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  1. Have you tried a file system restore?
  2. You can only create game sessions for games that you have played. This helps to keep sessions legitimate I imagine. The site checks your profile for eligible games. I think it actually works more deeply than that as I don't think you can join a session unless you have played the game, either. It helps to add a layer of security so that people can't just join/create sessions with no real intent on playing the game (although sometimes this happens anyways).
  3. Biggest thing for me about photography is balance. I find that simple concepts of balance lead to the most interesting angles and compositions. Here's some reading if you are interested:
  4. If anyone likes to play Scott Pilgrim, check out my gaming session. I love having more than 2 players. :)

  5. Hey there. Congrats on finishing Burnout! Also I'm digging the avatar. Seeya around.

  6. Thanks I got all the online-required trophies knocked out in one sitting last night. It was super easy. Now I will need to finish the rest of the game. My friends and I will still be playing online rooms if anybody wants to join us for fun.
  7. I agree it really is an awesome game. Underrated I think because it lacked online multiplayer at first. I love the retro style and it's an awesome beat 'em'up. For anyone who likes that type of game this is a must-play, imo. Several friends and I will be boosting the DLC and playing for fun with 4-player rooms (if we can manage) so if anybody still has this game and would like to play or is willing to play add me on PSN: RedEye420. Cheers dudes.
  8. This. It is currently late February in 2015 and I just bought the Ultimate Edition from and it still worked. You can even still connect online and play with your friends. The Ultimate Edition includes the game and both DLC packs so even if you didn't buy the game before you can still buy it. It's a really fun game so if you like retro beat 'em ups I suggest you pick this up. $14.99 for Ultimate Edition.
  9. An HD trilogy of Final Fantasy 7,8,9 with trophies would be beyond glorious for me. I know 6 gets a lot of love but those three hold a special place in my heart.
  10. No problem! Good luck fixing the glitch. If you know which item is glitched it should be quite easy to get if fixed. Also, welcome to the site! I'm honored that your first post was in this thread! Have fun with your gaming and enjoy yourself around here.
  11. Sounds like frequent backups are in order for this title. If you haven't already invest in some external storage to use as backup. I have several drives (a 1TB external, a 160GB external, and a 16GB thumb drive) and, of course, PS+ also offers cloud storage and taking full advantage of these options will really improve your gaming life. I learned my lessons early in the 7th generation thanks to a couple YLOD episodes. My different backup options have saved me on numerous occasions. The full system backup feature has been especially valuable. There was one time specifically where my HDD got corrupted somehow and I would have lost EVERYTHING without my full system backups. Just remember your drives have to be formatted FAT32 for the PS3 to recognize them. Cheers.
  12. If you are serious about making big money in GTA V this is what you need to be doing. Follow this guide and you will have more money than you will ever need on all 3 characters: EDIT: I realize that link lists a few different methods. Personally I don't waste my time with anything except the assassination missions method. You don't have to wait until the end of the story to do this but the idea is to stockpile as much money as you can before starting so that you can maximize your returns. Use the bed at your safehouse to advance time quickly and to make backup saves. The method is:
  13. According to my Limited Edition Strategy Guide: Let me know if you need details on anything else GTA-related. Cheers.
  14. It is retroactive? I've visited home way more than 7 times before but not since the trophy patch.
  15. Fantastic topic! Kudos. I am looking forward to reading the replies. My favorite franchise is Grand Theft Auto and the top of my list would include one thing and one thing only: BRING BACK THE CELEBRITY VOICES!!!!! That is all for now.