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  1. Made up that Sony have relented on the store closure for the Vita and the PS3


    Its the right decision and I guess all the outrage and petitions finally got through to Ryan


    At least it made me realise how much stuff I actually had unplayed on those formats and gave me some impetus to continue the mop up 


    Lets hope they start allowing the old titles to feature in sales again especially the DLC


    Best bit of the change of heart is that I don't have to go back to XCox world in protest!

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    2. enaysoft


      The "Missing TImestamps" on this site is due to the CMOS of the PS3 not having ever connected to Sony's servers to validate the date and system of the trophies. I think on a PS3 especially if the CMOS breaks then it will be the same if you try to play PS3 games physically they will be fine but as soon as you try to sync your trophies, missing timestamps will happen.

      And of course to likely private piracy of copying of games, your digital games won't work if you say swap a hardrive from one ps3 to the next because the PS3 will likely think they are pirated games so it needs the CMOS check to verify the games.

      In a way you can't really blame Sony for trying to protect their stuff, but unfortunately it is likely an issue to cause problems many years into the future.


      But yeah maybe if even Sony shuts the store, they will just have a syncing server for the CMOS stuff.

    3. DrBloodmoney


      Yeah - good point on timestamps for physical games - I hadn’t thought of that one, but i reckon you’re right

    4. Evertonian


      I think the CMOS issue might have played some part in the reversal of their decision.

      At some point we could see a firmware update that changes the requirement to link to the servers

      If that happens I think the store closure issue might reappear


      But for the moment I am just pleased the terrible idea has been shelved even just for the fact that I can use the store on the PS3 to search for the stuff I own rather than having to go through the download list (mine is 2156 items and scrolling through that is a major pita)


      I had been lucky in using the psdle plugin to get a full list of all the transactions before the old storefront closed, and I used that spreadsheet to sort out everything unplayed on both systems. After getting over the embarrassment of how much stuff I had bagged in sales over the years, I had started to make a plan of clearing up the old games starting with the cheapo whoring titles. So if nothing else this scare has gotten my OCD a free day out.