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    Finally getting around to this didn't fill out my profile before because it wouldn't let me kep't getting an DNS error.

    Anyway I'm kinda crazy at times I love to chat about games but mostly just random Junk., I'm also into writing if you want to check out my FanFiction.

    It's MLP FanFiction by the by.

    Just go to FanFiction.net and search Its Rainbow Dash.

    Or go to youtube and type in " Birthday Wishes." or " Dusk." Someone did read alouds of two of my fics those vids have a link to my FF account.

    I can't update them at the mo because my Pc is fried but I will write again.

    Nothing much else to say.

    That's about it.

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  1. I'm too easily distracted or lazy, so my list is of every letter in the alphabet. Lol, need to work on old games...one day.
  2. Not really, I'm busy most of the time. So I think I sometimes earn a break.
  3. When after a long day my dog licks my hand and looks happy to see me.
  4. Platinum #63 today, Fenyx Rising! 


    Now to tackle the Dlc. 

  5. If you have Splatterhouse, then play away..,play away.
  6. I jumped off Zues' Throne in Fenyx to glide down to a chest, so instead of flying i just free falled...i didn't open my wings up before the ground. My bad depth perception strikes again.
  7. With puzzles I toss myself recklessly at them, until they stop being fun and become annoying. Then I pop up a guide, this usually happens on like the very end last four puzzles or so.
  8. Whoever made the trophy list for Fenyx Rising,  I want to punch. 


    The potion tree is ridiculously huge and the amber is in short supply,  every chest open and still need 52 more!

    1. AJ_Radio


      It's that bad?

    2. Fluffle-Puff-QT


      Was pretty meh took two hours. 

  9. Games without a decent auto save, I absolutely hate redoing large chunks of game missions.
  10. Immortals Fenyx Rising is my new longest one, but mainly because I love to explore.
  11. Lasagna, garlic bread and sweet tea. One of these things, aren't like the others.
  12. Platformers, I used to be great at them. Now I'm no use with precision, lol.
  13. Online trophies. People working with the opponent on a team based game.
  14. I only download on what I plan playing, everything else is backlogged.
  15. I know i've been gone for a long while. For those interested, after a long battle with liver failure. My mother has passed on. Forever will she be in my heart. That said one thing that always made me happy and my mother had always taught me was to give from the heart. That alone is why I want to do a giveaway!!! To be honest I want to do three giveaways. This community has always been a fave of mine, though I've been in and out as of late I still want to give back to all those who have always kep't a smile on my face when I was sad. That said each week I will be giving away $100. So i can bring happiness to those who have done the same for me. The 1st $100 will be given away this coming up friday or sat, depends on how early i get paid. From there it will start a new contest for the next week and so on and so on. To enter just share your fave memory about christmas. Just in case too if you winn the $100 this coming week then you can't enter to win the second, just letting you all know. This will be paid in one of two ways. $100 in psn card money- to claim this you must be in U.S.A. or $100 in paypal.- Must have a paypal duh. I wish you all a Merry Christmas I'll do my best to be on a bit more. I love you all! Dashie. Also those interested why use a old thread for a new contest? Simple the site wouldn't allow me to post a new thread for a odd reason kep't getting a odd error. ~Shrugs.~