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  1. Beware of side effects:


    I had my first covid vaccination this weekend and all seemed to be going well. The jab was painless and I seemed to be fine until the following morning when I found myself actually switching on my Xbox. It was only for about two hours and luckily half of that time was for updates. Fortuitously the awful UI and the plague of followers I had to block brought me to my senses, but just be warned.

    The sheet of potential side effects they game me at the vax centre had things like headache and sore arm etc on it. No where did it mention going to the dark side


    Don't worry too much as it passes very quickly but just be aware.




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    2. enaysoft


      Bomb Jack is a great game. You have great tastes. Thought the game would be too old for people to have heard of it. lol


      It was my 4th all time favourite game on my trusty Amstrad CPC464

    3. Evertonian


      I am ancient mate

      When I was at University in the early 80s there was a proper arcade cabinet version in the Students Union bar there and I would play it constantly. I could make a game last a very long time and basically hogged the machine for hours. Only game I was ever properly good at.

      Knew every layout of the firebombs and how to bounce off the screen sides to promote the coins and discs.

      Made myself a jamma cab and played the Mame version for years until the CRT monitor in the cab broke and real life took away any time to rebuild. 

      Still intend to get another cabinet up and running one day and I still have the rom sets so at some point I will get to do the 'you've gotten firebombs' bonus screen dance again!

    4. enaysoft


      Well the CPC464 version was a good conversion and yes, getting all the bombs in order for high scores, at one point I think I had every level memorised. I have some jamma games but they are only scrolling beat-em-ups by Konami and Capcom.

      Nice to find other ancient people here. lol

      Shame there are no trophies on old MAME games, well not until Hamsters Archive archives releases them.



      Oh wow, Bomb Jack is already on Hamsters Arcade Archives, can't believe I missed that. lol

      One game to pick up again later.