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  1. Heat 5 already, 4 has only came out 8 months ago.
  2. Don't be daft, they would get a huge backlash if they did this.
  3. This was the main mode i was looking forward to but it is very disappointing, only 1 mode is just boring and lazy. So many issues, most heros are just shit and underpowered, but fight against them and they are 10x more powerful, playing as the Emperor i got killed in 2 shots of Leia's pistol! The damage even the regular AI takes is ridiculous. I have been killed many times through walls, the AI auto aim is just stupid, the hit detection is bad, the spawning delay is annoying and why do i have to wait to pick a 4k hero, no difficulty option, it just badly unbalanced and kills the fun for me. I haven't played MP but i bet that is even more unbalanced.
  4. One of the best games this Gen, awesome atmosphere. It was everything i expected from a Mad Max game, don't know how anyone can find this boring.
  5. I'm mopping up some games and now I'm on this, I've loaded it up and first off doing the invincible trophy, last bit is jump to the bird but how do i do it? Nevermind got it
  6. So they have added Pro support and I'm hearing they have affected the frame rate and made it stutter, basically done a Mafia! Can anyone confirm?
  7. When a percentage gamer can't 100% a game.
  8. Doesn't say anywhere that it's a bonus game.
  9. What's bad about it? I hate bad audio and can instantly tell if something is off, i had no issues with it on PS3 or PS4.
  10. The game is just shit, don't care how easy it is, I ain't wasting my time on something that is broken shite.
  11. Whenever i think of these big updates i think of Rise of the Tomb Raider and all its DLC being only 14gb.
  12. Sure you did.
  13. That doesn't include dlc though
  14. The audio is fine on PS3. And I'm pretty sure this is a PC port.
  15. You don't have to even own the game to get it. It's just an error, everyone needs to just stop being impatient lol.