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  1. Happy Birthday to the coolest guy around! ;)

  2. Is DCUO worth getting? I'm planning to get it once I get my PS4

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    2. Happy


      I'd say try the FTP version for about a week, if you like it, get premium membership (i think that's what they called it) for 3 months, that costs like 25$ if i remember correctly and gives you all the dlc for that time period. You probably won't play the game any longer than that, i played for about 3 weeks myself and you should have enough time to get all the trophies.

    3. Superstarmaste1r


      Even also most of the trophies for the main game says "level up to 50 mentored by Superman" where those you have to to unlock based on the trophies majority. or level up to 10 and get some kind of role for your character where that looks ridiculous to earn. Your welcome.

    4. PREDRAG-K


      You really don't have to spend money, unless you want trophies. I bought one DLC (The Green Lantern one) just for the powers. I haven't had to spend any money to keep up with the people who spend tons. I do just fine in raids, Level 30 missions, or PvP. So it's more about how well you build your character, as opposed to how much money you throw at the game.

  3. Welcome to this awesome site!
  4. I went through some old drawings of mine and found this one I did about a year ago. I just moved into my new place and tried to capture some of my collectables, hobbies & personal favorites.
  5. Went to watch this for the second time this past weekend! Such a great movie!!
  6. Hi LilithWindRunner! Welcome to this awesome site and enjoy your stay
  7. Welcome to the most awesome site!
  8. Yes. Do you have multiple profiles you play on?
  9. No. Are you in the top ten quickest to achieve 100% in any of your completed games on PS?
  10. My reaction: