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  1. How would you even get banned from PSN, literally no way to report it. There's people with 1000s of hacked games that never get banned. As far as i can tell Sony really don't care about stuff like this.
  2. Someone said a trophy is still obtainable but must've been mistaken, removed it. Also removed Mercenaries 2.
  3. Multiple achievers this year and one just back in August, this is not a long long time ago, especially for a delisted game. And i doubt this game has servers, it will be p2p. If you're that bothered why not just launch it on a different profile.
  4. Well after seeing the reviews and some people saying its great i just spent a few hours on it... Hours i won't get back, i don't get it, imo its a right load of sh*t! Exploring and it resetting while you're doing something is just annoying, i was doing some puzzle and was at the very last bit and it reset.... Deleted, rubbish! Doing some searching i can see a lot of others who don't get the love for this and agree it's extremely overrated.
  5. Play it and enjoy or hate it like a normal person 😀
  6. Sure.... Cringe attempt at trolling.
  7. Bit of a clickbait title.
  8. Weird issue. My lists aren't hidden but not updating on here. Showing on the PS App.
  9. I thought these games were supposed to be good. Is this like a compact version? Anyway multiple glitched trophies for me on PS4 Pro, a very poor game.
  10. Congrats to Australia, i think that's only the 2nd time they have made the knockout stage.
  11. No specific game. Movies, many, Jingle All The Way which i watched yesterday, Home Alone 1&2, Bad Santa 1&2, Santa Claus The Movie, National Lampoon's, The Night Before, Elf, Lethal Weapon, Ghostbusters 2 and of course Die Hard. Also watch some Christmas Specials like Bottom, Royal Family, Steptoe & Son, Only Fools, Porridge.
  12. Yea i really enjoyed Gravel. I actually tried this MXGP 21 recently, really is an awful game with terrible physics. I then played the first MXGP again and that is still so much better, no daft falling off all the time and great handling. Then played Supercross 5 which is just basically MXGP 21 reskinned, exact same issues and an awful game to play imo. Tried the first one and that seemed to be fine. Seems these 2 games are just easy cash grabs that get worse and worse, probably why the player numbers are really poor.
  13. No previous or current PS Plus/Now game?? It's a miracle lol. Good month if you're a PS5 or standard PS4 owner. Would like to play Mass Effect but looking at the Digital Foundry video the performance is all over the place on PS4 Pro as usual. Did they ever update the games to fix the issues? Wouldn't surprise me if the didn't.
  14. Have you tried restoring your licenses? If so contact support via live chat and should be able to fix the issue.
  15. All still there. Search for them or use the PS app and don't use the Plus app it's terrible.