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    Spending Time With My Bae Tortugie.
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    Finally getting around to this didn't fill out my profile before because it wouldn't let me kep't getting an DNS error.

    Anyway I'm kinda crazy at times I love to chat about games but mostly just random Junk., I'm also into writing if you want to check out my FanFiction.

    It's MLP FanFiction by the by.

    Just go to and search Its Rainbow Dash.

    Or go to youtube and type in " Birthday Wishes." or " Dusk." Someone did read alouds of two of my fics those vids have a link to my FF account.

    I can't update them at the mo because my Pc is fried but I will write again.

    Nothing much else to say.

    That's about it.

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About Me

Have a few new things to put out there.


I've met alot of interesting people here, so that said I'm giving shoutouts to all my friends in here.


DanteHellmode- P.F.F and Close confidant ^_^.


Suicide_Tortuga- My Girl Friday and P.F.F.


Optic- Mysterious Friend.


Dark_Mark- Mysterious passing friend.


Pinkie-Pie- Pony Friend!



More to write here.
Damn it mixed up my intrest with about me -_-u.
Since I'm too lazy to change it I'll delve more into myself here.
As said below I do have Public readings of my FanFics on Youtube a guy named zeus I think decided to read two of my fics aloud ^_^.
They barely have any views but I'm happy none the less.

If you can check them out and go to the page to see a link to my FF account.


I like to game though I get in my moods where I'm gaming for like two weeks straight then I'm off writing for three.

If you can't find me gaming, or writing on FF I'm most likely here on PSNP chatting up the locals.

If I come up with anything else worth while to add I will.