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  1. Its probably just a voucher to watch a movie
  2. Store sales to to come back to PS3 and Vita? Someone asked on Twitter whether we would get anymore sales, PlayStation replied saying "observe the store :)"
  3. Imagine if they now announced a big sale, all those that spent loads would cry haha.
  4. I'm glad I didn't go mad buying physical copies for expensive prices like a lot did lol.
  5. NASCAR Heat 2&3 going offline April 30th.
  6. As evident on .org difficulty voting is just bad as too many are afraid to admit something was difficult and just vote low to make themselves look better.
  7. I never thought it would get fixed.
  8. All working for me now in UK apart from Gran Turismo 5.
  9. It can't, your owned DLC for streamed games doesn't work. Only Downloaded.
  10. Not sure if you're asking about Fallout 3 as this is getting confusing. But the GOTY that has a patch is BLUS30455
  11. Only the Canadian version has a patch
  12. Saints Row 2&3 (standard) in the US reportedly not updating. Can anyone check?
  13. Using anything other than original firmware is a ban risk. I'm sure many people like me wouldn't dare use anything like this.
  14. Good luck with that, I've posted 3 times with no response. I made up a post about PS5 and got an instant response.
  15. Store closing has nothing to do with patch issues.