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  1. I would run it every play vs the Chiefs D. My goodness do they suck vs the run...
  2. Another Miniature Crown - Obtain your first miniature crown for capturing endemic life in master rank.
  3. I know Tyreek Hill is a total D-bag but my goodness is freakishly gifted on the football field.
  4. Unwavering Defense - Obtain five extremely rare pieces of armor.
  5. This is so freaking cool. I can't believe there are people hating on it?!?! One of my favorite things about Monster Hunter is that Capcom does crazy stuff like this with it...
  6. Det did get screwed on the TD catch but the refs made the right call on the fumble return for the TD. It was a very weird play but the right call. Also, its way past time for players to stop jumping and hurdling over defenders. We just saw why it's a very bad idea...
  7. Architectural Artist - Have 120 different types of room decor to choose from.
  8. I'm still not used to this whole Chiefs having a QB thing. I'm 37 and have been watching them my whole life. I have watched some VERY bad QB's in my time.
  9. Tips Appreciated - Tip Moxxi.
  10. Florida Man - Down yourself by grenade or explosion.
  11. Patrick Mahomes is kinda good at this playing football thing...
  12. The Elusive Elder Dragon - Earn the right to take on three-star master rank assignments.
  13. Keep them coming. I'm not ready to say goodbye to Kass...
  14. Ever - Stone Cold Now - AJ Styles
  15. I like the McCoy pick up for the Chiefs. He isn't the same player from a few years ago but he doesn't have to be "the guy" in that O.