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  1. DQXI #101
    Killed Calasmos without using the Sword of Light.

  2. That stream Geekdom101 had with Perfection was insane. I don't really care about the yt anime community politics, but youtube really need to put a stop to these doxxers who harass other people's children.

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    2. thepeaguy


      I'll do my best to provide a summary. The saga is absolutely insane, especially over Japanese cartoons.

      Perfection is this youtuber who has a 2 year grudge against a popular DB youtuber called Geekdom for allegedly disrespecting his fanbase. His obsession begot a multitude of videos about Geekdom and his personal life. It's crazy. He even dragged another youtuber called Mad Black Atheist into his feud by doxxing his wife and children. In retaliation, MBA and his community exposed Perfection of being a sexual deviant in a Discord chat. About three hours into the chat, Geekdom and a few other big Dragonball youtubers appeared and had a discussion with Perfection, to try and resolve Perfection's issues with the anime community.

      So, that's it.


    3. starcrunch061


      Man. That's soap operatic right there. 


      No excuse for bringing families into these petty disputes. 

    4. thepeaguy


      Perfection was also making videos about Vic Mignogna for increased traffic on his channel.

  3. If anyone from the UK is a fan of one of the oldest jrpg series, I'm selling my copy of Dragon Quest XI for £27 to cover delivery costs and to make a small profit. Anyone interested, please give me a bell via pm. Continental Europeans is a maybe.


    1. MidnightDragon


      I hope you get the plat before that. Only one trophy left!

    2. thepeaguy


      Hopefully! Had a break to play some DQ8!

  4. Dragon Quest XI accent origins (if anyone cares):

    Royalty and officers: Received Pronunciation/Posh English
    Octogonia: American
    MC, Gemma & Cobblestone subjects of Heliodor: West Country English (SW of England). Any pirate character has this accent, too.
    Rab: Glaswegian (Scottish)



  5. Back in the 80s, 90s and early 00s, Japan ran everything in gaming. The gaming industry in the West was a joke, albeit with a few gems appearing here and there. The West may be dominating the market now, thanks to their ridiculous budgets, but most of their games borrow heavily from Japanese gaming influences (like Japan did when trying to market their games overseas). Saying that, jrpgs wouldn't have existed without Wizardry and Ultima from the US - add tabletop D&D to the mix, too. You wouldn't have Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy if it weren't for these games.
  6. I just caught up with Spaz's "Rank Don't Matter" thread. 

    I'm not heavily invested in ranks myself - just plats of games I particularly like. If I don't reach 200 then meh. Not bothered.

    Anyway, the reactions are gold. Spaz is now one of my favourite contributors here.


  7. According to a gaming buddy of mine of many years, Steam is an evil organisation which rips off various developers when they're using their hosting services for their gaming products.

    This is the first I heard of any criticism towards Gaben.

    1. SinisterPledge


      Also they do hardcore drugs and worship Satan. I've seen it.

    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I only know little about it because when Epic Store showed up it became gaming news. I wouldn't say they are evil, but taking 30% from every purchase is a lot. That's why so many indie developer jumped to Epic Store. 

    3. thepeaguy


      @SinisterPledge Worth the wait.



  8. Anyone played a Sega Saturn jrpg called Dark Savior? It's a very hit and miss game, but I enjoyed it as a teenager back in 1996. I was watching some video footage of the game on youtube the other day. Ah, memories.

  9. I don't really pay attention to the drama circulating the Captain Marvel film. I just don't really care to get involved in it.

    With that said, I saw the film as part of my job tonight - I do social work. I thought it was good. I'm not really a big Marvel fan or anything.



      All that matters is if you think its good.

      I personally don't follow social drama about..well anything. 

  10. Gonna take a break from Monster Hunter: World for a while until the Palomu and Legiana crown event pops up sometime next month.

    Otherwise, I'll just get bored of playing the game every week. Lol.

  11. I've been watching FMA: Brotherhood again. This is probably one of the best shows I have ever watched.
  12. This is the kind of plat where you'll have to play the game on and off to retain your sanity. I'm just watching out for the gold crown events to make the grind less taxing.
  13. So... Funimation's attempting to remove Vic Mignogna's voice work from the DBS: Broly movie.

    Ty Beard will be in touch all right. :D

    1. kidson2004


      Damn really?

    2. KaiserVendrix


      As horrible as that is, I remember Broly not talking all that much. I don't see it being that hard for them to do.

  14. Enjoying a game > fast platting. It's pretty sad when players just buy shitty games to increase their plat count.
  15. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, my family treated me like gold. Compared to other autistic people out there, I'm one of the fortunate ones who has a good network. Not having a good network breaks a lot of us. Good for you for looking out for your sis, btw.