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    As of June 2016 im mostly a retired trophy hunter. Don't expect me to platinum anymore games.

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  1. I wish we got another Transformer game like War for Cybertron and Fall of Cybertron. G1 style. Hands down two best Transformer games 

    1. Parker


      A War or Fall of Cybertron type game, animated like Transformers: Devastation would be incredible. 

    2. StewartBros


      Agreed.  Such a shame that High Moon shut up shop; a third Cybertron game would have been great. :(

  2. What should I try to finish first? Im very indecisive the past year when it comes to video games but I have too many unfinished stuff xD

    Mafia 3 or Divinity Original Sin?

    Im about 1-2 hours into both of them... And can easily put 1 on the backburner till the other is finished, which should I finish first? How long is Mafia 3?

    1. The High Ground

      The High Ground

      i heard mafia 3 is repetitive, fun at first but gets boring, anyways no clue of divinity c: 

    2. MafiaBrett


      Hmm so maybe play Mafia till it gets repetitive or bored. Then go and do all of Divinity, by time I finish that maybe Mafia will be slightly refreshed

  3. Surprised it has 30 wasnt expecting the expansion to be nearly a full sized game. That makes me happy. I love the series
  4. Grr!! our super secret plan to take over the website failed! We had the site down for only a few hours.. You ALONE deserve all the credit for that ;). No one was able to catch us or even suspects us of our TREACHERY! Muhaha. Next time we will succeed in our plans to rename this site to #PStreetrophies!!

    1. BlindMango


      Next time come with more blenders scrubs :ninja: 

    2. Oowa


      @BlindMango how does over 9,000 blenders sound? *shows Mango the load of blenders*

    3. MafiaBrett



      @BlindMango you seen nothing o.o

  5. Yo im going to include you in my super secret plan to hostile takeover this website.. Then we will rename it to PStreetrophies. Best idea ever, am I right??? No one will ever see it coming! 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Scyther


      I won't let you fiends get away! I'll bet your androids, too! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!


    3. MafiaBrett


      Oh Shit Trunks is here! I better transform into Ultra Mega Chicken!!! only then can I escape to fight another day!


    4. Green


      I'm here to help! #PStreetrophies


  6. Why have I never heard of Divinity Original Sin 1 or 2 till now.. And its a coop game?? Lol i might need new friends to with me. Too many of them are pussies who think isometric RPGs are too "boring" or "complicated". Worst are the ones who skip dialogue without even reading it.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. MafiaBrett


      Nice to know that the coop isn't just a tacked on feature. Pillars of Eternity coming out this week is what got my attention towards Divinity.

    3. kidson2004


      Glad to see the old school style of RPG's sticking around. Looks like a good game to me. Think I'll get it once I get my PS4 Pro. 

    4. AlphaTrash


      Can't stand those guys who have no idea how to fight irl, bashing on video games they do not understand!

  7. Is there a way to do a Rebuild Database & Restore file system on PS4? Ive had it since launch and haven't needed to do so till now, Ive noticed much slower loading times/menu lag. I remember doing this once a year or so on PS3 to keep it running smoothly.

  8. Not only that but from what I remember Witcher 3 got GOTY in 2015, NOT FALLOUT4. Metauser score of 5.5 PC, 6.6 PS4, 6.4 XB1... Yea its a REAL GOTY alright 😆😆😆😆 Metacritic score of 84 ties with New Vegas, yet New Vegas didn't GOTY, infact they even refused to pay Obsidian extra money because it scored that low.
  9. Hey I heard about this one game you'll like.. You get to fulfill your dreams of being a 16 or old girl!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MafiaBrett


      Nah better yet.. You get to be High School dropout Chloe 

    3. Oowa


      not impressed! also stop stalking me!

    4. MafiaBrett


      I can stalk who I want!!! 

  10. Hey remember that time we were going for the escape trophies on Payday 2, but were having trouble, so I put my mic in and got the randoms to help us? Yea me too :D:D:D 

    1. MafiaBrett


      Bitch please.. My ps3 mic was broken 😣 

    2. Oowa


      The fuck it was you liar


  11. Been hearing things a lot recently. Footsteps, doorbell, phone notifications.. None of them are real lol. At least I haven't heard any voices yet. Wouldn't it be crazy if the two people I live with are only part of my imagination? Now to think of it... No ones ever in my house except us 3... o.o

    1. Jigglypuff


      Sometimes I think I hear voices and sounds late at night, but it's probably all in my head and a sign I should go to bed. xD

  12. Wish RUST would come to consoles lol. It would be interesting to see how long it takes till the community becomes as dangerous and toxic like on PC. With 12 yr Olds screaming at top of their lungs and cussing. 

  13. Yo remember that time we played Payday 2 and I did all the work to get us the platinum, while you sat your ass outside the FBI building and did nothing for our dozens of attempts? 😆😆.. Yea me too

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Oowa


      Only cos *cough* somebody *cough* told me to


    3. MafiaBrett


      Lmao not uhhhh. I don't remember that part. Was too busy killing all the guards and carrying their bodies to the evidence locker xD

    4. Oowa


      weird thats not how i remember it


  14. Made this list a few weeks ago. Any game on this list doesn't guarantee a buy, but rather a 'interest' Uncharted 4 Lost Legacy (August 22) Pillars of Eternity (August 29) XCOM 2 War of the Chosen (August 29) Life is Strange Before the Storm (August 31) Resident Evil Revelations (August 31) Destiny 2 (September 6) Dishonored 2 Death of Outsider (September 15) Project Cars 2 (September 22) Dragons Dogma (October 5) Middle Earth Shadow of War (October 10) Evil Within (October 13) Gran Turismo Sport (October 17) South Park The Fractured but Whole (October 17) Assassins Creed Origins (October 27) Wolfenstein 2 (October 27) Call of Duty WW2 (November 3) Battlefront 2 (November 17) Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds Conan Exiles Players Unbeknownst Battlegrounds Resident Evil 2 Remake Dead Rising 4 Vampyr Lords of the Fallen 2 Far Cry 5 A Way Out Anthem Darksiders 3 Detroit Become Human God of War Metal Gear Survive Metro Exodus Red Dead Redemption 2 Sea of Thieves Spider Man System Shock Skull and Bones State of Decay 2 Surviving Mars Tropico 6
  15. Fallout New Vegas. Its a billion times better than 3 or 4. With dialogue choices that are so much better. The biggest problem with it, the Dev team was only given 18 months to work on such a huge game, because of that it barely got any optimization for ps3 or x360. If it was remastered, the ps4 with more ram would surely be able to handle the game easier and the graphic upgrade would be nice too. MAG is another game I wish I could play again.. When the servers shut down in 2014 i lost part of my gaming soul with it Lol.