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  1. Made up that Sony have relented on the store closure for the Vita and the PS3


    Its the right decision and I guess all the outrage and petitions finally got through to Ryan


    At least it made me realise how much stuff I actually had unplayed on those formats and gave me some impetus to continue the mop up 


    Lets hope they start allowing the old titles to feature in sales again especially the DLC


    Best bit of the change of heart is that I don't have to go back to XCox world in protest!

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    2. enaysoft


      I am glad I left my panic buying to later this month. Since now I don't need to do it. Hopefully there will be a PS3/Vita sale soon. I'm pleased on the news too but I think the CMOS stuff that they are keeping very quiet out.

      Without the PSN store being available it's a grey area whether any of your stuff will work even when the store is down.


      Still, I am happy they reversed the decision, was definitely a bad idea.

    3. StrickenBiged
    4. DrBloodmoney


      @enaysoft I might be being naive, but I genuinely don't think the CMOS stuff will be an issue even if the store closes.


      It's still debatable whether a replaced CMOS would need the actual store to be available to verify - it could just do it against wherever your existing downloadable library is stored server-side,  and even than, it would be a relatively minor issue for Sony to patch the PS3 to stop the CMOS requiring the checks.


      From Sony's point of view, doing that would have no real downside at that point - I mean, they wouldn't be losing sales to 'piracy,' as there would be no store to make sales on anyways, and the negative publicity that not doing so would generate - a drip feed of bad press for decades, as it began to affect more and more people - more than outweighs the cost of a relatively minor software update to safeguard against it.

      @StrickenBiged - there is a theory that - if the store closes - when the CMOS battery (which powers the internal clock on the PS3) dies in a PS3 - which it will, they usually have about 20 years in them - , it will not be able to do the check it currently does against the servers, to ensure your internal clock is correct.

      That would render all digital purchases unplayable, as they all technically have an 'expiry' date that it needs to verify against - even if that date is currently set at like they year 9999 or something for most stuff.


      Without that check happening, currently, all games would simply say that their licence had expired, and the PS3 would refuse to boot them up.


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