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  1. Wow....just noticed that its exactly a year since I bagged my last trophy.....the wheels have certainly come off my gaming life


    Need to some time and my mojo soon and also locate which piles of dust my consoles are under!


    Longest break from video gaming I have had since the actual start of video games!





    1. CelestialRequiem


      There are better hobbies than trophy hunting/gaming. Don't worry about it too much. :) 

    2. enaysoft


      You have a BombJack avatar, that alone should last you a lifetime lol

    3. Evertonian


      It's certainly one of my favourite games ever. I even built a mame cab 20 odd years ago so I could play it again :)


  2. I found a brilliant way to make this game better. If you go to the crossbar and select the title then press options then select delete and finally click yes, you will find you enjoy yourself so much more. Sadly I did not spot this until I had put in many many hours of watching uncontrollable cars flipping high and summersaulting into the air because I drove over a kerb at 10 mph or listening to headache inducing exhaust pops every few seconds Hopefully this hint will save others from enduring this utter dross
  3. PS2 graphics.....check Horrible voice acting.....check Dull disjointed storyline.....check Cringeworthy script....check Pointless puzzles offering either no challenge or guesswork.....check Trophies giving you no feeling of achievement.....check Jumping control where you can leap up to a ledge 10 feet high but take four or five attempts to vault a step.....check I seem to have picked up a few games like this in sales on the PS store over last couple of years and am currently playing them so they can be maxxed and deleted If I had just deleted this one without starting it I would have probably enjoyed it more
  4. Thanks to everyone who ever makes a guide for the site as they are all massively helpful Congrats to the well deserved winners
  5. Happy Holidays to everyone. Hope your festive weekend is fantastic in these crazy covid times.

    Stay well and safe and lets hope 2022 is kinder all round!

    Fingers crossed someone has got me a new gaming mojo for Christmas as I have lost my old one. 

  6. Can confirm that it seems you have to collect every one including the DLC ones now for it to pop or at least I had to
  7. This is a great old skool platform style game and I really enjoyed it. However it was not until the very last boss that I noticed you could just hold down the square button to spam the sword attacks rather than having to continually mash it. So now I have one plat more and RSI in my right thumb. No wonder it took me a few hours more to finish than everyone seemed to stating it did. Did same thing on Sky Force but luckily found out early in that game you could hold down fire. That's the trouble with being really old. Mashing buttons is just our way!
  8. Saints Row 3 re re re master remastered!

    It was my first ever plat on ps3 then the remaster was my 200th plat on ps4 and now the re re master on the ps5 is my 250th game to 100% 

    Can't wait to have its PS6 version as my 500th plat in 2028!

    Brilliant game with possibly the best line ever in a title with Zach's GTA quip in the second Kitten Yarn event in the Genki Bowl dlc.

    Really enjoying these free updates on the ps5 for titles already owned

  9. Unlike a couple of the others this did not auto pop for me when I re did the first instance of it Just got the trophy for the first challenge being done. So I reckon you have to do all 41 again The only thing you could try if you don't want to play it through again is to try and load the save from your PS4 game that was right before you bagged your 41st challenge last time and it might pop when you do the last one Personally I am enjoying having to do them all again though
  10. Wish someone would make a remaster of The Saboteur


    Absolutely loved that game on the PS3 and 360


    Excellent storyline and I enjoyed having to roam around doing hundreds of events after completing the story




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    2. Dreakon13


      I have this on PS3 since I hear nothing but good things, but haven't tried it yet.  I don't really have the patience for open world games and I got that vibe from it so I'm afraid I may not enjoy it as much, is there something that makes it stand out in particular?

    3. EverythingOnFire



      is there something that makes it stand out in particular?


      I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The black-and-white world looks great, and slowly transforming everything back to color was a neat idea that gives you a real sense of accomplishment. It's all just pretty to look at too. It's got some neat stealth elements too, which to the best of my knowledge haven't been reproduced much since. Plus, shooting Nazi's is always a good time. 


      Having said all that, if you aren't a big fan of open-world games, there's a decent chance you won't like it. I love a lot of the little things it has going for it, but at the end of the day it's basically just another gen7 open-world title, that happens to have a pretty unique setting that happens to make it a bit more memorable than most. All I can say is give it a try for a few hours and see what happens.

    4. Evertonian


      couldn't agree more, the mixture of the different things to do and the stealth aspect are brilliant and the atmosphere of the setting is class


      its just a fabulous title and certainly right up there with my favourite games ever



  11. Had a few auto pop which is a shame as I really love this game and wanted to play it from scratch and earn them all again for the fourth time after PS3 PS4 and Xbox maxes. On the plus side the ones that have popped seem to be the grindier ones. A couple popped on my brand new start of the game and then a couple more when I did one of an action like kill a brute or fast hijack a vehicle and then when I tested what would happen when I loaded my last save from the PS4 version a couple more pinged in. Still going to play it through from start to finish like they had not popped and the game looks amazing on the PS5 SR is one of my favourite franchises
  12. Most of the trophies for me in the Back to Pasadena section failed to pop But tonight on loading the game another patch 1.0.3 was installed and everything seems to happen now as it should Historian happened fine as did a couple of others that failed for me in 1.0.2 Hopefully this brand new patch means the game is going to give up its trophs properly at last
  13. plat #218 Kingdoms of Amalur on PS3. Another epic speed run in bagging this one in just under 8 years. Made the mistake of playing it on Normal first time and then left it for years know I had to play the whole game through for just the one Hard trophy. If you ever start the game make sure you start on Hard. Brilliant title though and enjoyed the 15 hours it took to get it beat again without the side missions. Only downside is the loading times between shops and areas but apart from that its an amazing game with so much to do. Once the mop up of Vita and PS3 stuff is under control I am looking forward to playing the remaster.  

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    2. starcrunch061


      My favorite part of KoA was the fact that you could reset your character to make use of the low-level trainers, and build an absurdly powerful character by game's end.

    3. The Arizona Ranger
    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  14. Made up that Sony have relented on the store closure for the Vita and the PS3


    Its the right decision and I guess all the outrage and petitions finally got through to Ryan


    At least it made me realise how much stuff I actually had unplayed on those formats and gave me some impetus to continue the mop up 


    Lets hope they start allowing the old titles to feature in sales again especially the DLC


    Best bit of the change of heart is that I don't have to go back to XCox world in protest!

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    2. enaysoft


      The "Missing TImestamps" on this site is due to the CMOS of the PS3 not having ever connected to Sony's servers to validate the date and system of the trophies. I think on a PS3 especially if the CMOS breaks then it will be the same if you try to play PS3 games physically they will be fine but as soon as you try to sync your trophies, missing timestamps will happen.

      And of course to likely private piracy of copying of games, your digital games won't work if you say swap a hardrive from one ps3 to the next because the PS3 will likely think they are pirated games so it needs the CMOS check to verify the games.

      In a way you can't really blame Sony for trying to protect their stuff, but unfortunately it is likely an issue to cause problems many years into the future.


      But yeah maybe if even Sony shuts the store, they will just have a syncing server for the CMOS stuff.

    3. DrBloodmoney


      Yeah - good point on timestamps for physical games - I hadn’t thought of that one, but i reckon you’re right

    4. Evertonian


      I think the CMOS issue might have played some part in the reversal of their decision.

      At some point we could see a firmware update that changes the requirement to link to the servers

      If that happens I think the store closure issue might reappear


      But for the moment I am just pleased the terrible idea has been shelved even just for the fact that I can use the store on the PS3 to search for the stuff I own rather than having to go through the download list (mine is 2156 items and scrolling through that is a major pita)


      I had been lucky in using the psdle plugin to get a full list of all the transactions before the old storefront closed, and I used that spreadsheet to sort out everything unplayed on both systems. After getting over the embarrassment of how much stuff I had bagged in sales over the years, I had started to make a plan of clearing up the old games starting with the cheapo whoring titles. So if nothing else this scare has gotten my OCD a free day out.


  15. I have seen two guides for this game and both state the game can be completed in under 30 hours That is utter nonsense I spent nearly 100 hours in the lap dancing section at the brothel alone 🙂
  16. I nailed 5 mins 34 seconds first up Now just got to see how fast I can do the other seven events 🙂
  17. Beware of side effects:


    I had my first covid vaccination this weekend and all seemed to be going well. The jab was painless and I seemed to be fine until the following morning when I found myself actually switching on my Xbox. It was only for about two hours and luckily half of that time was for updates. Fortuitously the awful UI and the plague of followers I had to block brought me to my senses, but just be warned.

    The sheet of potential side effects they game me at the vax centre had things like headache and sore arm etc on it. No where did it mention going to the dark side


    Don't worry too much as it passes very quickly but just be aware.




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    2. enaysoft


      Bomb Jack is a great game. You have great tastes. Thought the game would be too old for people to have heard of it. lol


      It was my 4th all time favourite game on my trusty Amstrad CPC464

    3. Evertonian


      I am ancient mate

      When I was at University in the early 80s there was a proper arcade cabinet version in the Students Union bar there and I would play it constantly. I could make a game last a very long time and basically hogged the machine for hours. Only game I was ever properly good at.

      Knew every layout of the firebombs and how to bounce off the screen sides to promote the coins and discs.

      Made myself a jamma cab and played the Mame version for years until the CRT monitor in the cab broke and real life took away any time to rebuild. 

      Still intend to get another cabinet up and running one day and I still have the rom sets so at some point I will get to do the 'you've gotten firebombs' bonus screen dance again!

    4. enaysoft


      Well the CPC464 version was a good conversion and yes, getting all the bombs in order for high scores, at one point I think I had every level memorised. I have some jamma games but they are only scrolling beat-em-ups by Konami and Capcom.

      Nice to find other ancient people here. lol

      Shame there are no trophies on old MAME games, well not until Hamsters Archive archives releases them.



      Oh wow, Bomb Jack is already on Hamsters Arcade Archives, can't believe I missed that. lol

      One game to pick up again later.

  18. Having gotten so fed up with the crashes on the PS4 I put this game down a long while ago. This weekend I was extremely mega lucky to have finally bagged a PS5 and so I thought I would test it on the new machine Doing split screen with my low level alt account I played through the Hell Burbia mission and it worked fine even though the floor was absolutely littered with bandit body parts. So as previously mentioned the new machine must just handle the code better. Update: Just finished the Angelic Ruins and no crashes at all even with using none corrosive weapons Puzzled as to why I had to do all three arenas on a character that had already done them on the ps3 but thats Moxxi finished again for me.
  19. Lost: 1 gaming mojo


    Last seen about a month ago. I have checked behind the sofa and can't find it anywhere

  20. I maxed out the SkyForce Anniversary edition and so when this Reloaded went on sale I was happy to bag it But after putting in a serious amount of time, I still cannot get very far in this game at all I have played enough to upgrade the ship completely with everything and I have found all the cards, but I am still not able to get the final 3 pieces of the last two ships to pop even though I have played and replayed levels 6-9 on insane loads of times. I also cannot beat level 13's end boss. I get past the bit where it fires the hoooj laser the first time and then I manage to destroy the outer pods, but as soon as it goes into its spin cycle with the four large lasers I am toast. I will probably get level 5 and 10 beaten on insane with my meagre skill set, but is there anyone who has some pointers about how to farm the last few ship parts, or beat level 13? I am hoping that it I can get the Octopus craft I might get a bit further, but at the moment this game just has me beat
  21. I am with the other replies Its not a bad driving game engine and the graphics are ok, but once you get past the initial enjoyment of a competent racing game it becomes repetitive and quite dull. Its at that point that the stupidity of the grind for around the globe sinks in and you might regret having started it. Its a decent price but I felt it was rather soulless.
  22. I have no idea mate. As I said I never knew that boost was a thing and I did not therefore use it during the race. Once I have finished my Classic playthru I might give it a go on chapter replay as I actually enjoyed the race part
  23. Stunning work matey Thank you for all your efforts
  24. I didn't know there was a boost button I thought X was just for ramming in the main game! Its not too easy on Classic but not undoable by any means My tips are: Full revs at start then get to the inside left. Break a bit as you approach first bend and use the cars on outside as a buffer. Go gently around and you should come out in 8th 9th or 10th from that. Then go to the right and you should pass a couple of cars on the slight bend to right, then at the bigger bend right which leads to the first banking section I take to the grass and pass a couple more. That way by the time the car spins out and hits the outside of the banked curve you should be able to be in between 2nd to 5th place. Climb the hill then make sure you take a tiny bit of speed off before the 90 degree left turn and go round that applying throttle once you have exited the turn. The next bit is where I always tried to be too greedy by flying over the edge of the chicane rather than driving it properly. You might get a benefit once, but its just never worth the risk. After the chicane the next turn left should be taken slowly and then the following right make sure you are in control enough to miss the boxes and tyres on the left. Then its just a matter of driving flat out for the remainder of the lap and rinsing and repeating. You should be at least 3rd by end of lap 1 but often you will be first or second. Make sure you break before that first turn left of the lap as you will be travelling at some pace especially on laps 2 and 3. And apparently on the straight you can boost 🙂 but as I never knew and it was never needed its certainly not essential Its not tough as long as you don't try to get past too many too fast. You have three laps and so steady wins the race Its a great game and I remember it fondly from playing it on the PC all those years ago. This version is superb though
  25. Exploit works, but I would advise doing it in 4 hour sessions I left my PS4 pro running for 12 hours with the car happily falling through the map. Decided to check on progress and it was still working fine. Thought it would be prudent to save to the checkpoint and give the machine an hour to cool down. On saving the game went into blue screen crash error. Upon reloading all of the miles accumulated over the 12 hours had not been saved and so I am back to where I was yesterday evening. Not the worst thing in the world, but an annoying waste of eleccy. As it had no problem when I left it on for 4 hours when I was doing the same stunt to get the million points, I think its probably advisable to limit the time you leave the machine unattended. At least you dont have to use a turbo controller like on the ps3 Overall I did not find the game too glitchy and as its one of my favourite games ever I will forgive its occasional crashes, but I would suggest shorter chunks of time for this would be a good move. Once you get to about 800 miles I reckon you can probably just leave it running as the trophy will pop before you need to save and so 12 hours will give you the extra 200 needed.