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  1. Grabbed mine last night. Took 2 tries to nab all 3 poems i was missing.
  2. I've decided to just do 5 Poem runs every day until I see these poems I'm missing. Nothing today. I hate to complain because RNG is RNG right???? This seems suspiciously bad to do over 30 runs and still be missing 3/11,
  3. Just wondering which of the girls is your favorite. Personally, I like Yu.... onika The way MONIKA acts shy but then when she MONIKA Monika Monika. JUST MONIKA
  4. RNG is one thing, but today I went 3 hours and am still missing 3 poems. 3! There's no way the odds to see each poem is the same.
  5. Just wanted to say thanks to the OP. For me this was nearly a platinum breaker, but you were instrumental in helping me achieve it. I did improvise on some of the strategies and Castle 2 nearly broke me, but I managed in the end! Cheers.
  6. 7200 as soon as I talked to Hackett after defeating the Reaper on Rannoch.
  7. I'm just confused about why somebody needs to cheese the paramour trophies? Don't you just get them for playing the game?
  8. I'm a soldier and took me a couple tries just because I didn't know where enemies were coming from. To start though I ran to the door on the left but had to snipe a wave of baddies first then smashed the button to close it, after that ppl just come up from the elevator on the right side, and after that they came up on the second elevator. Not sure if it was because i was engaging the hostiles, but they never went after the doctor. Kind of wish they had though because i hate her now, that was a long mission
  9. This just popped after completing my 72nd mission/task. When I turned down the Terra Firma party.
  10. I have 71 missions complete and just got grounded at the Citadel so.... : / Can confirm this is not a thing. I surveyed and explored every planet possible before doing the main missions and I'm near the end of the game with 71 missions done including all the collection missions, and I still don't have this trophy
  11. No its RNG. I didn't manipulate the time either and I got a flower on my first crop.
  12. RNG is RNG. In my experience I did everything on Easy mode with a +25 % item drop. No need to tweak with game settings or any of that nonsense, all that does is enable the placebo effect.
  13. Lol i was wondering the same thing. So I'm just going to play Resident Evil 8 while I wait for that flower to grow
  14. I'm playing the remaster on the PS5 and I've never played this game before..... I feel like a tool for having to even ask this question but aside from recovery items I have NO FRICKEN CLUE how to view my other materials etc other than in the sell screen at a merchant. While I'm at it, isn't there a status screen where i can view my HP etc? What am I missing here???? Thanks : /
  15. Don't play if you have a ps5, ive played about 120 hours and have seen about one crash every 1-2 hours. I've played a lot of games and this is by far the absolute worst in terms of crashes. It really sucks the fun out of it and is super frustrating if you want to stream.