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  1. If you really wanted to stop playing this game just for the DLC trophies then you can just hide the trophy list. Or you know do the most obvious thing to do and stop playing the game for a few years and come back to it so you can do all the collectible trophies in one sitting.
  2. You didn't bother to read the tweet, it said "tomorrow".
  3. Future DLCs will be free.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. This time glitch works just like on other mobile games.
  5. I can confirm the minimum is 6 players required to start the match.
  6. It feels like it was made half-assed.
  7. There's no Operations in this DLC.
  8. The requirements for the gun unlocks on this DLC is surprisingly easy. Image from BFBulletin.
  9. I'm missing the #18 scene for Nadeshiko. Which one is that on the playthrough? Also, how many points do I exactly need to unlock every PICTURE? EDIT: Nvm, already got the plat.
  10. I can't access that thread even though I already made 5 posts.
  11. The DLCs are not separate downloads, they're already included in the latest version of the game whether you have the Season Pass or not. You will, however, need the Season Pass or the Revolution Edition if you want to play with the DLCs. They are not free DLCs.
  12. That's because OP posted the ones from the CTE version. Not sure why people keep posting the CTE version every time a new DLC gets released. These are the current requirements from BFBulletin, not the one posted by OP: As long as you kill them with the Sniper Rifle, it doesn't matter if you use the scope or ADS.
  13. I didn't know that. I haven't had a trophy that glitched.
  14. It seems easier than the Tsar DLC. The weapon unlocks are not as ludicrous as the Tsar unlocks. For the roadkill trophy, I'm not sure how that would happen for the current 2 DLC maps but it can be obtainable on any map that has sea vehicles.
  15. Is the Lance also available in other maps or is it only for Tsar maps? I haven't really played in other maps this week.