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  1. As long as they keep pushing out content updates, there will be MORE optional DLC trophies. It will only stop when there's a new Killing Floor game that's about to be released so just keep the game on one of your storages. It's either that or don't bother with the DLC trophies, besides it's mostly just collectible-related.
  2. You probably haven't played The Last of Us in Grounded difficulty. Crushing on the first 3 games are not as hard as that.
  3. Does anyone know if the Royal Edition would have a different version than the base game only? I plan on buying the Royal Ed.
  4. The Fly cheat in the Admin Panel doesn't work for me.
  5. I had a weird issue just a few hours ago where my trophies are suddenly hidden on PSNProfiles even though I haven't changed my Privacy Settings.
  6. Mine triggered normally, I just keep killing enemies until I looked at the door and it's open. Took me several times but it opened once the helicopter already landed.
  7. That's not true. You can reload a save that's literally finished, meaning you only need to escape the stage and everything you completed since your last completed mission will be counted.
  8. I have a problem with downloading the other episodes because when I queued it up for download, it only starts downloading the game and the Paris DLC. Or is that normal?
  9. 1st episode or the base game is free for everyone whether you have PS+ or not. You'll have to download the other episodes to play on the other stages.
  10. There's always a possibility that they can bring the Complete First Season edition back on the PS Store. I mean they've given out single player games that are only just the base games instead of complete games.
  11. Just keep going in and out of a store or restaurant where he spawns nearby it like the Burger one. Check your map if you see him or listen to his voice, if there's none just rinse and repeat.
  12. If you really wanted to stop playing this game just for the DLC trophies then you can just hide the trophy list. Or you know do the most obvious thing to do and stop playing the game for a few years and come back to it so you can do all the collectible trophies in one sitting.
  13. You didn't bother to read the tweet, it said "tomorrow".
  14. Thanks for the heads up. This time glitch works just like on other mobile games.