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  1. You're goddamn right I did lol
  2. Just for fun I wanted to share my attempt to beat this guy last night. It took me by my count 89 attempts to 'git gud' Rage videos are funny, but better break out the earmuffs for all the F-bombs and such lol. This is what I deserve for choosing Lethal mode!
  3. I usually play stealth, but what I like about this game is that you can play stealth or aggressive or slide in and out with relative ease. It's perfectly balanced. So far my GOTY, but I'm sure Cyberpunk will easily top it.
  4. Alright, I've enjoying it but if Jin gets killed off with a golf club I'm throwing my ps4 off the balcony
  5. For a second i was like what game was this? lol. I was having a hard time with this game and then I finally got a stable base to hide in and then the game was like OH NO HE DIDNT and this green crap just seeped in and wrecked the whole thing. After that I was like ..... NOPE. Never played it again lol
  6. Thanks, I hit the platinum and it feels like I got my revenge on my past self for giving up on the original
  7. I did this legit back in the day and from what I remember I enjoyed playing Breach. Not sure why it's getting so much hate!
  8. Nope. Just do what I did and on your first rin playthrough just keep hammering drinks the second you are able to before doing anything else
  9. Well I did it! I'm going to say the block patterns are SUPER EASY compared to going solo. Having suffered through Obelisk solo and halfway up this level alone, this wasn't exactly easy controlling two players by myself, but it was definitely much more manageable. I even ranked 22 on the leaderboard. Maybe once the quarantine ends I'll get a friend to help me out. I think i could at least crack top 10? Now to relax and play some Rapunzel....... Here is my sloppy attempt. I probably swear in there, but as usual I pretty much blacked out and don't remeber what I said lol. BEST OF LUCK TO THE REST OF YOU
  10. I grabbed a second controller to give pairs a try. The videos I watched make it look a million times easier, but I wonder how tough it is to move both ppl by myself?
  11. 167 today... got to level 6 and watched some videos to help but ran out of time. So I guess my biggest problem right now is that im moving too slow. Usually It takes me like 13-14 mins just to get to level 6 and some ppl are beating the whole thing by then lol, I keep getting stuck with single stacks which is what kills you
  12. No progress today, got to 120 a couple times, got very frustrated and had to stop. I'm having a lot of trouble in stages 2-3 getting up with a stable base. My platforms keep breaking off into sections in the back which keep screwing me over. I know this will get better over time but it sure can be disheartening when you can't even get to level 5 on a regular basis. Level 5 things become more pattern based and seemingly less effed, but sure would be nice to stop getting stuck at 25 blocks for example. Tips are welcome.
  13. Current record is 155 on axis mundi. Just started being able to get to the pyramids on a semi regular basis. Get up the first one and mess up the second one lol... getting better
  14. Today I got to 203 and decided to give it a few more college tries. I was able to miraculously pull it off! 241 steps I think lol and here i was expecting 214.... I'll share my victory since it's a pretty big deal to me haha. Don't mind the swearing, I'm sure you all can appreciate what was going on in my head at the time. Lol I guess I'll keep posting in here as I attempt to solo axis mundi next. I played around for a bit and got to like 84 I think. The journey continues!