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  1. Finally reached 80% completion ratio thanks to mopping up ps3 stuffs and a rack of cheapo easy maxes. Still probably got another 3 or 4% left from my moppage campaign, but then that will be as far as I will get with the ratio. The remaining % undone will be a small mixture of unobtainables, DLC I wont be buying (staring at you Pinball games) and then a large chunk of complete lack of ability on my part! 

    But that 80% target was the last of this years gaming goals so am glad I reached it



  2. mafia 2 is one of my fave games ever....a remaster would be day one purchase for me....fingers crossed
  3. Plat #154 Dead Nation on the PS3. Showing that my speed run on Heavy Rain was not just a fluke, I have nailed this fine game in just 8 years and 2 months. The older I get the more leet I become.

    Big thanks to the forum poster who pointed out you could do the coop solo as that got me back into playing the title, and now I might try and plat the PS4 and vita versions too, although not looking forward to the morbid run on the handheld

  4. I just get frustrated as my alt accounts are better players than me
  5. plant money trees I'll get my coat
  6. cheers cris3f for the tip did the coop solo last night in one session might try and plat it now
  7. Plat #150 at long last. Finally beat F1 Race Stars as part of the ongoing mop up.


    Put off doing the time trials on that for nearly 6 years, but then managed them all last night in about 6 hours.


    So just the final part of this years gaming goals left and that's to reach 80% completion ratio.  Five or six more PS3 clear ups should do the trick

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    2. ShonenCat


      Congratz! :yay:

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Awesome milestone 🏆

    4. Evertonian


      thanks everyone

  8. 5 games to play and enjoy Sleeping Dogs Bioshock Infinite Far Cry 3 Prototype 2 The Darkness II All maxable and all great games Enjoy mate. The PS3 is still brilliant
  9. Plat #145  Remember Me. Can't decide if I liked it or not. Story was ok and I enjoyed the graphic style, but the combo dodge combat and terrible camera angles led to some very annoying fights.  Another PS3 mop up done though and only five and a half years to beat this one. Should have the backlog done in time for the PS62 launch.

  10. ps minus and xbox dead They are both obviously trying to get us to move to now and game pass Everything is based on rental nowadays and I hate it
  11. Finally managed to 100% Borderlands on the PS3. Just 5 years so quite quick for me. Really enjoyed the DLC but it gets a little grindy in places.

    Pleased I eventually beat the raid boss solo. Might get the remaster when its on sale and I have finished trying to mop up my PS3 backlog (so in 10 years then!)

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    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    3. Evertonian


      yeah the three sets of 20 rounds of Moxxi were a little dull


      The worst part was the lack of soundbytes so you kept hearing the same thing over and over


      The nom nom nom one was ok but after twenty minutes I did not need to guess that the next wave was Gun Wave


      I shall miss Pandora though

    4. ihadalifeb4this
  12. on the plus side it will save you having to drive 1000 miles in Jimmys Vendetta One of the best games of all time but the dlc really didn't do it for me Hope you resolve the issue with the seller mate
  13. Bit disappointed to see that I have not made the leaderboard for fastest completion on platting Heavy Rain. I only took just 8 years and 8 months :)

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    2. DamagingRob


      Puts my own time to shame. :P Nice work!

    3. Evertonian


      cheers folks

      not often I get to laud it over everyone with a speed run :)

    4. Caju_94


      Damn son, will somebody ever be able to beat that? :P


  14. I know that feeling. Had 2 of the sp trophs glitch and could not face playing the whole thing over again. Gave up on the ridiculous requirements for the mp stuff too I love Far Cry but for me FC2 is a stain on the franchise
  15. Level 40 reached as the mop up continues :)