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  1. The UK Labour Party have lost one of their strongholds today: Hartlepool.

    That's what happens when you demean the working class.

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    2. thepeaguy83


      @StrickenBiged "My father worked in a factory."

      So what? My family did too. You shat on your class as soon as you got chummy with your posho student chums.

    3. StrickenBiged


      I'm firmly in the middle class now, more than happy to cop to that, but was the first of my family to go to uni. I spent my summers as a teenager getting up at 5am to go work demolition sites with my grandfather's family business (driving a 40 tonne loading shovel into the side of a three storey wall at age 14 is a particularly fond memory - Destruction Derby eat your heart out). Never forget your roots.


      I think you are bang on about students. Labour is having a hard time keeping its coalition of students and traditional support base together when their values are often diametrically opposed (e.g. on immigration, brexit, etc). They're increasing support in the places where they already win (London, big cities, etc) but haemorrhaging votes in their traditional heartlands. 


      The student wing of that coalition also has a very detectable whiff of a snobby attitude towards people that didn't go to uni - they mistakenly equate the level of education one has achieved with intelligence. 


      Hopefully Boris' Tories don't get complacent. Real investment in technical skills training, build enough decent houses, and bring businesses up to the towns that have been hollowed out by globalisation, and they'll keep winning. 

    4. thepeaguy83


      @StrickenBiged I'm associated with a young Tory who's middle class.

      I have no issue with the middle class, before anyone else calls me an inverse snob. My step cousin and her husband run a posh hotel business in Banff. Two of my younger cousins are uni grads, too, but their mum and dad are working class.

      I only take the piss out of posh, privileged twats who are sanctimonious lefties that are audacious enough to think they can speak for me. 

  2. 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim #133

    What a mindfuck of a story that was.

  3. I never understood why users online are against the use of ignore features in an internet community.


    If you don’t want to talk to certain strangers any more, it’s your right. 

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    2. AihaLoveleaf


      What I also find bizarre is people announcing that they're blocking somebody. If you're really going to do it, just do it quietly.

    3. starcrunch061


      @thepeaguy83: Well, often, this question comes after a long, pointless argument, so it's clearly a way to announce that one poster will block another (which is the lamest thing someone can post on a forum).


      @AihaLoveleaf: It's just that simple.

    4. thepeaguy83


      @AihaLoveleaf I've noticed in some message boards where users ask the staff on how to use the block features. Most of the comments respond with crap like "muh free speech, man" and "just scorrl dun, man" and such.

      It's just an observational post.

      And yes, I agree that you don't need to announce who you're specifically blocking here.

  4. London, like Bristol, is a Labour stronghold. Sadiq Khan will have his next term as mayor without contest.

    Lozza Fox is white and he's a toff. I agree with some of his points, but the fact remains that he won't secure a majority.

    1. starcrunch061


      Boris Johnson made his bones in London, and while that might work against the Tories right now, it shows that Labour can't count on London all the time.


      From my reading across the pond, Labour tends to get in trouble when it assumes the existence of strongholds.

  5. 13 Sentinels is a huge departure from the side scrolling beat em up games Vanillaware are known for, but it's an interesting game. 


  6. Shining Resonance should crash and burn.

    Let the Shining series die with dignity. It has been dead since 1998. The old games are superior.

    1. MyNameIs_Rainman


      @thepeaguy83Is it that bad? I was planning on playing Shining Resonance Refrain for a A to Z JRPG challenge I have since its one of my backlog games. Most of them I chose are pretty down the middle, AA or just odd games, but is this one really that bad? Gotta know what I'm getting myself into lol

    2. thepeaguy83


      I haven't played and completed a new edition of the series since the entire Shining Force III trilogy back in 1998 (before it was fan translated).

      I haven't been a fan of Shining's new direction for years now.

    3. MyNameIs_Rainman


      Ah ok, I haven't played any of the original games so I don't have much to compare it to, but I'm sure I'd probably feel the same way as you, as modern releases that far off usually tend to miss the mark. But I'll keep an open mind for the time being. If you see me ranting about it later on you are free to let out a big "I told you so" 😂

  7. Cosmic Star Heroine: Plat 132.


    What did you players think of this game?

    1. DrBloodmoney


      LOVED IT!

      One of the best retro throwback rpgs!

    2. MidnightDragon
    3. MossyOakRcn42
  8. Hiya. Been ages.

    Looking forward to Tales of Arise?

    1. eigen-space


      Nearly missed this! Of course I'm looking forward to Tales of Arise! I'm deciding between the PS4 and PS5 collector's editions. They are exactly the same except for the actual game being PS4 or 5 (and same price). I don't have a PS5 yet, but I'm hoping to have one by September when this comes out.

  9. Plat #131

    Monster Hunter: World.

  10. I platted Monster Hunter: World.


    It's a good co op game, but hunting the crowns was a bitch and a half.


    Thanks to the trophy hunters who assisted me: Cuinn, Hawk and Mum.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Xylobe


      Cograts man! You know the grind is bad when the guy with the Star Ocean plat nearly called it quits

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. thepeaguy83


      @Xylobe Oh god, that was a slog.

      I guess I'm at that age where I cannot tolerate bullshit in games now, haha.

  11. You can place users on ignore to avoid reading their posts on message boards EXCEPT for the moderation team. I see nothing wrong with the ignore feature. It's voluntary communication. If you think someone is an arrogant prick online, use the block and ignore features that are an indelible part of these online communities. You don't know them, so you owe them nothing.
  12. I got the plats for RDR1 and 2. I know what that's like. Rofl. I'm back on MH:W, but I'm only playing it on and off to get the gold crowns done. After that, ping. It's a good game, though.
  13. I'm going back on Monster Hunter: World to wrap it up.

  14. I finally wrapped up Arkham Knight.

    That's 130 plats now.


  15. I pre-ordered my ps4 copy of Resident Evil 8. I'm paying in increments interest free because I'm a poor bastard. :P