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  1. Dragon quest builders
  2. Need for speed most wanted
  3. Batman: arkham knight
  4. Hey, can we boost today at 6 PM Sniper Ghost Warrior 2?

  5. guitar hero warriors of rock
  6. ok the ppl have spoken I will try to platinum muramasa rebirth and angry birds as fast as possible. i will probably plat muramasa rebirth first
  7. ill wait till tomorrow to pick 2 games It aint becuz u have more plats than me that ur better than me. I will get those games platinum but it might take a while cuz I aint sitting in the basement all day like u yea now that im looking at it I kinda realized that I madea mistake but it works like this also
  8. The title says it all which 2 vita games should I plat next. When I started this account I played only vita games on it and now I want to finish a lot of them so i will let you guys decide which 2 games I should plat next. I will pick the 2 games with the highest percentige and every time im done with a game I will pick the one with the highest percentige that I haven't done (hope that makes sense ). Here is the link to the poll:
  9. youre right its a great game and i will it but the wanted posters take so long to find and its boring as hell for u it may not seem as long cuz ure a experiencte trophy hunter, i recomend u plat lbp vita of course and beyond 2 souls cuz its a great game
  10. gta 5 or kung fu panda 2 cuz you only need 2 more trophies