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  1. - Hitman (2016) 100%
    - Surpassed 8000 trophies

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. Troz


      I was thinking of doing this, as it's in my backlog.


      Any tips? I see you're a big Hitman fan. Any way to do this fun and quickly?

    3. Death


      Why rush through it? The new trilogy is great, but my only complaint is that the soundtrack is not as dark as previous entries. It is easy to get into for normies who never tried and there Mission Stories that guide you for multiple approaches. The new games seem short to me compared to Stealth Assassin and Blood Money. 

  2. Hitman: Blood Money PS4 plat #115

  3. Man Eater plat #114

    130 out of 263 games completed to 100%. Almost half.

  4. Resident Evil 3 remake plat #113

    Working on getting RE2 remake 100%

  5. Resident Evil 4 (PS4) 100%
    Resident Evil 5 plat #111

    Working on RE6 now and I actually like it.

    1. ihadalifeb4this
    2. ronin_leon


      RE5 that's impressive, nice work! 

    3. Death


      I don’t think RE5 is as bad as people make it out to be. I also got it on PS3 ages ago. 

  6. Farming Simulator 15 plat #110

  7. - Rare Replay - Sunset Overdrive - Stubbs The Zombie - Conker: Live & Reloaded - Quantum Break Other than that there really isn't much that appeals to me. Xbox One has more controller variety than exclusives.
  8. DOOM 64 100%
    Passwords made it too easy.

  9. Farming Simulator 14 plat #108

    I want to finally take a break from FS games and start RE3 now :/

  10. Farming Simulator Vita plat #107