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  1. Get to the Point - Finish off an Enforcer with a bayonet.
  2. Paladin’s Secret - Find Sam Fisher’s outfit in the Government Plane Wreck expedition
  3. Tip o' the Hat - Knock an enemy's helmet off with a charged melee attack. I'm enjoying this more than FC5.
  4. Kill or Be Killed - Kill a Monstrous animal. It'd do the same to you given half the chance.
  5. After taking a really long break jumped back in and played all weekend. I only got two crowns in all that time. I'm 340 hours in and no Platinum. I must have hunted Rathalos 30 times yesterday and today doing investigations and events and nothing...
  6. I'm so freaking ready for this...
  7. Like A Noss - Kill all the Beastmaster's Targets
  8. THREE AT JERICHO - Bring the three characters to Crossroads
  9. ESCAPE THE MANOR - Kara and Alice escaped Zlatko's house
  10. SELF-CONTROL - Markus let Leo win
  11. The New Standard - Craft a legendary item
  12. Fresh Mint - Acquire 100,000 gold
  13. Brave by Default - Complete a dungeon on Legendary difficulty This game is a gem.
  14. Every Story Has an Ending - Complete Every Story Has an Ending