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  1. I can definitely relate to this! I was up playing Tales of Vesperia until almost 6am since I knew I was sooooo close to the plat and I was excited to have it done.
  2. With such a vague title, I should define what I mean. When you're playing through a game, do you prefer: The beginning of the game, when everything is new and you usually get a few easy trophies. The mid-late game, when you're firmly entrenched in the game and understand its mechanics. Trophies may be more scarce, but you're at the end of the story. The postgame, when you do whatever you want and can mop up the various trophies you missed in whatever order you desire. The second playthrough, when you understand the game pretty well and are looking to knock out those missables or difficulty trophies. Obviously those sections don't work for every game, so feel free to make up your own stages or talk more generally. And feel free to interpret the question as stage of a game in general. This is a trophy hunting site but it doesn't mean we all pick up every game with the intention to trophy hunt. For me, I love the postgame. I love having all the tools of the game at my disposal and tackling objectives as I see fit, not constrained by the story or missables. It's satisfying for me to be able to complete objectives quickly. For some recent examples for me: yesterday I beat Uncharted: The Lost Legacy's story and I was pumped to have all the chapters available in chapter select to mop up the miscellaneous trophies and collectables. I enjoyed mopping up the map in Hollow Knight and Guacamelee 2 when I got all the abilities. The Tales of Vesperia postgame was great since I was free of the countless missables during the main story. What are your thoughts?
  3. Finished Uncharted: The Lost Legacy last night which was a fun game. Not sure what game I'll start next. I've got Nier: Automata which promises to be great but I'm in the mood for something more mindless.

  4. @Mesopithecus I recommend starting on Galaxy since beating Galaxy unlocks Universe while beating Earth does not. Guides for exact damage battle trophies assume you are playing on Galaxy as well, so that will make those easier. While Earth is easier, it's not easy enough to the point where you will save significant time due to the lower enemy stats. It's rated that high because of the time investment and how easy it is to miss stuff. In terms of actual difficulty it's like 3/10, with maybe 6/10 for the one battle trophy for beating the Ethereal Queen in under 10 minutes with Lymle.
  5. Haven't played games much since I got the ToV plat as I've continued to work on making Pokemon Gen 2 with Perler beads. Check out my progress as of last week! I finished the Unown after the first pic. Switch is for scale.





  6. Similar to what @Rick_Sanchez said, monster data is tied to the Ethereal Queen as well. Though that one is not as big a deal as monster data carries across saves. Quests are also linked to the second bonus dungeon, as you need to get roughly halfway through the Wandering Dungeon to complete the final shop orders. Treasure chests only requires almost finishing the first bonus dungeon, the Cave of the Seven Stars, but it's a bit of waste doing it if you're not going to continue on to the Wandering Dungeon. There's enough overlapping elements of the various trophies that it's significantly more efficient to do everything in one playthrough, whether that's your first or second. The endings are the main exception. I forgot to mention it earlier, but my efficiency guide was originally for the Xbox 360 version and there are some minor differences between it and the PS3/PS4 version. Most notably, a few treasure chests were added, the chest containing Arumat's Dragon Roar now requires the Water Ring instead of the Darkness Ring, the factor overflow trick was fixed (so you can't level up or grind Fol as fast), and the hidden Blue Rose harvest point on EN II has moved.
  7. Keep in mind that these are not separate tasks. In order to complete item creation you need to beat the Ethereal Queen 5 times on one save.
  8. @Crispy_Oglop Glad you're enjoying the game! If you're looking to knock out everything at once (which is the most efficient way to do it), you should be focusing heavily on missables during the main story. If you've missed a treasure chest or quest at this point you're already screwed. You haven't messed up on Faize though, as it's most efficient to work on his 130 enemy types before the split. You can reload to that point after you've beaten the game and start your "NG+" with Faize already halfway through. If you've missed a recipe, quest, or chest, I suggest not worrying about trophies and enjoying beating the game. After that do not bother at all with the extra content and start a new game on Earth. There is no reason to bother with the bonus dungeons when you'll just have to do it again to make every item later. To that end, it's most efficient to wait on the higher difficulties. It's super helpful having the Ashlay monster jewel, which requires you to beat him 7 times which you will not be able to do until mid/late postgame. Which again you shouldn't bother with if you missed something. Tl;dr go follow my efficiency guide which covers every missable and because I'm pretty darn confident in it since I've completed the game twice.
  9. Finally finished one with Tales of Vesperia!
  10. You can upgrade me to Lord of Spirits as I got the Vesperia platinum! Thanks!
  11. I just got the Tales of Vesperia platinum so I have all 9 localized Tales platinums!



      Wow, great job dood! So jelly.

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      Grats man that's impressive.

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      Nicely done!

  12. I'm hyped for the Hollow Knight sequel! I even bought a Hornet plushie a few weeks ago.

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      I'm really looking forward to this game!

  13. Hey everyone! Just wanted to share the project I've been working on: making all Generation 3 Pokemon box sprites with Perler beads! This took a while and I'm happy with the result. The Switch is for scale.



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      Those are awesome! 

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      Thanks all!


      No plans to sell them @IntroPhenom since I'm just doing them as a hobby.

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      They’re beautiful to look at!

  14. Should be fun to complete this again! Took me 130 hours to do the 360 version so we'll see if the new content will offset the ability to skip cutscenes. While this is true, they did add the ability to replay boss fights, so it's not missable anymore.