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  1. A Brother's Seduction - Complete A Brother's Seduction
  2. I'm not really crazy about having to play as each Javelin. In games like this, I normally pick one class/build and roll with it. That said doesn't look like a bad list.
  3. Are you playing as Kassandra? If not start over...
  4. Shhhh - Pacify any individual.
  5. #56 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Bring on the Storm - Complete all other trophies I picked this up cheap in a PSN Flash Sale. I didn't know what to expect since I had mixed feelings for Life is Strange but I loved Before the Storm from start to finish.
  6. Life is Strange: Before the Storm A Penned Appendage - Complete the optional graffiti #8 in Episode 3: Hell Is Empty
  7. #MVPat! Also, add me to the not watching the SB list. Bill going to confuse another young QB and Brady going to get another ring. Pass...
  8. Life is Strange: Before the Storm Friendly Forest Friends - Complete the optional graffiti #6 in Episode 2: Brave New World
  9. A Poet's Legacy - Complete A Poet's Legacy.
  10. That's rough. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001013656/article/redskins-believe-alex-smith-leg-will-miss-all-of-2019
  11. Rough around the edges but the potential is there. I don't want to dive in too much since progress doesn't care over.
  12. I hope but I'm nervous AF.
  13. Burnout didn't completely bomb and get destroyed by every video game outlet and YouTube channel like Andromeda.
  14. #55 Planet RIX-13 Platinum - Good job! Completed all tasks! I felt like getting a Vita Plat but didn't want to work for it.
  15. I want it more than any other series. That said it's not happening. I think any chance of it happening died when Andromeda failed.