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  1. Finished quests and item creation. I think they should rename the 100% item creation trophy to Magical Clay Master. Yesterday I trekked down to the EQ and beat her 3 more times. Today I took care of all the 7SD boss BTs I needed to do like stealing an accessory and 99,999 damage with fire bolt and then destroyed Gabe 4 more times. BT stats: Edge: 54 Reimi: 57 Faize: 34 Lymle: 60 Bacchus: 67 Meracle: 59 Sarah: 55 Myuria: 62 Arumat: 72 Total: 520 I'm not sure exactly where I'm gonna start on the BTs, but I think I'll nab a quick 20 to get the 60% trophy. Something like all of Sarah's HP/MP absorption trophies should get me close. After that I might start working on drops... but probably the easy ones (Reimi, Lymle, and Myuria). I still need to max out the Spriggan jewel to make some 1 HP armor. There's a bajillion colosseum battles to do. I need 2 more WD dungeon weapons for Arms Addict. Don't even get me started on bunny racing. So yeah item creation is done woo!!! Time is 70:45 or so.
  2. So for those that are curious, the EQ trophy pops just a bit too early: Here's the full fight if you want to watch it: It was pretty horrible fight all around. The EQ kept going after Reimi and getting away from the corner I needed her in. Sarah died a couple times which wasn't good. When I finally put Lymle in, I was having trouble hitting Hound Grenade and I was worried I was running out of time. I tried doing a little more damage first with Arumat and then she starting going after Lymle. All during this time I accidentally left Lymle off Manual, so she was still throwing Hound Grenades at the EQ and could've accidentally killed her. I killed her with 2 Hound Grenades after I switched to her the final time. I was going to try and beat the EQ 5 times in one run, but I got Geostones on the 19th floor and I figured it was going to take too long to do all 5. I did beat her a second time though, so I'll come back later for the last 3. Battle trophy stats: Edge: 54 Reimi: 51 Faize: 34 Lymle: 58 Bacchus: 67 Meracle: 56 Sarah: 54 Myuria: 57 Arumat: 68 I'm missing 2 of the WD weapons for Arms Addict. I've barely started on the quests and item creation. I have to travel for work this week though so I'll start tackling those when I get back.
  3. I did it the first time in 2011 sooooooo surely that 6 year gap justifies my sanity. Decided to grind Zoology drops and animal/airborne kills today for some reason. Maybe because those are the easiest drops to go for. I think I'm around 150 drops so I'll finish them tomorrow.
  4. I was getting 12-14 BTs a battle yesterday! I probably got at least 110 BTs yesterday. Progress will begin to slow now though...
  5. Alright folks, I'll revive the thread for the Epic Quest II: 4K times the Epicness. I'm currently sitting around 34 hours and with 40% BTs. Treasure chests and endings are done. I've cleared the 7SD and got Meracle's 10 minute kill on Gabe. I've been putting off quests and item creation because grinding for materials sounds less fun than grinding for battle trophies, believe it or not. Current plan is to break the level cap for every character, then grind to max level and grind a lot of Fol before tackling the Wandering Dungeon. Full BT Progress: Edge: 42 Reimi: 42 Faize: 34 Lymle: 46 Bacchus: 50 Meracle: 52 Sarah: 35 Myuria: 30 Arumat: 29 I still have tons of easy battle trophies to do, just not the resources to do them yet. Plus the colosseum is such a drag.
  6. Star Ocean 4 Remaster Progress

    Edge: 33

    Reimi: 26

    Faize: 34

    Lymle: 8

    Bacchus: 27

    Meracle: 39

    Sarah: 5

    Myuria: 10

    Arumat: 20


    Beat Gabe and got Meracle's 10 minute kill trophy because I could. Gonna grind the party up and probably break the level cap before going to the Wandering Dungeon.

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    2. dertswa687o


      SO4 is my jam. @Dragon-Archon when's the Epic Quest II starting???? I'm hyped.

    3. Dragon-Archon


      I was planning on using the same thread, so it already started :lol: .

    4. dertswa687o


      Lol I'll start posting some updates there then.

  7. Game #5 - Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remastered Sorry for the late post. I actually got caught up playing the game. Now, I've played Star Ocean 4 before on Xbox and completed it. It took me 6 months of real time and 350 hours of game time. So naturally I am crazy enough to do it again. I did it on Xbox 6 years ago so I feel like it's been sufficiently long enough that I won't mind doing it again. I feel like I don't need to talk about the notorious grind in this game as it's been pretty well documented. The actual game is really fun. The gameplay is great and despite what everyone says about the battle trophies, they really incentivize me to want to do random battles because you're usually working towards some battle trophy. The story is average at best and the voice acting is pretty bad, but I'm skipping cutscenes anyway. Since this is based on the international version of the game (the PS3 version), there are some slight differences compared to the Xbox version that I'm used to. Namely, there are a few chests that are new or changed (I can't get Dragon Roar until the end of the 7SD... 🙁), they removed the factor overflow trick which means grinding Exp and Fol will take a bit longer, and they added the anime-style menu which is soooooooooo much better. On the Remaster side of things, the graphics are pretty great and the game gives you lots of options to change them. I don't have a PS4 Pro but I imagine it would look pretty great in 4K. I have been getting some lag/slowdown in Roak though. Battle Trophy Progress: For whatever reason the North America trophy list was never uploaded to PSN, so I can't tell you how far I've fallen from the start of the event. Well, I could probably calculate it but whatever. Number of guides I'm following: 7 Time played: 13 hours Trophies earned: 6/47, 8% Completion: 99.11% -> something below 90%
  8. Star Ocean 4 Remaster Progress

    Edge: 14

    Reimi: 16

    Faize: 19

    Lymle: 3


    I'll have the plat tomorrow at this rate!

    1. AlchemistWer


      Tomorrow? 😅 haha good luck dude! I sure you can do it, what do you think is the hardest part in SO4?

    2. dertswa687o


      The only "hard" part is Lymle-100 which requires you to beat the Ethereal Queen within 10 minutes with Lymle getting the kill shot. Everything is just a matter of following a bunch of guides and checklists really closely... and grinding a while.

  9. I am totally going for the cross console stack.
  10. Yay it's the same list as before which means it's still going to take forever. Took me 350 hours on the xbox version. Get hype!
  11. SO4 Remastered list is out and unsurprisingly it is the same as before. There are 2 lists though so if you're absolutely nuts you can stack the game 3 times. Or even 4 if you play the 360 version!

    1. AlchemistWer


      3 Platinums = "beyond of the transcendence"

    2. TheFinalEmblem


      lol, I did it once, I'm not crazy enough to do it again.

  12. Game #4 - Final Fantasy X It feels like a tall task to have a strong opinion of a Final Fantasy game after only 3 hours. I'd put more time into it, but I'm already playing catch up as it is. Most of my time spent playing was watching cutscenes which is totally understandable at the beginning of the game. The story seems simple enough at this point. It hasn't gotten bogged down in technobabble or anything yet which is nice *cough* Tales of the Abyss. Characters are fine so far. Obviously they're not very fleshed out yet but I'll get there at some point. I was playing the game normally and after a little while realized it wasn't an ATB system. I thought every game had that since FF6 but I guess that's not the case. A normal turn based battle system is fine with me. I did find it was tough to select the enemy I wanted to attack. The cursor over the enemies can be tough to see sometimes and it doesn't go where you want it to all the time. The Sphere Grid is the primary method of increasing your stats. You get AP in battle which causes you to grow S. Levels and for each S. Level, you can make one move on the grid. On the grid, you can activate abilities adjacent to your current position by spending orbs. There's nothing inherently wrong with this progression system; the only problem is that it takes quite a bit of menuing to even unlock one new ability. Apparently you can take characters anywhere on the grid to customize them, but I doubt I'll be straying far from the normal path during the main game. Time Played: 3:00 Trophies Earned: 2/35, 3% Completion: 99.11% -> 90.14% (down 8.97%)
  13. Game #3 - Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition This game is very fun. It's a 2D Metroidvania through and through, just with a little more focus on combat. Your powerups mostly are are moves that can be used in combat as well as traverse the environment. And they're not items, they're just powerful punches or a headbutt or you turn into a chicken. Normal stuff really. The game has a lot of charm. There are references everywhere. I've seen Mario, Castle Crashers, and Strongbad to name a few. The first boss is killed by hitting an axe that drops a bridge which drops the boss into lava. And then you're told the princess is in another castle. Feels like that should be a reference to something I mentioned 3 sentences ago but I can't put my finger on it... The game flows really well. You get powerups pretty quickly which makes you want to explore and do stuff with them. That said, it's very linear at the point I'm at... but that's obviously the point. I always like the cleanup portion of Metroidvanias where you have all the powerups and run around the map collecting stuff. Even though the game is linear so far, there's still plenty of hidden stuff I can get along the way. Overall a great game. I've only played a few hours but I would definitely recommend it already. Time Played: 2:30 Trophies Earned: 10/36, 15% Completion: 99.11% -> 91.76% (down 7.35%) Next up is Final Fantasy X. I wonder if I'll even get a trophy in the few hours I can put into it.
  14. Game 2 - Batman: Arkham Knight Alright folks, I said life got in my way but I'm going to do my best to catch up anyway. Arkham Knight is the 3rd game in the series I've played after Asylum and City (both on xbox) so I had a pretty good expectation of what the game was going to offer... And then I actually started playing it and it's practically a racing game. I felt like I was playing Batmobile: Arkham Knight. I expected the Batmobile to make its appearance a bit further in the story, but it shows up super quickly and it's clear that the game revolves around it. In my 2 hours of gameplay, I did 1 physical fight, 1 stealth sequence, and the rest of the time was in the Batmobile or cutscenes. The Batmobile is surprisingly difficult to control and I found myself crashing a lot, especially when I used the boost. Maybe it's because the brake is mapped to square rather than the left trigger. It was nice that you start with a few of the upgrades that are important like exploding gel, remote batarang, and the grapple boost. Not that I've really had a chance to use them or anything. This might be more of a criticism for AAA games in general, but the drawback of having super good and detailed graphics is that it's very hard to distinguish what to do. Enemies blend in with the background a lot. Detective mode helps but I don't want to play the whole game in detective mode. Menus use small font and I have trouble reading it from the distance away I normally play. Anyway, the game is still fun so far and I'm sure I'll have fun with it when I can put more time into it. Time Played: 2:00 Trophies Earned: 4/110, 2% Completion: 99.11% -> 93.52% (down 5.59%)
  15. Life is simply unfair. I joined the event late, got all pumped to start a bunch of games... and today I found out I'll be working crazy hours for the next 3 weeks. I'm talking like 8:30am-11pm hours. Needless to say I won't have as much time to play games so I'm going to cut my list down from 7 games to "I'll do what I can". I'll still have time on the weekends and over Thanksgiving so I'll try and play some stuff. Sorry everyone 🙁