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  1. need last dlc, can anyone help ?
  2. Just died 5 off top 15 for mason by a dude camping inside the storm after countless try to find white stained tee FML
  3. skate 4 or skate 2-3 remastered
  4. need help on dlc 9 for ps3
  5. war machine is for the weaponry trophy you'd have to use the grenade to unlock th equipment trophy. Tbh i only got the weaponry trophy like at late 50 LVL, im prestige 1 now and i use mainly torque and nomade
  6. this game is campfest
  7. when will they stop ughhh
  8. same 🤬🤬
  9. I'd like NFS pro street
  10. the rpg is dog shit, shot one rocket to player inside his police car and it didnt explode
  11. people playing keyboards and mouse smh you can't do shit against them