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  1. Any trophy to be affected by this? i know the michael jackson game on the ps3 had a facebook intergration trophy, there might be 1 or 2 on the ps4.
  2. Splinter Cell blacklists online gets fixed, and Yokai Watch 4 gets announced to be coming to the ps4 on the same day? what a fantastic day, i couldn't be happier.
  3. I too was hoping that we would get more trophies with this patch, well fingers crossed on the next major update.
  4. I laughed out pretty hard at the final 2 trophies, at least these trophies can justify going much further in the game, even if it might be less optimal to 100%.
  5. are the collector trophies in these NBA games online trophies? I noticed that UFC3 has a very similar system with cards, but the way it was played made it seem like it could be always available.
  6. I uploaded a video awhile back for 'The Sprouting Dead', i guess its worth linking here, since info is generally so scarce for the game. Good stuff on the mini trophy guide though, glad to finally have a time, i had no idea how long the speedrun limitation was.
  7. Just remember to backup your save before you go in for that last cup, I've heard of people having the trophy glitch on them, and not being able to get the trophy, and because they didn't backup the save, they would've had to have restarted the cup grind from the beginning.
  8. I was wondering if this one would ever get trophies. Since you're experienced with the game, could you, or any Warship vet, give an estimation to how long the 100% will be.
  9. https://www.planetside2.com/news/ps2-a-new-soldier-ps4-game-update-august-2019 For anyone interested in this games 100%, they recently released a massive update to the game that added a 4th faction and started trickling in the building mechanics to be eventually fully implemented. on top of this, they implemented a 50% exp boost for people who play with PSN+, this is an incredibly long 100%, so this is a massive boon. The games servers will be especially populated now due to this recent update, so i suggest anyone interested in this 100% take as much advantage of this as possible.
  10. To name a game i havent seen listed, and that i recently really enjoyed, Heart & Slash was fantastic, a very enjoyable game with a pretty great soundtrack, the games trophy list is initially daunting but it quickly becomes very easy once you understand how the game works.
  11. Driveclub bikes was also a DLC with a platinum, there are probably a few others I'm not aware of, but its not a new thing. I'm really happy with this trophy list, i was expecting at most a small trophy list that just followed the main story. I think trophies should expect you to fully experience all the games content, and expect you to reach endgame milestones, this list is an early christmas, i hope more expansions are like this.
  12. The 6 roles to level 10 and the Legendary Quest will take insanely long as well. The Legendary Wizard takes 13w 1d 15h 53m 20s to grow and it takes very rare resources to create if the wiki is correct, thats not even counting the quest itself.
  13. I don't like the idea of forcing certain trophy requirements that developers have to implement BUT if they are going to force anything trophy related, please let it be trophies that actually work, nothing worse then a glitched trophy that never gets fixed. EDIT: Didnt read the thread and see that @x7eight and @Elvick_ made pretty much the same point, making my response meaningless.
  14. @Walt the Dog I'll give you some tips for the grind. Don't get too caught up in trying to maximize every single moe boss kill, newgame+ playthroughs are cheap. If i recall correctly I'm on like 14 NG+ now and each new NG+ took me roughly 5 hours, and that was with me moe killing everything. Just try your best to get strong and get into the postgame so you can strengthen yourself for the Newgame pluses. Also remember that leveling an item from level 1 to 999 in one go gives you the best stats on an item, leveling it incrementally gives you fewer stat ups, so if you find a very high tier piece of equipment, hold onto it until you can completely max it out in one go. Good luck for the 100% if you're seriously deciding on going for it, I'm at about 400 hours and i only have 458K out of the required 1,002,000 shampuru.
  15. Imagine how it must feel for the guys who regulate these disputes daily, it's a really unenviable job.