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  1. Almost gave up on this trophy list. Luckily, I have 2 controllers and a phone.
  2. I'm already in "The Center" map. I left the game in the pause menu and after a few minutes there, I just unpaused and started the teleport cd now. I guess it just takes more time coz the one in the video was played in PS5 and most likely on the SSD that's why it was fast there.
  3. This starting command doesn't work for me: Summon bossteleport_twobosses_spidergorilla_c I already deleted my save file. My game is on v2.76. Other commands like DoTame and gfi works though.
  4. Yeah, they said they are increasing the capacity of their servers.
  5. Now I have to redo all the Hitman 1 levels. Damn, what a chore.
  6. I would like to know about this too because the trophy guide hasn't been updated with any info regarding the separate Squad Show mode.
  7. I honestly think this was an intentional exploit since it's the only one that can be achieved in private lobbies but they can always just deny that. They did said before they were trying to make things easier, so there's that..
  8. Can anyone confirm that the actual games are now 60fps instead of just 30fps on standard/slim PS4's? Last time I played the game, they only made the UI 60fps and not the actual gameplay itself. EDIT: Finally 60fps gameplay on the non-Pro PS4's.
  9. First time I found out about the Infallible trophy, I already gave up on the trophy list. I still played the game for fun and for getting the plat, it's fun for what it is. I honestly feel it's pathetic to drive someone crazy over one platinum, if you can't do it then move on.
  10. I didn't get the trophy when I played with a random. we already raided 7 crypts and I also called the extraction. So many conflicting reports.
  11. As long as they keep pushing out content updates, there will be MORE optional DLC trophies. It will only stop when there's a new Killing Floor game that's about to be released so just keep the game on one of your storages. It's either that or don't bother with the DLC trophies, besides it's mostly just collectible-related.
  12. You probably haven't played The Last of Us in Grounded difficulty. Crushing on the first 3 games are not as hard as that.
  13. Does anyone know if the Royal Edition would have a different version than the base game only? I plan on buying the Royal Ed.
  14. The Fly cheat in the Admin Panel doesn't work for me.
  15. I had a weird issue just a few hours ago where my trophies are suddenly hidden on PSNProfiles even though I haven't changed my Privacy Settings.