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  1. Yeah the annoying worm will only hang out around preassigned areas on the island. Boy did i waste a lot of time making that base on the beach
  2. I admit I am very frustrated. At the start of the game I made a huge area for my town to be in, then completed furrowfield. When I cam back I tried to start a field to plant crops in my base but the worm won't appear to make the soil healthy and instead hangs out by the stupid magic tablet area. To make matters worse, I want to build an irrigation station but I can't figure out how to plop the blueprint down! There is no option to do so, I can only view it. What the heck is going on here???
  3. Thank goodness there's a guide on how to finish the prologue in 8 minutes haha
  4. They got rid of allllmost all the things about the first game which made it annoying. Your weapons don't break You can't die from falling Other stuff But why leave the hunger meter in there? Its a waste of time. You have to gather and cook and eat, and the meter decreases fairly rapidly... Most of the time im exploring or building and the meter only interrupts you after each swing of your sword. You can't die from hunger, your HP doesn't decrease... nothing. Once you have the hammer, you can hold R2 and do successive swings farming for blocks or whatever and only feel hunger after you let go. I don 't even try to keep it above zero, I just eat food when I know im going to have to attack something. Does anybody like this feature?
  5. I figured this would happen so I just started over anyway, also I realized you don't need to waste all the food items on the beach while building your base, since having 0% just makes you stumble around a bit while you farm for blocks
  6. Just don't spoil yourself of any of the bosses until after you've raged. Fear not, many deaths still await thee
  7. I don't remember how I did it but I do remember this fight only took a few tries, and that was on NG ++.
  8. Here is my super amazing strategy to literally every boss fight I've run into up to where I am in the game (hidden desert) on Normal. Since the game forces you to beat normal first, no word on how this works on harder modes. Get ready to have your minds blown apart: ??????? Profit. Happy to help.
  9. Didn't realize I could just do this now. Lol Just found a random baddie that took up enough space and spammed. That was easy lol
  10. I don't have this skill yet though I do have the double jump. I imagine it will be any minute now.Just got my dang photo ID
  11. Is this 10 flash kicks in a row? That's really difficult. Orrrrrr is it just 10 regular drop kicks in a row. If so, I assume at some point there is a long drop where you can just fall and nail these bad boys. Thoughts? Tips? For the record i've done 8 flash kicks in a row so im not saying 10 is impossible....
  12. How the hell do you throw these things? I keep just dropping them on myself and dying.
  13. haha didnt even notice this until way later
  14. Just wanted to say that although I'm grateful they included a save state function for some reason, it also makes getting through some of the tougher parts a joke. Also I stream, but for some reason the select button is the same as the share button so I have to keep closing the share menu to get to the save menu lol. The instructions say its the touchpad, but it sure isn't on my game!? Anyway, just thankful to get to play Super Castlevania 4 again.
  15. Well this is weird. It doesn't appear in my PSN store, and I live in Canada. But I was able to buy it from the link you sent via my iphone... i wonder if it will show up on my console lol