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  1. When I select Warzone I get the prompt to choose a universe to connect to but I have no options to choose from. Has anyone else encountered this problem?
  2. The Dev team and community manager have publicly announced that A Reservist and Active Duty trophies are bugged and have stated that a future patch will contain a fix. As for when that fix will come is the problem. Proof if anyone wants it:
  3. trying to wear goblin mail in runescape
  4. FYI the community manager replied to a similar post of reddit stating that the FOR HONOR! trophy is working as intended and should pop at the start of season 2. The dev team is aware of A RESERVIST not popping and are working on a fix, same with ACTIVE DUTY taking more deploys than the trophy description states. The new season starts of May 16th so hopefully we'll get a patch along with it that fixes these trophies. Hope this helps!
  5. essentially you have to unlock all 4 of your feats (or skills, whatever you want to call them) 50 times in Dominion pvp matches. in the bottom left of your screen you'll see a grey bar that fills with renown every time you kill a soldier/hero, capture an objective or revive someone. if you concentrate on capturing objectives and killing soldiers you'll easily obtain max renown every match.
  6. Not PS4 but Far Cry 2 just because of the MP trophies. My goal on PS4 is to platinum every game I have.
  7. needing a boosting partner(s) for essentially everything. add me on psn coffe_blac
  8. Unlocking the codex for collecting all field manuals in a level and completing they story arc I don't think count as a challenge. Ones like guiding Big Bess through the forest undetected or Killing an enemy a certain way only counts as a challenge. I could be mistaken but I completed at least 15 or 16 codex before this trophy popped for me so I presume this is the case.
  9. Here's the trophy list for the new Ratchet and Clank game coming out later this month.
  10. My friend and I just went through and finished all missions on hard difficulty at level 30, only problem is the trophy didn't pop. Has anyone else had this problem and if so any solutions. Our only thought was that we did complete a few missions that were the daily. But even so they're on hard so would that void the trophy? Any help would be much appreciated
  11. Just finished one for Nom Nom Galaxy.
  12. I had just auto pheonix, auto haste and defence 10% and all celestial weapons for my characters. Then I had Auron in my line up just so I could have first strike, I'd immediately swap him out for Yuna to summon an aeon to take a hit. then from there on I'd attack and each time it came close to Dark Yojimba attack I'd summon the next Aeon. After each fight I'd just go to the save sphere to replenish my aeons and health. I will add at this point I did have every character grid filled in.
  13. God of War Ghost of Sparta is the last game on my ps3 that I have left to do. I know it should only take me a week but I've never enjoyed the GoW series. been putting it off for too long.
  14. So I'm at the stage where I'm working towards completing the sphere grids for all characters. I have access to the airship and everything. all the guides say I should focus on killing one eye to get weapons then onto Don Tonberry for AP. But what is the best way to farm AP to get up to the point where I can take on One eye without being destroyed. Also what gear should I be looking for. all besides Wakka and Tidus have the celestial Weapons fully upgraded. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  15. I have every game platinumed. I love this series so much I ended up getting Ratchet, Clank, Qwark and Dr Nefarious tattooed on my shoulder. Also planning on being at 99 platinum's by the time the new game comes out this year to make it the big 100.