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  1. Looks like the easiest one yet and much easier than the previous 2, no boosting required.
  2. Yea it's constantly changing, games added + removed and moved around. Also still some games in UK that still haven't been put on. Right mess.
  3. Yakuza Kiwami 1&2 have been taken off.
  4. Well it finally happened, they have added a leaving section, maybe me constantly asking for it finally pushed them. Can't believe it took them so long. Hopefully i managed to help some of you finish games over the past few months before they left. No point keeping this open, may as well move to here and keep everything in one place.
  5. See here for all that has been removed for the new service Left February 2022 March 1st 2022 April 5th 2022 May
  6. Only just noticed they added a leaving section. I can't believe they finally did it! Siberia PS3 shows as leaving, can still only see the dates on PS App, but not PS3 dates.
  7. Hence why i said imo...
  8. I've seen this been asked about 50 times a day, it's pretty obvious what it is imo. The actual timer is 7 days but for some reason it still says 14. If it didn't have a timer people could just get a free trial, download everything and go offline.
  9. PS Now was easier to browse and much faster, but had issues that were never fixed. Nether the PS4 or PS5 would show the full library, around 20 games would only show on a certain PS, and even the app had games that wouldn't show on consoles. PS Store has been poor since day 1, i expect 0 fixes. Whoever is in charge of that store doesn't have a clue what they are doing. Its like you're using a website from 90s on dialup connection.
  10. Can't believe how bad the organisation still is, don't know what its like on PS5 but on PS4 it's a right mess. Very slow to browse, and it constantly refreshes which just resets everything. The PS Store is long overdue an overhaul, it's been shit for nearly 10 years. The PC app though, unbelievably bad, haven't used it for a while and i didn't think it was possible to get any worse... Seriously why is it so bad?
  11. About a quarter of the "New" games are just previous Plus and Now games. Some only recently left Now. And I'm probably missing some. Batman Arkham Knight Beyond Two Souls Bulletstorm Child of Light Concrete Genie Control Days Gone Dead Cell Ghostrunner Heavy Rain Hollow Knight Hotline Miami 1&2 Infamous First Light Injustice (PS4) John Wick Kingdom Come Deliverance Kingdoms of Amalur Mafia DE Marvels Spiderman (PS4) Nioh Observation PGA Tour 2K21 Portal Knights RDR2 Resident Evil R-Type Dimensions Shadow of the Colossus Tearaway Unfolded Tennis World Tour 2 The Crew 2 The Long Dark The Technomancer This is the Police This War of Mine Towerfall Ascension Trackmania Turbo Valiant Hearts Wipeout Omega Yakuza Kiwami Zombi Zombie Army 4
  12. For me in UK it shows just 135
  13. The library is still updating so some you don't see may show up. But yea it's pretty poor imo, 80% seem to be shovelware indies, also too many JRPGs for my liking. And just a handful of newish AAA games. Also a lot of the games added are previous Plus and Now games which is really poor.
  14. Not all games from NA will be available in Europe. RES 5+6 and Enslaved were only every in NA PS Now. Resistance 3, Infamous 1 Asuras Wrath all there for me. Demon's Souls is only available in Japan.
  15. I only had 2 weeks left of PS Now. Just noticed it now says my Premium ends the date my standard Plus was supposed to which is just under a year. I thought it only converted PS Now to Premium.
  16. Evil Genius 2 left, don't know why that left after less than 2 weeks on the service. Also Project Cars 2&3 show in the UK service but can't be downloaded, don't know what's going on with those, they were briefly on Japan and NA.
  17. Really thought we would be able to see what was leaving Now. Using that PS Store is fu***ng awful!
  18. Its one of those boring point and click games.
  19. Never thought this would go on sale again, been 2yrs since it last did. Other season passes are on sale too. So if you want them get them cheaper while you can.
  20. I think for some reason it now only shows on the PS App.
  21. Temporary locked until the useless comments and bickering has been cleared. Please stay on topic.
  22. I bet people would do stuff for free, i know i would if i knew what i was doing, i would get rid of the cheaters that plague the leaderboards. This site needs a overhaul imo. I just hope it doesn't end up like I mean the site is great to say just 1 person maintains it, built it etc. It's actually amazing. But just imagine how much better it would be with some help. Forums are still slow, don't think they are ever going to be fixed, also would love a Dark Mode option, unless it has one and i just can't find it?
  23. The Unfinished Swan. Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Proteus inFamous Festival of Blood Brothers A Tale of Two Sons
  24. Worse they never bothered to fix it and even worse Sony thinks its great to allow this and broken 3 on their new service. Just shows Sony care more about quantity than quality.