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  1. Dude, i respect your opinion on this matter, but "changing the rules of the game" or deleting the patch for easier gameplay. If you want to talk more about this, message me, cause we are going a little of topic here. not gonna discus it here further.
  2. @mekktor So if a developer puts a patch out, it can change some rules of gameplay, right. Than (for example, Twisted Metal) if you remove the patch (or the new rules by developer) you should be cheating, right. I am totally against hacking, cheating and all the other stuff, but this level may not get you flagged. Say that if you randomly find this level and played it without knowing its content, than who are we to judge. I have boosted so many games and even had to use glitches/exploits to even get some trophies ( modnation racers flaming hot trophy anyone). These are just 2 recent examples i give you, that show you workaround the rules from the creators. Is this something to be proud of if used. Well, I don't care, cause I had fun playing/boosting the games my way. What I m trying to say to everyone on this site is this: You won't get flagged for this one
  3. tried it a few days ago. they saved it. Even when restarting my ps3 completely it saved, but when i returned in the evening, everything was gone again. been trying to figure this out,that whole fay but didnt find an answer. hope others have more luck
  4. Just finished online. In 2 weeks of boosting the online, I only had 1 random guy. Took me 750 matches. Online is still possible at 13 April 2017
  5. Lets hope this is true. Awesome move by square enix than. First the kingdom haerts collection complete to ps4 and now the final fantasy games. Really wishing this is true
  6. Please enter me in the contest too.
  7. It's in the dead star topic because, this game goes offline at the first of novembre. Offcourse it should be in another topic but some people are trying to get the trophies for this game asap and posted it here without taking notice.
  8. Nintendo has always been number1 with handholds, but a lot has changed with the smart phones. I get the idea and I think it would be awesome if sony could have done this with the vita, but without the use of Internet. Honestly, I give it 50% chance. If the price is good, than some parents will probably switch the 3ds systems for this...or not. Like I said, good idea but we will have to wait and see. Hopefully they don't grab to many exclusives. Bayonetta 2 anyone...
  9. Just create a us account and download the demos there. Nothing wrong with that
  10. According to square. It will most likely happen when Kingdom hearts 3 has been released for a year or two. In my personal opinion it seems logical that way. Still I really hope for a complete collection someday on one system
  11. Still possible. Near still works
  12. It's hard to play online against each other with multiple vitas and using the same account. There are only a handful games with ad hoc and most likely they also have a few online only trophies too. I have 4 vitas and they all have different account. So you need 2 games for most vita games to get the trophies for it online. If it's just to play and not for trophies you will be able to play few games. Check the back of each box to see the label ad hoc
  13. Platinum possible again. No stress. Leaderboards update. Better get working on this now
  14. Anybody else had this problem? I played the game fully in Co op with a friend and we both didn't unlock the crash test trophy. After we cleared the game, we deleted our save file and tried doing it again on a fresh save and solo. The throphy popped.
  15. Mighty no 9