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  1. It's not even been 2 days and has happened multiple times in the past, its an old game, they are going to rush to fix the issue.
  2. I would say the future of gaming is looking shit, but its already happened, it started years ago. This is why I'm glad i have such a huge backlog that will last me years.
  3. This is a common thing with Ubisoft servers.
  4. The main problem with this is input lag, but looking at your profile you have plat Crysis which has lag just as bad. If that didn't bother you then it won't be a problem. This is also coming to the PS Plus if you're getting that.
  5. I think this can be closed now, Sony have fixed the issue
  6. What loophole? This is for those who stacked PS Plus not PS Now. Plus is available cheap all year and gets a big discount multiple times to £30 or less.
  7. Ah, i totally forgot about that. Guy on Reddit listed loads as left so has confused me.
  8. If 250+ have left and been replaced in Asia i don't see why it wouldn't happen in NA/EU, especially when 100s have already left and not even been replaced.
  9. Most of the games that left are currently available in NA/EU.
  10. Just a warning that a mass clear out could be coming. Around 250 games left in Asia, and that was just PS4 games. Anything that Sony didn't put in their list could be leaving.
  11. One thing I've noticed about a lot of the games getting added is they are mostly previous Plus games and previous Now games. So for long time subs its pretty poor. Also adding Remasters to the Premium tier is BS imo. One thing that is baffling me is why these are the only games they listed? Like why list Lost Planet 2 and not 1 or 3, Bioshock 1 but not 2 or 3 etc. Either they have lied about the 700+ games, or about 500 are about to leave and be replaced.
  12. Surly this can't be true, this is basically voiding the discount you got for Plus? That makes no sense. If this is true then goodbye Sony.
  13. Its not that big when the matches are so short. I did over 300 and it didn't pop, I've seen some others reporting the issue and if the trophy glitches its unobtainable because your save is stored online.