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  1. 2. But Undercover has a trophy that requires 8 players. Shift 2 King of the kill can be done with 2 PS3s but will require multiple accounts.
  2. No mention of online. The remake features 60FPS, 4K support, High-res textures, re-rendered cutscenes and videos in high res, improved hair rendering, better shadows and antialiaing.
  3. I never do it, in summer i rarely play unless its at night and its cool. I mainly play in winter. Fans going nuts is a no no for me.
  4. Coil whine from the power supply.
  5. Happened nearly every time i would play this game, a restart or 2 would fix it. It must be a loading error.
  6. It comes with the patches pre installed.
  7. Not everyone cares about percentages. There is loads of threads on this... Season pass give you access to all paid DLC, the rest is free either in the updates or on the store.
  8. Guess we will have to agree to disagree. SSD is great on PS4 for faster loading, even better online when you are in the fight first while others are still loading in, even on PS3 you can get much faster times. Some games actually run better on SSD, take RAGE on PS3, the textures are slow at loading on a standard hdd, on ssd they are instant, and the framerate is more stable and this is the case for multiple games.
  9. The worst is when you download a patch and it says copying for ages! Sometimes its just faster to re download that game.
  10. N4G is the only one i use, can't get any better imo.
  11. Its not full price anywhere here, and it didn't get bad reviews it got good reviews.
  12. It's not a common plat, hardly anyone owns the game.
  13. That's weird, loads of people online for me. The MP is pretty active for me, absolutely sucks though. Thankfully the MP trophies are quick and easy to boost.
  14. 23 for me. Black Ops 2 Skulls of the Shogun Fight Night Champion Aliens vs Predator Defiance F1 2010 Top Spin 4 Loadout Cod Advanced Warfare Project Cars Bulletstorm Grid Autosport Red Dead Redemption Cod Infinite Warfare UFC 3 Singstar Grand Slam Tennis 2 Cod Ghosts Crysis 3 Homefront the Revolution Sonic All Stars Racing Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising F1 2012
  15. The servers are not back up... All you are doing is bypassing them to make it P2P, this has been a known thing for ages.