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  1. The best ones are related to Ilia telling Millie the story of Cinderella and Ratix's related dream afterwards.
  2. Thanks for the advice. Hopefully Blanche becomes available on US PSN soon.
  3. @SixyLove Yes. I was able to do the first 10 levels with 2 controllers. For the most part, Player 1 could do all of the work and Player 2 head for the exit afterwards, but there were a couple where it made more sense for P1 to take one side and P2 the other. It takes a bit of practice but the first half of Academy is very easy to get under Par.
  4. Can confirm it takes 4 controllers, and all 4 players have to reach the exit under Par time. Thankfully there are more than 4 levels where 1 person can do all the work and the exit spawns near the starting point, so it can be done with 1 person, 4 controllers.
  5. Does the trophy refer to staying underwater for two unbroken minutes or to just swim around in deep water for two minutes?
  6. Yes, but not nearly as often. Also, if you have a light source handy, it will scare them away.
  7. Runbow - Took less than 24 hours to get the Platinum (though the timer says "1 week, 5 days" due to the DLC trophies) - 1.56%
  8. Was the first and only one to Platinum Runbow for a long time. It remains my rarest Platinum and rarest overall trophy.
  9. This particular thread was a great help:
  10. Also got it. Thanks for the update!
  11. Sadly while the game has beautiful aesthetics and a great story, it is riddled with technical flaws: stuttering framerate, unresponsive buttons, and the occasional crash while the localization is passable, there are a ton of grammatical and translation errors. Loving it despite those problems though.
  12. I think they took my initial report as a means of the trophy list not being added upon release. I followed up to specifically mention that we still can't get the 100% rate on Stage 4 and got another reply: " We had noticed that problem. And we are working on it. Thanks for the report. And we feel really sorry about that. " Hopefully they're able to fix it soon.
  13. @boonperm A couple of tips I received: "For the survival I'd recommend - Choosing a character with a good simple shot attack you feel comfortable with, holding or not the button. Going in circles and dodging while shooting looks like the best strategy - A good High Tension attack helps, personally I found Aya to have the best - And keep trying, 4 rounds of 3 vs 1 have to be cleared at the end" "I used Sanae and kept my distance while spamming the attack that fires 1 or 5 magic circles She also has an ability that heals her, so if your hp gets too low you can trap the enemy behind the mansion on the scarlet mansion level and safely heal to full Although that's dangerous to set up on higher levels"
  14. Here's the reply I got on twitter: " Thanks for you reporting. It had some bug on PS4 trophy when released. And we fixed it on last Saturday. Please try it again. And hope you could enjoy it this time. " So once the update goes live on PSN, it will hopefully be fixed.
  15. Beat Veteran using the robot. Having his upgrade to grant a bomb after every 2 damage and at least 7 HP definitely made it possible. Only had to continue once. Still agree that the Normal 4 100% trophy is glitched. It's possible to be at 100% right before the boss and it drops once the boss appears. All they need to do is update it so that all of the sub-parts count as destroyed whenever the main part is to maintain the kill ratio, since every other stage shows 100% even when the boss spawns.