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  1. I hope MK 10 has Konquest mode! What do you folks think? Should it be in the game or not?
  2. o ok yea I don't use sidequests. im at the ossa trail now. Without sidequests how long will it take?? And yes it is my first time playing . I may or may not take the safe route lol
  3. If I play Tales of Symphonia everyday for a couple hours how long will it be till I beat it??? I am at the Ossa Trail now. Hope to hear from you folks. Thanks.
  4. Hockey Hockey
  5. A PS Network card!
  6. Does any1 know when Street Fighter V will be released on PS4???
  7. Are there any announcements on when the first Street fighter will be released on the PS4?
  8. For anybody that wants to play Super Street Fighter IV tonight please join my gaming session

    1. bik44


      the session begins in an hr 10 minutes

  9. Peanut butter snack cake
  10. Have you decided what you are going to do
  11. long day at work

  12. Do you think there will be more updates to Street Fighter IV after Ultra Street fighter IV?
  13. I was like 4 or 5 years old when I first played video games
  14. They are probably gonna make Street Fighter V for PS4 and other consoles. Do you think there will be more updates to street fighter IV after ultra street fighter IV?