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  1. :platinum: #103 - Celeste


    Assist mode was not used in the earning of this platinum. The game is really good, go buy it.



  2. Lots of employees are leaving Lab Zero today due to the owner, which doesn't bode well for a new patch. Edit: Of note: 505 Games owns the Indivisible IP, not Lab Zero. So if Lab Zero does go under, there is still some hope for a patch.
  3. Good news from the discord today!
  4. Developments from the discord today: A dev seems to have fully understood the issue. However, he wasn't responsible for programming the trophies/achievements so he has reached out to someone who was. He said that updates are much easier to push out to Steam and GOG since they don't have to go through QA, so PS4 and Xbox One updates may take a little while again. He said he would update us again tomorrow with any further news. Overall, a step in a positive direction.
  5. Nope not yet. Good luck, I didn't want to bother with the evil battle challenges again.
  6. Alright so I loaded an earlier save from before I started the challenges at all and got platinums on all the platforming challenges again (except 41). No trophy. Considering you didn't need to do 41 to unlock the trophy for just completing the platform challenges, it's safe to assume the trophies are all still bugged.
  7. Oh wow I had no idea you could do that, nevermind. Yeah I think you do need to unlock the abilities used in the challenges before you can play them. I imagine most people will complete the game before doing these challenges anyway.
  8. If it needs a fresh file, that'd be horrible. I'd have to play through the whole game again to unlock all the abilities since I don't have any saves with the challenges not started.
  9. The trophy names really are an apt description of this whole situation. Aren't you tired yet? I probably should have seen this coming. I give up.
  10. Patch is out, but the trophies may still be glitched. I got all the platinums and nothing popped. Currently thinking all the challenges may need to be completed again to unlock the trophies, if they will unlock at all. I've asked in the discord so will update if I hear anything. Update 1: Dev is asking other people about the issue.
  12. Finally actually earned the plat. Have had it sitting at 899/900 BTs for 2 months. Main save: 149:42 Universe: 5:30 Chaos: 6:00 Faize/Edge save: 65:31 Total time: 226:43 I gotta say, that's pretty darn fast for this game.
  13. :platinum: #100 - Star Ocean: The Last Hope


    Unfortunately I didn't finish this with my profile at 100% completion like I wanted, but I'm still happy to reach this milestone! This time it only took 230 hours which is amazing.




    100 platinums mosaic in the spoiler:





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    2. Sword


      Very well done, though sad that your other game did not get patched so you could do a pure 100/100. Still it's very impressive and I hope they patch your other game someday so you can complete the 100%. :) 

    3. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

    4. ihadalifeb4this



  14. I am patiently awaiting a patch for the glitched Indivisible DLC trophies so I can earn my 100th platinum and simultaneously have 100% completion. It's been about 2 months since the DLC came out so it's become an agonizing wait, especially since my 100th platinum is Star Ocean 4.
  15. If you're really really slow and inefficient maybe. Most people finish in 400-600 hours. This will be my 3rd time completing the game and it only took me 230 hours or so this time.