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  1. Lol i was wondering the same thing. So I'm just going to play Resident Evil 8 while I wait for that flower to grow
  2. I'm playing the remaster on the PS5 and I've never played this game before..... I feel like a tool for having to even ask this question but aside from recovery items I have NO FRICKEN CLUE how to view my other materials etc other than in the sell screen at a merchant. While I'm at it, isn't there a status screen where i can view my HP etc? What am I missing here???? Thanks : /
  3. Don't play if you have a ps5, ive played about 120 hours and have seen about one crash every 1-2 hours. I've played a lot of games and this is by far the absolute worst in terms of crashes. It really sucks the fun out of it and is super frustrating if you want to stream.
  4. I disagree, it only seems that way to you, but I witnessed zero difference.
  5. THief's ring has no effect on Dragon God except for maybe it's secret skill: +2 to Placebo Effect
  6. Yes, also the game that when it launched was total garbage and the developers completely lied about what it would be like. If you are holding that game up as a shining example of amazingness then cyberpunk is a million years ahead of that game at launch, guess it will be GOTY for sure.
  7. No Man's Sky
  8. This has no effect. Ive helped over 100 times and im still neutral
  9. Finding roundabout sneaky ways to do things is what I enjoy haha.
  10. As usual, here I am trying to get a trophy and i'm too stubborn to ask for help, too wimpy to git gud, but not too clever to find a sneaky way to do it! This would and could work a lot better if you used anything other than the crappiest arrows ever, like maybe a Lava bow, or a spell of some kind, but well, I didn't have any of that available to me when I was thrust into NG +1, so yay me and enjoy my 30 minutes to victory lol (please don't actually watch the whole thing lol) Bonus mention to the superman punching of all the archers. (That part is my favorite) Of course, you could just do the one hit kill with the golden coin exploit but... where's the fun in that? ; )
  11. oh no i always get 100 but the thing always tells me im missing items. Not a big deal I guess. I'll try harder lol
  12. Hi, i'm new to this game and I can't figure out why spoil spotter keeps telling me I'm missing items when I swear I've explored the whole level. (first dungeon in the game) What am I missing here? *Scratches head*
  13. You're goddamn right I did lol
  14. Just for fun I wanted to share my attempt to beat this guy last night. It took me by my count 89 attempts to 'git gud' Rage videos are funny, but better break out the earmuffs for all the F-bombs and such lol. This is what I deserve for choosing Lethal mode!
  15. I usually play stealth, but what I like about this game is that you can play stealth or aggressive or slide in and out with relative ease. It's perfectly balanced. So far my GOTY, but I'm sure Cyberpunk will easily top it.