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  1. Ride loading screen
  2. Plat #99 the dreadful borefest MXGP3 done

    No idea what I will try and max for the 100 plat milestone except that it will certainly not be a game by Milestone!

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    2. Evertonian



      am grinding up to level 60 on TR but just need to get that poxy ranked mp trophy done to make sure of the plat

    3. Fidel


      Nice work!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  3. When my main machine, my self boosting machine and my still brand new in box back up machines all die, no shops have any left and ebay has run dry of second hand ones, then I might think of stopping But not until then.
  4. I am able to play this game and do a full degree course during the load times between events Thanks Milestone Most devs would optimize their game so that you could enjoy it without the wait, but you have made the effort to put in these atrocious load times so that we can multitask Top stuff
  5. nice work thanks mate
  6. you two really need to start playing more games
  7. In a move that seems to happen more and more now, the complete edition which supposedly includes everything, doesn't I just bought this game in the sale on PSN, and went for the complete version as I mistakenly thought that would be the complete version. However when I started the downloads to my PS4 it appears that if I want the Booster pack (which is probably the only part of DLC worth having) I need to cough up another £3.99 Complete editions and season passes really do need to start having a good read of the Trade Descriptions Act So if you are bagging this in the sale then get the basic game and the booster pack rather than the 'its all the extras but not really' pack
  8. great compo hope you manage to plat each one as that's a lot of extra prize giving if you fail! Best of luck matey and very generous idea
  9. I have made the mistake of choosing to play it through on the vita If you don't want to add a difficulty spike then use the ps3 or 4 variety getting there but the walkthrough video shows an ability to jump higher and further than it seems possible using the vita controls and that's making passing some parts maddening
  10. Was lucky enough to bag this trophy last night in a session on here For those of you who are going to do the sessions arranged over next couple of days I thought I would note a couple of pointers Even at this late stage there are still a few random folks playing mp on this title and so if you set up the session as public like we originally did, then you will most likely get someone join in who is not in a chrome skin So set it up as a private friends game (3 lap race obviously) and invite in the members from the session list. If you have more than 8 then get some sort of rota or queue When you get your invite the PS3 message box message will not take you to the game to join. You must press select on your controller while you are in in the online menu. This brings up a note to allow you to view invites and you can join from there Most importantly though is make sure you have selected your Chrome Skin when you select your ship Once finished the trophy should pop as the results page. I know all of this is very basic stuff but with only a few days till the server shutdown you don't have many attempts to get it right. Good luck
  11. This method worked a treat thanks matey Set up a race with myself on the vita Scraped down the walls until both of me were about 5 on the health and boom double kill (suicide) trophy bagged
  12. Thanks for this tip Took me a while to work out how to get it set up as, like the idiot I am, I kept making the games Friends Only and so they never showed up on the Vita. Easiest way is to set up a 12 race tournament and get the vita screen showing the cross play screen. As soon as the races are set up your game should appear on the vita. Select it and click join game Playing all 12 races nets you connected 1 and 2 and endurance. Once you are finished change the game type to Eliminator and ramp up the required score to win to 600. Then just keep destroying your vita self. Three matches will be more than enough for AG Assassin I played this game for about half an hour 8 years ago and now the server closures have brought me back to it and 2048 on vita.
  13. Everyone who took the time and effort to make a guide to help us get our trophy fixes deserves a lot of kudos I am going to nominate the Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time for the ps3 though. As I am trying to mop up old unplayed titles from my hoard guides like this one prove invaluable Its well laid out and is going to be a great source of help beating this old game Thanks to all the guide writers though, top stuff all of you
  14. I found the square block that is in the laser room with the balls with mirrors in worked for this and the XCox version Read about using the mirror balls but they just didn't work for me But the black square blocks did the job both times
  15. great set of hints and tips mate thanks