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  1. Cant do Isolation, too much anxiety lol. I wouldn't pay for this but would play it if it comes to Plus which it probably will. Hopefully by then most issues are fixed. I remember most saying Colonial Marines was bad but I really enjoyed it, recently went back and got the plat.
  2. Hopefully it does come to PS Plus. Looks good from what I've seen.
  3. I would think that's pretty much all it is, it's coming to Switch, Android and IOS as well so it will be nothing special. They are probably just making minor adjustments and re releasing it to milk more money.
  4. That's the 1 game..
  5. From 2003 to 2013 Rockstar released 18 games, and that's not including android, dlc and other stuff. In the past 8 years Rockstar have released 1 game. 2003 Midnight Club 2 Max Payne 2 Manhunt 2004 Red Dead Revolver GTA Advance 2005 GTA San Andreas Midnight Club 3 The Warrior GTA Liberty City Stories 2006 Table Tennis Bully GTA Vice City Stories 2007 Manhunt 2 2008 GTA IV Midnight Club LA 2010 Red Dead Redemption 2011 L.A Noire 2013 GTA V
  6. I've not played many games thinking they must be coming to PS Plus soon and they didn't. I thought Spiderman must be a Plus title after it leaves, that was over a year ago, Uncharted Lost Legacy.. that was 2 years ago! Though Marvel's Avengers and The Crew 2 would definitely be on Plus when they left early this year. But nope.
  7. Highly doubt it. I would think LOU and Fallout will be timed.
  8. Yea I think a lot will be happy with this. Something for everyone. Surprised to see a Bethesda game on.
  9. Also the already announced FF. Last of Us 2 Guide Fallout 76 Guide Desperados 3 Guide Final Fantasy VIII Guide Yet Another Zombie Defence Trophies (No Guide)
  10. What are you on about, I'm asking you! What were YOU paying for. Can't you read?? Stop trying so hard to be a douche.
  11. So if the games according to you are a freebie. What were you actually subscribing for?
  12. You had PS Plus since day 1?
  13. An added freebie? So online is free on PS3 what was everyone paying £40 a year for?
  14. When you pay for something you are entitled...