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  1. UK code please!
  2. Driver: San Francisco
  3. A lot of people are proud of their PC and I'm surprised there isn't already a thread like this, but anyway, post below your PC specs like the title says, namely the main four - Graphics card, Processor, Hdd/ssd and amount of RAM I'll start - Graphics Gard - Nvidia GTX 970 Processor - intel i7-4790 (I think, can never remember the number at the end) 16GB RAM 2TB hdd Post Below!
  4. Quite easily the first time I played hotline miami and nearly had a heart attack lol
  5. This idea sounds amazing!!!
  6. post and Thanks a lot!
  7. Assassins creed 4: Black Flag. Awesome game, but get it on PS4 to avoid lag spikes and lower resolution. Great series.
  8. This is probably best in the Assassins Creed: Unity Section of the forums...
  9. I stopped caring about my completion rate after I got my first game with an impossible plat, stopping me from 100%. I usually dont go for 100% when it involves DLC, and cant get impossible plats, but always try to get as many trophies as possible. Next game Ill prob play will be shadow of mordor.
  10. I would love to see a bully sequel, and with how big and diverse R* make their games now, they could probably pull of a Harry Potter sized school and make you a bully there. Either way, nearly every game R* put out is amazing so I'll probably get whichever sequel they make.
  11. maybe you changed something you weren't aware of or accidentally picked up a virus (guessing you're talking about a PC) but im sorry, but you don't seem to be accepting any argument at all. They delayed every game but Far Cry 4 that you mentioned, the main GOTY is IGNs and they haven't decided yet, Titanfall was a massive fail and did get high reviews, but that was down for only playing a few hours, after the novelty wears off, the gameplay doesnt change and it ends up just being dry, but the reviewers didn't play long enough to know these issues. Watch_Dogs was overhyped which is kind of our fault for getting too hyped about it that no game could live up to it, and as for unity, after the day one patch, I've had a consistent 25-30fps, and the only bug Ive seen is an npc not properly rendered for a couple of seconds then fixing itself and overall a great game. Far Cry 4 is a lot like Far Cry 3 which is no bad thing as it is what fans really want and is what a sequel really is.
  12. My favourites would be nexus, crack in time (brilliant story), R&C3 and going commando/locked and loaded/R&C2 but I had to go with 3. Absolutely loved It! I ended up completing it 25 times when I was about 10 and actually had spare time... btw for any non-Americans, R&C going commando is the same as locked and loaded
  13. 2TB shouldn't fry the console btw. Installed mine about 5 months ago and is still working fine. have fun!
  14. do you seriously think they only find out about new consoles when they announce them to the public!?
  15. tbh I find the french accent incredibly annoying,but I have nothing against actual french people. I would prefer it in English. You can't just clone Ezio again.