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  1. Finally platted Nascar Heat 2. That has got to be the biggest grind I have ever played. First 20 hours you get all the trophies bar two bronze. Its then another 70+ hours grinding out the last ones and its just driving round and round and round. Shame as the graphics sound and gameplay are solid, but why would any dev shove these extra dull trophs to ruin the experience is beyond me. Just played about 30 mins a night every now and then for the last few months to finish it.

    Now on to getting the last 500 miles driven in Mafia II dlc. Nothing if not a glutton for punishment :)

  2. Well played to all the winners and to everyone who takes the time to help us Trophy hunters with the guides Good choices by the judges too Top stuff
  3. as always your guides are great matey thanks
  4. I love the quote in your sig, I started to learn BASIC on that behemoth back in the days...

    1. Evertonian


      yep it was a great machine matey


      I remember typing in programs and learning basic coding on it at school


      It started me on my Commodore journey which ended with the miggy


      Great days

  5. Witchcraft
  6. great ideas matey
  7. thanks mate good to know
  8. do you just need two players to do all the mp stuff? Getting one person to boost looks easy enough but if you need more then it could be a real pita
  9. just get a few hours in and it becomes a good title matey....the first parts are a bit of a bore but once the tutorial style info stops there is a great game to be enjoyed
  10. Would agree with Mesopithecus on those choices from your profile mate. Also Drive Club is more than doable over time If you are new to trophy hunting then the Guides section on here should help with getting some games maxed out Enjoy
  11. 2019 goals:


    80% completion ratio

    Get to 150 plats

    Finish Nascar Heat 2 whilst still retaining the will to live


    Hope everyone on here has a cracking new year and that 2019 is your best year yet.


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    2. Mesopithecus


      @Evertonian Good luck with your goals and I hope you have fun reaching them :D

    3. Evertonian
    4. soulinterceptor


      Good luck pal. Keep those legendary persistence levels going! 

  12. got my OCD my 8500th Trophy for Christmas


    It was well pleased :)

    1. LukyAF


      Congrats man, & Have a good chrismas (y). 

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

      Nice milestone for Christmas :) 

  13. just gone on sale on UK PSN store for 9.99 tempted at that price
  14. Ok mine auto updated overnight so I guess its been switched back on successfully Thanks as always for keeping everything going!