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  1. Its more than just a few seconds... SSD loads some games 60% faster. They offer a good advantage on MP games too. If you have the money then SSD is well worth it.
  2. Like already said your R2 might be broken, when i started Driveclub i was like wtf why am i so slow... Turned out my R2 was only giving about 75% when fully pressed down. A lot of people will have this issue without knowing as you will only notice it on driving games. Try using R1 or if you have Project Cars that will show you on the OSD if you are getting full throttle. Also another thing to look for is the start, if they easily accelerate away from you at the start thats a clear sign R2 is broken.
  3. As much as i would like the MP to be included i doubt it will be unless the recoding is easy.
  4. Yes and i can still hear it, fan goes nuts on some games like God of War.
  5. Very loud fan, annoying loud buzzing, laggy UI. I traded in my C chassis standard PS4 which i regret, that console was silent and had no laggy UI. I've gone back to PS3 due to this, i hardly use PS4 anymore, every time i use it feel like just throwing out the window. If you want a PS4 get a C chassis, if you want a Pro get a Gamma Chassis, although they still buzz but fan is apparently silent.
  6. Buying a PS4 Pro. Worst console I've ever had.
  7. So it looks like this is getting Remastered, pretty happy with this news as i really enjoyed it but never got to plat it due to server closure.
  8. Event Horizon The Thing Poltergeist Jaws 1408
  9. Why don't you both just 1v1 Rust.
  10. Who's complaining? Just stating a fact.
  11. Can't be bothered, would take ages to report them all. When they are No 1 on fastest plat times they shouldn't need reporting.
  12. The site is riddled with cheaters who are still on the leaderboards and fastest plat times.
  13. I wouldn't delete any trophies, whats the point of enjoying earnings trophies if you're going to delete them. If all you care about is percentages then you are not a trophy hunter, you're a percentage hunter.
  14. I don't care about percentage, you have mental issues if you do lol. Its crazy how some won't play a game if they can't 100% it, its madness.
  15. PSN has been a mess for a while now, what's new on PS App is broken, the EU blog is always down, i keep getting sign out errors on PS3, store is slow, friends list not loading properly. Its a right mess.