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  1. This is currently still glitched for the 100% of all levels on hard mode for the bald cap to achieve the Hat Collector trophy. There is a workaround I have found that should still work. I know of at least one other person who used this method and it worked for them as well. I have had a few people message me asking for help so instead of helping people individually I will try to write it out clearly here. Be warned that the strategy is somewhat cumbersome and confusing so it must be followed carefully. You will need the disc version to do this: 1. Get all gems, kills, etc. for the 100% on all possible levels except the final boss level offline on version 1.00 of the disc. 2. Go online and update the game to the current version (1.05 last I played). Complete all remaining levels and new levels that were unable to be 100%ed before. 3. Play and complete the final boss level after confirming all other levels have been done 100%. DO NOT PLAY THE FINAL BOSS LEVEL AT ANY POINT BEFORE STEP 3. COMPLETING THIS LEVEL OR HAVING PREVIOUSLY COMPLETED PRIOR TO UPDATING TO THE CURRENT PATCH COMPLETELY BREAKS YOUR GAME MAKING YOU UNABLE TO SELECT ANY OTHER LEVELS. Due to the glitches and all I would recommend making separate backup saves on a USB following step 1 and 2. Note: all other trophies can be obtained or will be obtained while going for the Hat Collector trophy with the method described. If any of this is unclear I can try to elaborate. Good luck to anyone going for this. It is a huge pain.
  2. Finally beat Mein Leben. Took two weeks of practice and attempts. Beat it after making it to Venus for the first time since I practiced those later levels to make sure I wouldn't make a mistake once making it there. I did die 3 times at New Orleans which was frustrating. A lot of practice and some luck goes a long way.
  3. Are you playing VirZOOM with a controller or the bike?

  4. When first released (in America) the play with a controller option didn't exist. That option was patched in later. Also I don't think the game counts burned calories the same using the controller. So it may be possible to do with the controller now, but it would probably take years to burn 17,000 calories. The Five Day Push trophy is glitched as well, and hasn't been obtainable since the game came out. I've messaged the developers and they are aware of the glitch and hopefully will fix it in the future.