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  1. Awful as usual, for someone like me who doesn't play these much, the trophies really put me off. Probably pick it up when its 50p or £1 like i do with every Fifa. Best footy game with trophies is PES 14, no online trophies.
  2. As above DLC is region locked. You will have to use a US copy to use the DLC.
  3. Awesome, just booted the game up and they are all there. Looks like they have actually been live for a few days.
  4. I had a few slow downs but not many, on a Pro its nearly a solid 30fps. The audio though is the worst part, worst audio I've ever heard, its like listening through a tin can.
  5. Same here its really annoying now, i even get an ad over the ridiculously massive Gears of War ad. The ad for me is on every single page, its even in this page!
  6. Brotherhood yea.. but Revelations MP trophies are easy, and AC3 is very quick and easy. For AC3 you can just play solo, and for just 1 trophy you only need to win 1 match.
  7. Ads on this site are beginning to annoy me, as soon as i come on a massive ad covers my screen, i select a forum same thing.
  8. No i was showing as online. I played Sniper Elite 4 straight after The Surge yesterday and the trophies for that showed in What's New.
  9. Lately I've played 2 games that just don't work at all with activities, like in what's new they don't show played for the first time, and no trophies earned show either. These are The Surge and NASCAR Heat 2. Anyone else have similar problems? I know some aren't interested in them but i like looking in what's new and seeing what people have been up to.
  10. Dis mine a few days ago, had mo problem finding full lobbies, got the trophies in 2 games.
  11. Now on sale for £4.79 for anyone interested.
  12. Why ask that in this thread? And why don't you just look lol?
  13. Waiting for colder weather, my gaming room is small and gets hot very quickly, so self boosting and having multiple consoles running is a no no in summer.
  14. No. DLC is region locked.
  15. Was going to do that but most likely an advert would pop up ruining it lol.