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  1. How is Overwatch i'm so close to buying it :)

  2. Nice to see someone on this forum playing it I'm in the Walker region and one of the lucky few to actually get a 5*
  3. Awesome Valkyria Chronicles just arrived can't wait to jump in and get going

  4. I actually just rang the support and they didn't have a solution for me and i'm outside warranty so its gonna cost me 150 to get it fixed
  5. I've rebuilt the database but it didn't work. Ill try it again with unplugging at least i'm not the only one with the problem according to that link
  6. As the title says for the last few weeks my PS4 keeps turning itself off and going into rest mode when i'm playing games or watching something on YouTube I've rebuilt the database but it still keeps happening has anyone else had this problem and if so how did you fix it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. #45 Fallout 4, Bring on the DLC

  8. #45 Fallout 4 I loved exploring the wasteland but the story once you find a key character falls to shit for me. The best work Bethesda has ever done with companions and making you care about them. Really enjoyed the crafting system nice and easy but makes each weapon kinda unique. Bought the season pass so Bring On The DLC
  9. If anyone is still wondering what exactly the game involves Brad Shoemaker at giantbomb wrote a great piece on it
  10. On average how long does it take to get the benevolent leader trophy in Fallout 4 last one i need for the plat

    1. ShadowStar83x


      I think it depends on what method you use and and if the game wants to be nice.

    2. Carville87


      Thanks i'm gonna use the method with just 6 settlers hopefully it will work

  11. I'd like to join up too i'm saving it for my 50th plat so i might be a while but with the EU release of P5 coming after the NA one i might get it before then, hopefully
  12. Canis Canem Edit AKA Bully please Rockstar Then we might finally get a sequel
  13. Yeah i thinks it's worth it at that price. If you like the combat from Assassins Creed black flag you can't go wrong it's quite grindy but a fun game
  14. I wonder why Ubisoft haven't made a pirate game with the Black Flag engine. I'd love to play one without the Assassins Creed stuff

    1. Saltyie


      I guarantee its in the pipeline. Could even be this years e3 surprise.

    2. CandiBunni


      Hopefully it'll be better than Far Cry Primal. That had a lot of promise, but they kind of squandered it.

    3. Carville87


      I really hope so black flag was great but the assassins creed stuff just felt shoehorned in

  15. Never played it before but i'm looking forward to it