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  1. I have to eat some crow when it comes to Lamar Jackson. I was not a believer at all but he is without question the MVP so far this season. That said I'm not sure how long his style of play can hold up. He takes a lot more hits than the average QB does do to his style.
  2. Help thy Neighbor - Complete a Side Mission
  3. Evolving Ecology - Raise any region to level 7.
  4. Fate's Conclusion - Slay Ruiner Nergigante in the Guiding Lands, removing the cap on maximum master rank. 500 hours later and still very much enjoying it...
  5. My digital collection looks like this.
  6. The Outer Worlds - Completed The Outer Worlds on any difficulty. A must-play for any Fallout and or Mass Effect fan...
  7. I haven't enjoyed just talking with NPC's this much in a game since Mass Effect 2.
  8. Everything Must Go - Sold 10,000 bits worth of items to vendors. My GOTY so far. Love it...
  9. Dentastic - Saved the universe's greatest diet toothpaste recipe. Top notch RPG...
  10. Mechani-Cool - Unlock 10 Vehicle Parts via hijacking.
  11. I would run it every play vs the Chiefs D. My goodness do they suck vs the run...
  12. Another Miniature Crown - Obtain your first miniature crown for capturing endemic life in master rank.
  13. I know Tyreek Hill is a total D-bag but my goodness is freakishly gifted on the football field.
  14. Unwavering Defense - Obtain five extremely rare pieces of armor.
  15. This is so freaking cool. I can't believe there are people hating on it?!?! One of my favorite things about Monster Hunter is that Capcom does crazy stuff like this with it...