming up 

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

  13. Hope Santa brings me a present of my gaming mojo back. Happy Holidays and safe travels to you all... 

    1. Edunstar84


      Me, too. But I'm hoping Santa brings me heaps of gaming time. I need that as well.

  14. When you get round to it, I found that by going to the car lot on the first island and just driving round and round crushing the flatter cars on the lot and then shooting the tanks as they arrive proved to be the easiest method. Having to start again after getting after losing a lot of progress on those two trophies, I just farmed the crushes there and then when I had got that one I only needed another 50 tanks. At that point I just kept driving around the army base then out and doing laps of the upper part of that map and that did it quite fast. It seems to me that the crashes and blue screens seem to happen on the second island the most and island one is pretty stable The challenges are annoying though and regular back ups whilst getting them done would be a good plan
  15. have to agree about the crashing If you are playing this game then I would regularly back up a save to the cloud and usb. After getting several blue screens yesterday I got the message Saved Data Corrupt when reloading the game and so it started me at the beginning again. Luckily I was able to grab the cloud PS save from the day before, but I meant losing all the tank kills and car crushes done. If it had done that when I was one or two challenges away from the 10 I think it would have been controller chucking time. Will be uploading to cloud and then duplicating that to the usb key after each 30 or 40 car crushes from now on as its dull enough without having to start afresh after a grind fest