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  1. Gotta go with 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. Thanks for doing the giveaway!
  2. Game 3: Persona 4 Golden The whole being out of town thing really threw everything off for me. I'm home on the weekends but I didn't really have the motivation to start a new game (so I played some Arkham Knight). But I did get an actual Vita so I've been able to play some Persona 4 Golden. Much like Persona 5, P4G is basically Cutscenes 4 Ever at the start. You play as Yu, or whatever you name yourself, who has to move to Inaba for a year for reasons I'm forgetting right now. Inaba is out in the middle of nowhere where nothing ever happens besides the serial killer that's on the loose. No big deal. You and your friends from school decide to investigate the killer and form the aptly named Investigation Team. There are two parts to the game. There's your normal life where you have the opportunity to talk to other characters and build your relationships with them. It can be hard to remember all the things you can do in a day, but you can tap the Voice button which tells you what other people did during that specific time period. There are also the dungeons which are randomly generated floors where you fight enemies and bosses and stuff. Unlike P5, in P4G the dungeons are all randomly generated. It does make them a bit less interesting, but it works alright with the portable nature of the game. P4G definitely lacks the style that P5 has. Not that P4G has no style, it's just not as blatant as P5. It's apparent how they added a lot of quality of life changes in P5. In battle you can only switch your Persona once. Change to the wrong Persona by accident and there's nothing you can do. Social Links are a bit tougher to find and you need to remember what days some are available. The trophies will take 2 playthroughs. I could max all social links in 1 playthrough with a guide, but I decided it wouldn't be worth the trouble. I was having trouble beating the first major boss so I did resort to a guide for that though. Overall the game is good and I look forward to playing more. I know I have plenty to go. Time played: 6 hours Completion: 90.85% -> 89.41%
  3. I bought a Vita today... I already own a Vita TV. Really not a big fan of the Vita TV though and the Vita seems pretty neat. I still need to obtain a memory card though.


    Right now I've got Persona 4 Golden, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and Danganronpa 1. That should last me a decent amount of time.

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      Ohh, wow this is an intersting Gadget. When I bought the Vita, I thought I will be able to play Vita games on the TV using Remote play. Turns out Sony sells a Gadget just for that purpose lol  Thx for illuminating me

    3. AlchemistWer


      I think the sony tv just work in some vita games. 

    4. dertswa687o


      Thanks for the advice everyone! I went with the 16GB memory card. Seems like it'll be more than enough space for my purposes.

  4. @Jaco the one thing that helped me a lot was creating a Laser Weapon during the brief time early on you get fast travel. I did that on Chaos and had an easier time than Universe, where I didn't do it. The hardest part of the game was the Protect Anne battles though. I had to level Dead Man Walking to stand a chance during those fights, especially the one outside in the desert.
  5. @Jaco that item grind in SO5 was super annoying. None of the bosses are hard to beat with the right setup, but you just need way too many of the drops. Really, it's classic tri-Ace. The dungeon is annoying too since it just takes forever to walk between bosses. Not quite as annoying as Gladsheim from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, but annoying nonetheless. Once you get that knocked out you'll just have to conquer the very easy battle trophies for the plat. Thankfully you can idle the 1M hits since it took me 20 hours of idling. The status ailment BTs ended up being the most annoying for me. The 1k items were a bit of a pain too.
  6. I ran into a bit of roadblock for this event. I'm going to be out of town for work during weekdays over the next 3 weeks. I don't want to bring my PS4 to a hotel, so I think I'll bring my Vita TV and play Persona 4 Golden if I have time. I don't know how intense my working hours are going to be though so I'll see how much time I'll have. Game #2 - South Park: The Fractured But Whole I have to compare this to Stick of Truth because it's inevitable. This game has a bit less charm to me than Stick of Truth, but that might be because SoT felt like a whole new thing at the time and I'm still just wandering around South Park in TFBW. I can't remember SoT completely, but I feel like there was a way to walk faster in that game as movement in TFBW feels slower. Story is standard South Park, so that's good. This takes place right after SoT, but I feel like they didn't connect the games as well as they could. Not a big deal though. Combat is still turn based, but it's on a grid instead of standard turn based. Each character has 3 normal abilities and an ultimate. One of the big things in SoT was the timed button presses to do more damage and TFBW has that too. They just don't seem to have nearly as much of an impact this time and there's not much you can do on the defensive end. Battles do take longer than before but it seems like there are fewer of them. There aren't too many "random" encounters so the fights are primarily from the story events. Trophies look like they'll be a piece of cake. You have to do a playthrough as a black character on Mastermind difficulty, so I just went with that for my first playthrough. I have admittedly died at a couple places but I just won those on the 2nd try. Completion: 90.85% -> 90.49% Up Next: Persona 4 Golden (???)
  7. So good news - I got the Star Ocean 4 plat! I was pumped to play something else so I decided to play some Guacamelee and..... I ended up enjoying it a lot and got that plat too. So my completion has actually gone up for now. Game 1 - Titanfall 2 This is the 52nd game on my profile and somehow it is the first FPS. So needless to say, it has been quite a while since I've played an FPS, and I gotta say Uncharted made me enjoy TPS a lot. I kept wanting to take cover behind stuff when I realized I'd just have to stand behind things to take cover. I started the campaign on Regular because I figured I'd do a 2nd playthrough for collectables anyway, so I might as well do that with Master difficulty. It usually helps knowing the levels and enemies before tackling the hardest difficulty in a shooter anyway. Regular difficulty isn't too challenging which is a nice change of pace after Guacamelee's hard mode. I didn't play Titanfall 1 so I have no idea what happened in that game, so I'm just taking the story as it comes to me. You play as Mr. Ordinary Name: Jack Cooper. He gets entrusted with a Titan after his superior dies in battle and has to learn to become a Titan pilot while in enemy territory. Luckily Jack is a killing machine since he is controlled by the player, so he has no trouble with anything. Jack needs to rendezvous with this Anderson guy, so we've been on a journey back to him so far. The gameplay is fairly standard FPS fare, except when you're in the Titan. In the Titan you have access to different loadouts like a machine gun, rockets, grenade launcher, etc. You unlock these throughout the campaign. You also have some special abilities like a shield and a limit break attack, but I honestly forget about the shield most of the time. It'll probably be more relevant on Master difficulty. All in all it reminds me of Halo mainly because of the setting. I don't think the campaign is particularly long as I just finished the 4th mission of 9. A fun, quick game is right up my alley after the 250 hour grind that was Star Ocean 4. Completion: 90.85% -> 91.54% Up Next: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy South Park: TFBH
  8. Thanks everyone! @Galactic Nordic Nuts @BB-BakkerJ I think the main timesave was just knowing what to do. When I originally did it I finished in 354 hours, so I managed to cut 110 hours. Some random stuff that cut time: Skipping cutscenes - 16 hours (?) - I'm not sure exactly how much this saved but I believe my very first playthough in 2011 took 40 hours compared to the 24 it took me this time. Bacchus's drops on Nox - 14-20 hours - I originally did his drops on Metal Scumbags which was horrible and took 24 hours. They only took 10 hours on Nox, and after Bacchus got his 999 mechanical kills I was able to get tons of kills with Arumat. Skipping Satanail on the Faize playthough - 1 hour - I didn't even realize it until I got to the final room, but there was no reason for me to beat Satanail when I had access to the dragon for the darkness ring already. Saved me waiting through the ending again. Faster Universe/Chaos - 5 hours - I did the same strats as before so I guess I was just faster. I can't point to anything specific that saved the other 70 hours. It really was just knowing what to do and in what order to do it. You gotta do everything you possibly can in the postgame when you're ridiculously overpowered and can tear through everything. That's why I don't understand the guides that recommend starting on Earth. The EQ BT isn't that bad.
  9. I got the plat! Now I can play something else! Main save: 167:44 Faize/Edge save: 64:31 Universe: 6:00 Chaos: 6:30 Total: 244:45
  10. Platinum #45 - Star Ocean: The Last Hope Remastered

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      Wow, impressive stack. Nice work!

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      Great one! Congrats!

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      Great job! 👍

  11. I think I'll join in for a second time. I'm going to do 6 games/5 days because my work schedule is fairly random, the NCAA tournament starts halfway through the month, and I absolutely have to get the Star Ocean 4 platinum before I do anything else. I should have that this weekend though. March 1-5: Titanfall 2 - I picked this up on Black Friday last year and I really want to actually play it. I think it's on sale for $6 right now and everyone says that's an absolute steal. Should be fun. I haven't played an FPS in a while either. March 6-10: South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Also got this on BF. As a big fan of the show I'm sure I'll enjoy the game. Stick of Truth was fun. March 11-15: Rogue Legacy - The concept of this game has always seemed really cool to me. I haven't played too many roguelikes but what attracted me to this game was that the game doesn't completely end when you die. March 16-20: Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time - This is when the tournament is going so I picked the most familiar game I have. I mean, it's R&C. March 21-25: Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - Third BF game. I'm sure the gameplay is the same as always and I've always enjoyed it. March 26-31: Persona 4 Golden - If there's any JRPG I have that I actually want to play sometime soon, this is probably it. That said Star Ocean 4 has burnt me out a bit on JRPGs so I may end up changing this to something shorter. (I got 4 games on BF and Final Fantasy XII was the 4th... definitely not going with that for now) Hopefully I'll find some time this month to play some of the games from last time too. Aside from the Shantae DLC, all I've played is Star Ocean 4. But it's almost over!!!! I may get the trophy for beating Universe tonight so I'll update stats later. Update: I did get the trophy! Just Chaos to go. Games played: 51 Games completed: 46 Completion: 90.85% Unearned trophies: 209
  12. Made a status but I might as well post here as well: ULTIMATE BATTLER UNLOCKED I somehow did not get Faize's 3k battles during the 30k kills grind, but I got it after around 20 battles afterwards. Main save: 167:44 Faize/Edge save: 64:31 Total: 232:15 Just need to beat Universe and Chaos for the plat! Should be easy.
  13. IT IS DONE.




    Main save: 167:44

    Faize/Edge save: 64:31

    Total: 232:15


    Universe/Chaos playthroughs still pending...

  14. 4 left! I should get 30k hits next.



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      Meta Knight

      You can do it!

  15. 5 BTs left: 30,000 and 99,999 hits, 255 Anthropology drops, 3,000 battles, and of course 30,000 enemies.




    See also platinums #45-54: the 10 stacks of My Name is Mayo: