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  1. It took me a few weeks, but I finally plat Tales of Zestiria!

    Also, do Tales fans like Tales of the Abyss? I'm playing it right now on my 3ds. :)

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    2. thepeaguy83


      ee28max, I only have one trophy to unlock, so I'm not in a rush to plat it right now.


      As for Abyss, my first playthrough will be a  blind one. I heard there are many missable content in this game. I'll check out what I've missed in my 2nd one.

      Instead of buying an arte for 20k, I used the money to buy better equipment.

    3. zatanna_52


      Congrats. What did you think of the game because I have it sitting in my backlog and I am thinking about starting it after Xillia 2.

    4. thepeaguy83


      I prefer zestiria over the xillia games, if I'm being honest.