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  1. Now that Funimation has officially fired Vic Mignogna, I'll go back to watching subs on What a disgrace.

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    2. thepeaguy


      I don't condone sexual assault while there's a police investigation.

      However, without such an investigation, I will take these allegations online with a pinch of salt.

      Also, Monica Rial posed happily with her alleged sex offender in a photo, which makes her allegations regarding Vic quite dubious. It's funny how this all occured when DBS: Broly made $100 mil worldwide.

      Before anyone says I'm a misogynist, a family member and I saved a woman from publicly being sexually assaulted by her boyfriend back in 2000. We got the police involved as we were witnesses to the crime. That makes me a hero, in my book. *dons the cape*

    3. Avatar_Of_Battle


      @thepeaguy That's what I found funny. Funimation does their own investigation...has 2 female employees openly supporting him being fired...and he does. There's no law enforcement involvement at all. Stupid amounts of shady in my opinion, and after knowing people who have falsely accused before I don't put any stock in someone's allegations unless there's absolute evidence. 

    4. thepeaguy


      In common sense land, you bring in legal enforcement. In Funimation land, you do a half arsed attempt in legal investigation whilst condoning death threats to alleged sexual offender on twitter.

      In messed up Monica Rial land, you pose with a scumbag: b8f.png