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  1. I can't even...
  2. Brutal End - Perform 25 BRUTALITIES
  3. Thank you. It doesn't feel real yet lol.
  4. I'll see your 25 and raise you 37. 😆 Been through some rough years but will all be worth it if they win tonight...
  5. Golden Jubilee - Reach level 50
  6. If I'm dreaming don't wake me up. 😀
  7. I'm 37 years old and been a Chiefs fan my whole life. I could not be more nervous...
  8. Champion of PvP - Reach PvP tier 1 in a single week
  9. Travis Kelce is hands down the best TE in football. George Kittle is a freaking beast but Kelce is better...
  10. Playing out about how I expected.
  11. I think I'm better off not knowing. 😆
  12. I hope someone makes a wrestling game next-gen that doesn't suck. A No Mercy or Def Jam Vendetta clone would be amazing... The WWE games have been a disappointment for years and I just couldn't get into Fire Pro Wrestling. I would love an AEW game that played like No Mercy but not sure they are big enough yet.
  13. The Chiefs should totally win today. So I'm fully expecting them to lose. Signed, 30+ year Chiefs fan
  14. My 9000th trophy. 😁 It Was Coming Right For Us - Kill a Caged Prowler in the Wildlife Research Labs
  15. Who Collects The Collector? - Defeat the wandering Debt Collector.