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  1. itt: vita fans would rather a series die than leave the vita i guess I regret making this thread ya'll are babies
  2. I've tried using the script a few times and I ran into an issue where like, it just stopped giving me moves? I tried re-calibrating but it still wouldnt show me anything. The board was almost full still, too, so it definitely wasn't actually out of moves. Any ideas?
  3. So, are we going to have to beat death road to despair for any of the trophies. I'm trying to look it up but I'm getting conflicting info on it.
  4. I feel like this is really more of a studio Japan decisions than a sony one, I really don't think ps plus sales or online fees factored into it at all. Like you all said, the game never really needed multiplayer which probably makes it a pain for studio japan to keep up something barely used. Kinda wish they would do something decent and jut give everyone the costumes for free, though.
  5. so, yeah. Only just got the game myself so that'd a bit of a bummer. Guess I'll have to collect some tokens and get those costume before I just can't forever anymore. I don't think this affects trophies but still. Sad to hear.
  6. The VITA failing in the west wasn't a fault of the vita's, but on sony I hate that old business men always want to whine about smart phones and those darn kids these days. Like a hand held gaming system will never have the same functions as a phone, but on the flipside while phone games are getting more unique they're never really going to hold a candle to the capabilities of a modern portable gaming system. They're two wildly different products and looking at them in the same light is a wrong move. The vita may not be the world shattering success any business man wants but ultimately it's still trucking along with packed release schedule, even in the west, it did SOMETHING right and they have to realize what it was. Sure, a vita may not be able to hold a candle to a ps4 in most ways but there's a reason devs, and fans, continue to make and buy vita games. Start recognizing the appeal of the portable system on its own merits and stop trying to make it the next smartphone.
  7. ugh man EU has a way better lineup than NA, disappointing.
  8. Oh, Toby. You rascal.
  9. I feel like encouraging players to do a genocide run would invalidate the whole point of the genocide run
  10. hmmmmm, good theory, but honestly I doubt it. Toby expressed his dislike for trophies and it would feel kind of mean if he made the list so simple (to rag on trophies) and then just threw an actual legitimately stupid hard one at us out of spite.
  11. Yeah, this is about what I expected. I'm glad it has a plat! The dog shrine is obviously new to the port, Il probably just use the Temmie trick to grind out the gold while I'm grinding out the easy mode armor
  12. Oh you're totally right, I completely forgot about hakuoki and thought PCube was T. Looks like I'm a dang fool.
  13. It is an otome game but in terms of typical vns it's more interactive. You have your standard multi choice gameplay, though this time with added trust and crime solving systems as opposed to typical affections sytems, atext/call system where you interact with characters using your character's phone, a "trigger" system where you have to actively try and shoot your gun, and an investigation system in the vein of classic point and click games. Aksys has stated that this game is a favorite among the staff and I'm pretty sure this is the first M rated otome to make it over to the west, so even if you're not into otome games this one seems worth giving a try as a vn. edit: no it's not im a fool
  14. Honestly, no, bethesda games are pretty awful. The writing is atrocious, characters are terrible if not forgettable, the games themselves are pretty ugly (both on console and pc) gameplay is usually ok but these days theyre mostly quests upon quests where you just have to kill a bunch of people at the end despite the whole roleplaying aspect. Their maps have also kind of degraded overtime, theyre very big but they dont actually fill up that big world with anything fun or interesting meaning you're really just spending an hour going through this huge map to do something a regular game could have you do in like 15 minutes. The games are also a buggy mess, as you probably expect from bethesda, and while some people think thats part of the charm I can't stand it. Imagine if ubisoft defended some of the really bad assassins creed bugs by saying that it was part of the charm, people would tear them apart. On top of that bethesda fans tend to blame console players for playing bethesda games on console in the first place, even though bethesda are the ones charging you $80 for a sub par product. The only reason I bother getting the plats for bethesda games is so when people ask me why i hate them so much I can point to my play time as defense because I did it ALL and had fun approximately never.