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  1. I loved this game! It was recently released on Switch and Steam. C'mon PS4!!
  2. I still don't understand the storyline. Not a day one purchase for me, but my curiosity has peeked to see what it's like after it's released.
  3. Everything converted flawlessly. Thank you for all the hard work to get this working! You guys are the best. 😍
  4. Same here. I’m finishing off the DLCs and would love to uninstall it after I’m done.
  5. This confused me too. As a new player I wasn't aware of the "crafting" from selling items. In the guide, he mentions you need a Magic Wand/Sceptre + Topaz Ring + Orb of Alteration. You actually SELL this combination and in return, the vendor will give you the +1 Lightning Wand. I had no idea crafting was like this until I looked in the help menu on the game. I'd recommend giving it a quick look, it helped me a lot. Do you benefit from putting multiples of the same spell in your items? It recommends getting six more Arc spells to slot, or is that just to level them?
  6. I prefer physical copies of games and keep them after they're finished. If it's a PSN game I delete it to save room since I can redownload it. I use to trade in games back in the day and learned the hard way that some were rare games when I tried to get them back years later. 😩
  7. It's definitely not cheating. If that's your thing and you just want the platinum then go for it. Personally, I guess I'm more of a completionist than anything. I still play games even if they don't have a platinum. But it has to be a decent game for me to give my time too rather than clicking a button over and over just to earn a platinum. I don't rate a game's value on how easy the platinum is but rather how much I enjoy playing it. At the end of the day it's all about what YOU enjoy and what you want out of your profile.
  8. Probably never. Even if I finish my backlog there are still games I would go back to replay. I still have all my old systems and play them every once in a while.
  9. PSN ID FabledEdition PS Systems PS3, PS4, Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests No, please mention PSNP. I play a lot of single player games and a few online games like ESO and Diablo. I always love to meet other mature gamers so feel free to add me and say hi!
  10. Shadow of the Colossus. I played Ico a while back and had been meaning to give this one a go. Really looking forward to it.
  11. Congratulations to everyone and a HUGE thank you to all the other amazing guides. I don't have the patience or skill to write them and I appreciate all the hard work that goes into these. This is quickly becoming my go to site for guides! 👊😎
  12. Rad Rogers, it finally releases on PS4 this month! http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2018/01/12/rad-rodgers-ps4-rockets-to-consoles-next-month/
  13. Now would be the perfect time to play the God of War series since GoW 4 comes out in April. I've been replaying 1-3 and man those games are still so much fun! 😎
  14. How can you tell it's fake? I'm in the market for a new PS3 controller and don't want to end up with a cheap knock off.
  15. Unfortunately no, it was available for a limited time for completing a series of quests on PlayStation live.