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  1. Thanks for the confirmation guys, much appreciated! 😀
  2. Hello, I was wondering. If I were to do all except one side-quest (or even did this final quest but not hand it in yet) for any of the DLC and then Cross-Save my character over from PS3/Vita to PS4, complete (or hand in) that last quest I saved, would the trophy pop? Or is is best to start and finish all quests on PS4 for that DLC? Thanks! 😎
  3. Hi, I've read about trophies not unlocking in Episode 1 from other people, I had the same thing, was playing for around an hour and noticed I didn't receive any recently, knowing Telltale, trophies come at a steady pace in their games. I checked my trophies app and noticed I was missing: "Sneaky", "Still. Not. Bitten." and "Headed Out", went back into the game and all 3 popped at the same time. So anyone having trouble, try opening the trophies app and returning to the game afterwards.
  4. Hello, Not sure what happened, but with "Two Enter, One Leaves" there was no timestamp registered apparently, I usually play offline and sync later when I'm at home. Later in the game "Georgia's First City" also didn't pop when it should, I replayed the first chapter of Episode 4, after I finished the current Eps. 4 and then it popped without any problems. Anyone got any idea what happened? It's quite annoying seeing "Platinum with missing timestamps"... 😒 Grtz, ZeRoBaha
  5. Game: Starlight Inception Trophy: Fleet Admiral (Complete all levels in the single player campaign and fly patrol campaign) The trophy doesn't pop when fulfilling all criteria.
  6. You're right! I actually meant order of release.
  7. While I've only read this post 5min ago, I actually completed all Kingdom Hearts in chronological order on their original systems at launch and just recently gained all Platinum trophies... Chain of Memories was a pain...