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  1. on the plus side it will save you having to drive 1000 miles in Jimmys Vendetta One of the best games of all time but the dlc really didn't do it for me Hope you resolve the issue with the seller mate
  2. Bit disappointed to see that I have not made the leaderboard for fastest completion on platting Heavy Rain. I only took just 8 years and 8 months :)

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. DamagingRob


      Puts my own time to shame. :P Nice work!

    3. Evertonian


      cheers folks

      not often I get to laud it over everyone with a speed run :)

    4. Caju_94


      Damn son, will somebody ever be able to beat that? :P


  3. I know that feeling. Had 2 of the sp trophs glitch and could not face playing the whole thing over again. Gave up on the ridiculous requirements for the mp stuff too I love Far Cry but for me FC2 is a stain on the franchise
  4. Level 40 reached as the mop up continues :)

  5. F1 2011 on the vita took me 6 years and 10 months It was a combination of lack of ability for the gold medal times and a lack of desire for the grinding out 8 seasons of wins Will probably surpass that total with some of the old ps3 stuff I am looking at mopping up
  6. I found a brilliant way to make this game better. If you go to the crossbar and select the title then press options then select delete and finally click yes, you will find you enjoy yourself so much more. Sadly I did not spot this until I had put in many many hours of watching uncontrollable cars flipping high and summersaulting into the air because I drove over a kerb at 10 mph or listening to headache inducing exhaust pops every few seconds Hopefully this hint will save others from enduring this utter dross
  7. Plat #135 Bambi on Ice Rally or Sebastian Loeb Rally Evo to give it its full title.

    Another long grind ticked off the list

  8. Finally platted Nascar Heat 2. That has got to be the biggest grind I have ever played. First 20 hours you get all the trophies bar two bronze. Its then another 70+ hours grinding out the last ones and its just driving round and round and round. Shame as the graphics sound and gameplay are solid, but why would any dev shove these extra dull trophs to ruin the experience is beyond me. Just played about 30 mins a night every now and then for the last few months to finish it.

    Now on to getting the last 500 miles driven in Mafia II dlc. Nothing if not a glutton for punishment :)

  9. Well played to all the winners and to everyone who takes the time to help us Trophy hunters with the guides Good choices by the judges too Top stuff
  10. as always your guides are great matey thanks
  11. I love the quote in your sig, I started to learn BASIC on that behemoth back in the days...

    1. Evertonian


      yep it was a great machine matey


      I remember typing in programs and learning basic coding on it at school


      It started me on my Commodore journey which ended with the miggy


      Great days

  12. Witchcraft
  13. great ideas matey
  14. thanks mate good to know