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  1. Easy list but very time consuming. I don't mind tho. Great game...
  2. #64 PS4 version.
  3. #61 Fantastic game!
  4. #60 Every Last One of Them - Collect all trophies GOTY
  5. I can't even...
  6. Brutal End - Perform 25 BRUTALITIES
  7. Thank you. It doesn't feel real yet lol.
  8. I'll see your 25 and raise you 37. 😆 Been through some rough years but will all be worth it if they win tonight...
  9. Golden Jubilee - Reach level 50
  10. If I'm dreaming don't wake me up. 😀
  11. I'm 37 years old and been a Chiefs fan my whole life. I could not be more nervous...
  12. Champion of PvP - Reach PvP tier 1 in a single week
  13. Travis Kelce is hands down the best TE in football. George Kittle is a freaking beast but Kelce is better...
  14. Playing out about how I expected.
  15. I think I'm better off not knowing. 😆