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  1. 2021 thread?
  2. A game like this should not be making the damn fan loud, my fan is just constantly loud playing this. I bought it to play something relaxing but all i can hear is my Pros fan!
  3. If you have to have digital it would be cheaper to buy the season pass then the gold edition. You also get access to it all on PS3 as well.
  4. Requirements are 2X Hogs, boars, crabs (small or large), snakes. Doesn't need to be a storm, just sail around it will randomly pop.
  5. How the Universe Works on Netflix, only Season 1 on there though, same for Ancient Aliens ☹️
  6. Yea that's the version, thanks bought it.
  7. Just making sure that if i buy the Platinum Edition its the German stack?
  8. This thread is old! May as well answer while I'm here, no what is the point. I suppose you will hide if you get caught cheating/hacking.... You know.... So you can stay at the top.... Might start Bioshock tomorrow.
  9. So this was announced last August, totally missed it. It's currently in beta on Steam... Been 5 months so i will believe this when i see it.
  10. That's pretty poor imo. PS4 Pro is 1080p at 45-60fps. No reason this shouldn't be locked 60fps at 4K.
  11. The PS4 version looks great, but it's the laziest/worst remaster I've ever seen, they fixed some little things and left it running like shit with weird graphical bugs as well. I'm surprised they got away with it. PS3 version looks worse but is a miles better version.
  12. Gravel, my favourite racer from PS4. F1 is pretty easy, so is MotoGP. Valentino Rossi, Wreckfest, Ride, Ducati 90th anniversary, MXGP 1-3, Sébastien Loeb Rally EVO. Imo The Crew 2 is not easy, the difficulty is all over the place and pretty broken. NFS is also not easy, you definitely need a bit of skill to plat them.
  13. Why post such shit! Clickbait BS. Also this bug is old...
  14. People like you are just weird. You like the game. You're a trophy hunter. They add trophies to a game you like. You say its BS.. the hell are you smoking.