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  1. Did you try to get all the medals? If you got the cloud save before last level it might pop.
  2. I tried and it didn't work for me.
  3. Tried in chapter select and didn't get it. Had to download my previous cloud save, where I just had the last level to finish in terms of badges, and magically Too Pure For This World unlocked as well. I think it's only popping up at the end of the game, during the first set of CG cutscenes. Also on that save I had approx. 80 sligs killed, and it still popped. On the one I tried on level select I had around 50killed and no dice.
  4. Under 100 sligs and Badge Master trophies popped after finishing final level. I feel kind of relieved that I don't have to do another under 100 run. Number 5 in the leaderboards as well. Good stuff.
  5. Had around 60 kills. Restarted maybe once. And didnt get the trophy. Feels bad. The question is did you die on your playthrough? Maybe the deaths are messing up the counter? I died couple of times surely.
  6. Seriously if its all 17levels with good quarma and not killing 100sligs its gonna suck. especially in that Brewry level. I could run past, sneak around some guys in there and had only around 11 kills there? ( u get around 9 or 10 at beginning and cannot avoid it). But at the same time I left a lot of muds for death
  7. Oh I get you know. True. Yeah if someone is not fast, shouldnt go this route for sure.
  8. Your death shouldn't void the trophy. It's this buggy mess of a game that is breaking it. I bet the counter is going nuts and adds kills when it shouldn't be or doesn't even track them properly. But tbh I didn't die that much, and almost always tried to avoid using harmful things near sligs.
  9. I got some pretty good strats for last three levels, might do video on them. During the level you can stock up on binding candy, so I had like 19 by the time I got to final battle. Just as precaution set mine on the left, but its not needed when you are fast. As soon as they spawn/drop down throw 3 binding candy each way, aim down for their legs. You need to be quick but its nothing special. Might take a try or two to get the timing right. If you got problems with aiming and such. Just turn off the triggers and vibrations. It really does make a difference without them. I sucked on crane part and last battle, but as soon as I turned off this bs, my aim changed drastically.
  10. Three waves of six to be exact. And you dont have to kill any of them. Its quite easy on easy difficulty.
  11. If its the best ending while doing less than a 100 Sligs, then its a dick move tbh. Its a possibility tho. But clearly not what game is asking you to do. This trophy descriptions are as vague as they can be... Also they could make our lives so much easier by making three freakin save slots like in New'N'Tasty. We could just switch back and forth, and try different things, but nope. Game feels rushed and lacks polish, and it shows. The release should've been pushed to summer with the physical copies, so they can iron it out. I kinda feel like a beta tester that is doing his job, finding all the bugs but for free lol. I aint no charity guys .
  12. Yeah, it was the case with Pumpkin Jack. There was 2 glitched trophies on release, so after patch one of them auto-popped in main menu for me, the second one didnt, so I had to redo whole thing again... It might be the same scenario here. Anyway after the credits my main menu screen was glitched. I had the quarma icon in left hand of the screen like in the games hud? This game just keeps surprising me with all those bugs, and glitches...
  13. So here is the story... I deleted whole game, save files etc. (got old one in cloud). Redownloaded the game, and started brand new playthrough. Went straight thru all of 17 levels(12lvl good karma/5bad), pretty much without stopping or quitting. Counted every slig I killed, and it was clearly around 60, maybe even less (I rounded it up). And here we go, credits roll and no freakin trophy What a waste of time. What a disappointment this bugged trophy list is...
  14. Lol Funicular is level 4, Sorrow is fifth
  15. No kills on Sorrow Valley huh? How did you pass those snipers? As far as I know you need to kill them to proceed further (disable the lasers). Stunning them didnt work for me.