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  1. Anyone had this problem? Lots of people saying its killed their console, and doesn't seem to be a specific model. Being wanting to play it but it's really putting me off.
  2. Getting mad because of a percentage hahahaha mental.
  3. Yep, its the reason i haven't bothered playing it, the campaign and trophies for it are just pathetic. They haven't added any trophies to Battlefront 2 either.
  4. Unity is good but it has the worst game audio I've ever heard, its like listening through a tin can, very strange as to why they went that way. Syndicate I've not played much, i keep trying to play it but never grabs my attention.
  5. I wonder how many people have give up on this and many other racing games thinking it's hard but it's actually their R2 button that's broken. I wouldn't be surprised if every V1 pad suffers from the sensitivity issue.
  6. I think it's more hilarious that people like you are bothered about what other do... Also just because you don't think its hard doesn't mean others won't find it hard.
  7. Quit to main menu and load via chapter select.
  8. You will have no problems, I'm sure you will find people playing especially on weekends. Plus the MP on this is quick and easy.
  9. Games for December. PUBG Wolfenstein Old Blood F1 2019
  10. Played a lot of Zombies and imo Treyarch EE are more annoying than fun, the only fun I have doing one of their EE is on Tranzit and Mob of the Dead. Ops3 i hate the zombies on that and Treyarch messed up the game on Pro. AW i did the first and last, can be pretty tough from what i remember especially the last one. IW only done the first one but that's the most fun i have had, best zombies this gen by a mile imo.
  11. It plays well but if you have a 1st or 2nd model Pro then be prepared for your fan to get mental. Loudest mine has ever gone.
  12. I bought Titanfall 2 for £1.99 last year, it's been on sale loads for £3.99, and its on EA Access, it's a joke to be on Plus. Supercross another dirt cheap game that hardly anyone will be interested in and is on PS Now.... Really bad month.
  13. What's New has being a broken mess since the last update. Here in UK the description and name are blank and the only way to get them to show is changing system language.
  14. Yes but not on PS, 1&2 are like at a constant 20fps, awful performance on PS3. Not played 3 but heard it has performance issues, plays better on Pro.
  15. Looks easy, i wonder if this will finally be the one that runs well.
  16. It's WAW without the insane amount of grenades and infinite spawning enemies.
  17. Jak and Daxter, awful games.
  18. That's got to be a joke? You do know it's worst games not best games.
  19. Not everyone has percentage OCD 🙂
  20. Currently on level 9 and have fallen through the floor 3 times at the end of the level..... Worst game I've ever played.
  21. Never heard my Pro make this sound before.
  22. I think it was around 80hrs. Awesome game, for just cause 3 i played about 1hr before it was deleted.
  23. EA could make a fortune on Remasters. Looking through their list this is what stood out to me. Army of Two Trilogy Dead Space Trilogy Multiple Medal of Honor Remasters The Saboteur The Simpsons Road Rage
  24. Its definitely worth it for less than a £100 more.... I don't know what some are talking about saying there is hardly any difference... There is a huge difference on nearly every game, some games that run bad on base consoles are locked frame rates on Pro especially older games. And one big difference is stuff like screen tearing on base consoles... Its eliminated on the Pro. Most new games look and run much better on the Pro. God of War looks good on a base console... On the Pro Amazing! And Rage 2, 30fps on base consoles 60fps on Pro.. that's a huge difference. And the latest game Modern Warfare struggles on base PS4, on Pro its flawless and looks amazing. I've only got one eye and even that's messed up yet i can see a huge difference... So some must be virtually blind if they can't.
  25. Good luck hope you succeed. One i want fixed is the Infinite Warfare trophy for winning 5 Multiplayer games. It's not that old of a game and certainly wasn't old when it became glitched.