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  1. An example of quirky Japanese level and atmospheric design surpassing today's Hollywood obsessed culture in games development.

    Irem "got it".

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    2. thepeaguy83


      @CelestialRequiem Japan used to make masterpieces with the technological limitations.

      Most of the AAAs today are just dull in comparison, especially Japanese games appeasing to Westerners.

      They make the best games when they're unabashed with their quirkiness.

    3. CelestialRequiem


      Sick PSNP banner btw. Huge Berserk fan. 

    4. Astray404


      Really miss those STGs. Haven't played R-type before, but when I was a kid playing DodonPachi and Thunder Force with my friends, those level designs are sick as hell.

  2. This was a metroidvania released in England before Metroid was a thing. (I think it's a few months older than Metroid.)

    I played this way back when.

    1. thepeaguy83


      Correction: Older than the Western release of Metroid.

    2. SnowxSakura


      Came out a month after the famicom disk system release of metroid

  3. I played a lot of difficult games I haven't completed, but I complied a list of difficult computer games I can instantly recall:- Shinobi (Arcade or Master System) Revenge of Shinobi (Mega Drive) R Type (Arcade) Head over Heels (Amstrad & Spectrum) Legend of Kage (Arcade and various platforms) Batman (Amstrad & Spectrum) Alien Soldier (Mega Drive) Sonic 2 (Mega Drive) Alex Kidd in Miracle World (Master System) Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Arcade & Master System) Bubble Bobble (various platforms) Rainbow Islands (various platforms) New Zealand Story (various platforms) Batman (NES) Castlevania (NES) Gradius/Nemesis (NES, Amstrad and various platforms) Operation Wolf (various platforms) Rolling Thunder 2 (Mega Drive) Turrican (Mega Drive & various) Phantasy Star II (Mega Drive) - I finished the game twice without a guide. Cauldron series (Amstrad and other British computers) Antiriad for the Amstrad (the first metroidvania I've played) Phantom Club (Amstrad) MOVIE (Amstrad) Thunder Force III & IV (Mega Drive) There are other difficult games from my 80s and 90s arcade, computer and console days, but these are what I can instantly recall from my brain. I've been gaming obsessively since 1987, so I've experienced a plethora of titles from various platforms. The beauty of "difficult" games like the Soul series is the luxury of save states.

  4. Not as popular as Final Fantasy, but the series will always have a special place in my heart.

    1. nestamar5


      Phantasy Star IV is a gem. One of the few JRPGs I've beaten several times.

    2. thepeaguy83


      @nestamar5 Better than the current spin offs, imo.

  5. I remember playing the arcade and mega drive versions of this game. Ah, memories.

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    2. thepeaguy83


      @enaysoft I remember playing this one and its sequel.

    3. enaysoft


      Alien Storm had a sequel?

    4. thepeaguy83


      @enaysoft Sorry, Golden Axe. Be nice if Alien Storm had a sequel, though.

  6. Kenshiro, the All-Father of Shounen.

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    2. MegaMegu__


      Kenshiro is the most badass anime character ever made!


    3. thepeaguy83


      @ShonenCat When Ken eats nails, he shits outs bullets.

    4. enaysoft


      Quite possible the most manliest and 80s trailer you could ever hope to find.





      "1100 yen discount for students"



  7. A compilation of the Klonoa series is coming out soon.

    Is anyone on this site looking forward to it?

    I've never played the series before, but I might end up buying a copy for the Switch instead of the ps4.

    1. nestamar5


      I definitely am. I'm a huge fan of Klonoa.

  8. A rl friend (yes, I have actual friends, believe it or not) made the statement that the storyline of Horizon 2 is woke.

    Is this true? I'm too busy to buy new games atm, and I'm also curious to see what other players have to say on this subject matter.


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    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      "Woke" used to be a good thing but it has lost all meaning now since it was weaponised by a loud subset of weirdos on social media to just describe things that their under-educated minds cannot handle. Trust me when I say this that nothing in this game is any more "woke" than stuff we've been seeing in mainstream entertainment since the 90s. It's an argument not worthy of the dignity of acknowledgement.

    3. Darling Baphomet

      Darling Baphomet

      The first Horizon was heavily feminist and had a story that centered climate change and greedy corporations, so I'm going to say yes.

    4. thepeaguy83


      @AK-1138 I just find him harmless, tbh. He has his own preference of games, as do I.

      He liked the original, but he was disappointed with the sequel.

  9. Which game shall I attempt next?

    Cold Steel IV (Need to wrap up remaining trophies), Shenmue I & II, RE3 or wrap up Doom: Eternal?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. gamercris066


      I'm voting Cold steel I have no clue what the other games are.

    3. thepeaguy83


      @Infected Elite I'm attempting RE3 first because my niece wants to play the game after I've unlocked the infinite weaponry.

      It's just like when her mother wanted me to unlock the infinite rocket launcher for the RE games on the ps1. Hahahahha.

      Shenmue is an acquired taste, but I've been a fan of Sega since the late 1980s.

      @gamercris066 They aren't jrpgs, fam. That's all you need to know, haha.

    4. thepeaguy83


      @Zassy I dislike the inclusion of loli characters, but I do like the LoH: Trails games. They're fun to play.

      Been a fan of Falcom since its early Ys days.

  10. Death Stranding #142.

    Took a while to plat, but I'd rather play through the story blind. :)

  11. Anyone looking forward to Eiyuden Chronicles at all? I backed the kickstarter a few years ago. I hope players enjoy Suikoden's successor.















    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. kingofbattle8174


      How about just a Suikoden remaster?

    3. Zassy


      Hmm...unsure, as yet. Spiritual successors haven't compelled me as strongly as their sources, to date.

      But since Suikoden may ne'er return anytime soon, might generate some hope for Eiyuden after all. Gotta trust those vets to craft somethin' swell. ^^

    4. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @kingofbattle8174 i could go for that! And a chrono trigger remaster or complete remake, a Xenosaga trilogy remade into one long game(it has to be possible by now?).


      i agree with @Zassy on spiritual successors. Thanks in part to the fact i can still play and enjoy Banjo Kazooie and its humor. YookaLaylee though... I just didnt enjoy it like i thought i would.

  12. I finished Death Stranding for the ps4.

    Now I need to mop up the remainder of the trophies list.















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    2. HuntingFever


      I liked Death Stranding but thought the story went off the rails about 2/3 of the way in and the ending itself was anticlimactic.

    3. gamercris066



      Mop up a few trophies


    4. zizimonster



      While I haven't played Death Stranding myself, MGSV: The Phantom Pain also ends anticlimactically, even though the game itself is stellar. :D

  13. The Meme of Bel Air:


  14. Getting used to playing Postman Pat aka Death Stranding now.

    All that is missing is my black and white cat.

  15. Resident Evil 3, Death Stranding or Ys IX...

    Which of these games should I play for my next plat trophy, guys? Cheers.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. ihadalifeb4this


      I only played Death Stranding from 3 games listed...  I guess i vote for Death Stranding as well.

    3. thepeaguy83


      Ok, I'll continue on with Death Stranding.

    4. AK-1138


      So... nothing good, huh?