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  1. Unlike  a couple of the others this did not auto pop for me when I re did the first instance of it


    Just got the trophy for the first challenge being done. So I reckon you have to do all 41 again


    The only thing you could try if you don't want to play it through again is to try and load the save from your PS4 game that was right before you bagged your 41st challenge last time and it might pop when you do the last one


    Personally I am enjoying having to do them all again though


  2. Had a few auto pop which is a shame as I really love this game and wanted to play it from scratch and earn them all again for the fourth time after PS3 PS4 and Xbox maxes.


    On the plus side the ones that have popped seem to be the grindier ones. A couple popped on my brand new start of the game and then a couple more when I did one of an action like kill a brute or fast hijack a vehicle and then when I tested what would happen when I loaded my last save from the PS4 version a couple more pinged in.


    Still going to play it through from start to finish like they had not popped and the game looks amazing on the PS5


    SR is one of my favourite franchises



  3. Most of the trophies for me in the Back to Pasadena section failed to pop


    But tonight on loading the game another patch 1.0.3 was installed and everything seems to happen now as it should

    Historian happened fine as did a couple of others that failed for me in 1.0.2

    Hopefully this brand new patch means the game is going to give up its trophs properly at last




  4. Having gotten so fed up with the crashes on the PS4 I put this game down a long while ago. 

    This weekend I was extremely mega lucky to have finally bagged a PS5 and so I thought I would test it on the new machine

    Doing split screen with my low level alt account I played through the Hell Burbia mission and it worked fine even though the floor was absolutely littered with bandit body parts. So as previously mentioned the new machine must just handle the code better. 


    Update: Just finished the Angelic Ruins and no crashes at all even with using none corrosive weapons

    Puzzled as to why I had to do all three arenas on a character that had already done them on the ps3 but thats Moxxi finished again for me.


  5. I am with the other replies


    Its not a bad driving game engine and the graphics are ok, but once you get past the initial enjoyment of a competent racing game it becomes repetitive and quite dull. Its at that point that the stupidity of the grind for around the globe sinks in and you might regret having started it. 


    Its a decent price but I felt it was rather soulless.


  6. 36 minutes ago, Swithop said:


    The ram/boost doesn't do shit. Maybe it helps in the corners but see what happens when you move the L stick and press X at the same time. Bad idea.


    I have no idea mate. As I said I never knew that boost was a thing and I did not therefore use it during the race. Once I have finished my Classic playthru I might give it a go on chapter replay as I actually enjoyed the race part


  7. I didn't know there was a boost button 

    I thought X was just for ramming in the main game!


    Its not too easy on Classic but not undoable by any means

    My tips are:

    Full revs at start then get to the inside left. Break a bit as you approach first bend and use the cars on outside as a buffer. Go gently around and you should come out in 8th 9th or 10th from that.

    Then go to the right and you should pass a couple of cars on the slight bend to right, then at the bigger bend right which leads to the first banking section I take to the grass and pass a couple more. That way by the time the car spins out and hits the outside of the banked curve you should be able to be in between 2nd to 5th place.

    Climb the hill then make sure you take a tiny bit of speed off before the 90 degree left turn and go round that applying throttle once you have exited the turn.

    The next bit is where I always tried to be too greedy by flying over the edge of the chicane rather than driving it properly. You might get a benefit once, but its just never worth the risk. 

    After the chicane the next turn left should be taken slowly and then the following right make sure you are in control enough to miss the boxes and tyres on the left. 

    Then its just a matter of driving flat out for the remainder of the lap and rinsing and repeating. You should be at least 3rd by end of lap 1 but often you will be first or second. Make sure you break before that first turn left of the lap as you will be travelling at some pace especially on laps 2 and 3.


    And apparently on the straight you can boost 🙂 but as I never knew and it was never needed its certainly not essential


    Its not tough as long as you don't try to get past too many too fast. You have three laps and so steady wins the race


    Its a great game and I remember it fondly from playing it on the PC all those years ago. This version is superb though


  8. Exploit works, but I would advise doing it in 4 hour sessions

    I left my PS4 pro running for 12 hours with the car happily falling through the map. Decided to check on progress and it was still working fine. Thought it would be prudent to save to the checkpoint and give the machine an hour to cool down. On saving the game went into blue screen crash error. Upon reloading all of the miles accumulated over the 12 hours had not been saved and so I am back to where I was yesterday evening. Not the worst thing in the world, but an annoying waste of eleccy.  As it had no problem when I left it on for 4 hours when I was doing the same stunt to get the million points, I think its probably advisable to limit the time you leave the machine unattended. At least you dont have to use a turbo controller like on the ps3 

    Overall I did not find the game too glitchy and as its one of my favourite games ever I will forgive its occasional crashes, but I would suggest shorter chunks of time for this would be a good move. Once you get to about 800 miles I reckon you can probably just leave it running as the trophy will pop before you need to save and so 12 hours will give you the extra 200 needed.



  9. I have been using that great link posted in here earlier to get to the old store front and was hoping that would mean I never had to visit the new abomination again. However on that beautiful properly designed elegant version the PS Plus titles are not updating. So I had to go to the turd that is the new store. After 5 attempts at trying to bag the plus titles with no joy I gave up and grabbed them via my PS4.


    As previously mentioned in here, there seems to be no way to add the PS5 freebie to my account via the new store even though it says you can


    Teething problems I can accept, but putting your entire store online without checking the very basic process of being able to bag anything is crazy. 


  10. I used to like the webstore

    I used to like my Wishlists

    I used to like the 1-99 levels

    I like the current UI on PS4


    So thanks Sony for changing it all to something I hate


    What possible reason does a company have to change things so radically with no care for its existing userbase that were happy 


    After the UI change and the addition of pesky followers with the release of Xbox One, I thought I would never go back to that side

    Now I am not so sure







  11. I tried it in several places with no joy. Then I went to the medium difficulty event (top left) and that starts you by a ramp to the freeway. Walked up ramp and then carried on going in that direction and crossed over the lanes to the other side of the highway where the road bends to the left. At that bend you can get quite a pile up of cars/trucks and it was easy to get flipped into the air and just land on a bunch of vehicles and sort of bounce over their roofs. Annoying trophy but a very enjoyable game as are all of the Saints Row titles. 


  12. Massive thanks to Dante for this method. Followed it and just bagged the trophy and with it the 100% completion on PS3


    Had to unplug my ethernet cable to get game to boot but once I was outside the character design shop I popped it back in and signed into PSN


    It then allowed me to get to the upload character screen and pop the trophy



    Between this tip and the one about disconnecting to get the game to boot, I have been able to enjoy and complete this great title again. Cant say thank you enough.



  13. On 18/08/2020 at 10:58 PM, gburchell said:

    I had this happen tonight when trying to play co-op with a friend. As he was loading from a downloaded version and I was playing from a disc and we both had the same issue, we wondered if it was checking servers when entering the main menu. We switched off our internet connections and it loaded into the game absolutely fine, so this is a (hopefully temporary) problem when connected to the internet that the developer/publisher needs to fix server-side. Yes, it is poor that this would affect a primarily single-player game.


    We even managed to play co-op by by rebooting our routers, getting into the game while they rebooted, and commencing co-op once they'd finished rebooting. We hoped the game didn't do frequent server checks after the main menu was loaded, which didn't seem to be the case.

     Thanks matey. After platting the PS4 version, I finally unwrapped the PS3 disc I bought in 1870 and wanted to get on and play that version. After half an hour of installs and updates it would not get past the same point as you found. So I unplugged the ethernet cable and it loaded fine. Popped the cable back in once the game was underway and it stayed working. Great tip and many thanks for finding  it. Strangely the disc worked fine on my second ps3 when I did not apply the 1.06 update. I was trying to see whether Saintified would pop by not being logged in on an alt account, but it didnt and so I guess this will be a game I get to be one bronze short of 100%. Once I get used to L1 and 2 and R 1 and 2 being the other way around from the PS4 version that is!

    Great game though. Been so long since I was in the Row that I had forgotten how fantastic it is.


  14. It would actually make a great ps5 title as the only minor drawback to this massive game is the amount of time on load screens between each area. I love the game and am revisiting it now after leaving it unfinished years ago. I maxxed it on the 360 and forgot I had not platted it on ps3 so the remaster has got me playing it again. But if they were to make it playable on the ps5 and that constant delay everytime you fast travel or enter an area was gone, then it really would be an epic must own title.  


  15. to get the trophy for getting to LMP1 in 10 seasons you can just do the events that are required in your current chosen car class


    You will probably need to do a few of the invitational later especially the le mans 24 hr but to get you through to the LMP1 season you can just skip away


    Once you have the main gold trophy list done then you can carry on in same career and play a full season of the invitationals if you like. Once you have an invitation it will appear each year whether you drive it or not.




  16. Finally bagged this trophy last night when I finished event 78. Seemed to pop as soon as I had completed a couple of laps so I guess you just need to be showing in time lists for the previous 19 events and the last one just counts straight away 


    20 weeks to get a bronze trophy but now I can start on the game proper by mopping up all the rest of the online ones just in case the servers close


    Was thinking how different the world is today from when I started the first event!


    Big thank you to totallycrushed for the event updates and I really hope they release another set of 20 events so everyone else can get this trophy. Saw the game had gone on sale on PSN here yesterday so maybe they will update the list after the final event next week


    Best of luck to anyone still trying for this




  17. 4 hours ago, Last-_-Judgment said:

    @totallycrushed I finally got my 20th event done with the trophy! Thank you so much for this thread as I wouldnt have known about this trophy if I wasn't for you and I'd have a potential unobtainable in my backlog and not only that but it helped a lot towards upcoming events as the title suggests haha. Time to go and enjoy the game with ease without any worries. 1f600.png

    congrats mate


    pleased the trophy popped for you


    3 more events for me and hopefully I will get it too