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  1. Here is my super amazing strategy to literally every boss fight I've run into up to where I am in the game (hidden desert) on Normal. Since the game forces you to beat normal first, no word on how this works on harder modes. Get ready to have your minds blown apart: ??????? Profit. Happy to help.
  2. Didn't realize I could just do this now. Lol Just found a random baddie that took up enough space and spammed. That was easy lol
  3. I don't have this skill yet though I do have the double jump. I imagine it will be any minute now.Just got my dang photo ID
  4. Is this 10 flash kicks in a row? That's really difficult. Orrrrrr is it just 10 regular drop kicks in a row. If so, I assume at some point there is a long drop where you can just fall and nail these bad boys. Thoughts? Tips? For the record i've done 8 flash kicks in a row so im not saying 10 is impossible....
  5. How the hell do you throw these things? I keep just dropping them on myself and dying.
  6. haha didnt even notice this until way later
  7. Just wanted to say that although I'm grateful they included a save state function for some reason, it also makes getting through some of the tougher parts a joke. Also I stream, but for some reason the select button is the same as the share button so I have to keep closing the share menu to get to the save menu lol. The instructions say its the touchpad, but it sure isn't on my game!? Anyway, just thankful to get to play Super Castlevania 4 again.
  8. Well this is weird. It doesn't appear in my PSN store, and I live in Canada. But I was able to buy it from the link you sent via my iphone... i wonder if it will show up on my console lol
  9. Where the heck is this game! I need me some SUPER CASTLEVANIA 4!
  10. Just want to say... tonight I finally got "gud" and got my platinum on this game. Rest in Peace... now off to some castlevania!
  11. I've almost got my Git Gud badge, just have to finish my 4th playthrough. Game's good, but I'm not going to miss it when I'm done lol
  12. I recorded this just to explain what I was talkin' about earlier:
  13. Not a cheese but wanted to share my Owl Hirata attempt where things suddenly clicked for me half way through the fight, along with some tips I put in the descriptiojn. Good luck!
  14. You just stand on the rock and mortal blade I tell you! Can't be hit.
  15. The second time I just jumped on the same rock and mortal bladed her until she ran home to her mommy