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  1. If you managed to get this 100% please make a thread here and tell us about it, I've been interested in this game for awhile, always assumed it would be possible, but never got around to it. Thanks.
  2. I don't have a vita yet, so I'm pretty damn envious of you guys, congrats on finally getting it.
  3. Massive congrats, ever since i heard a theory about how to get it by @Zenodin and a bit of studying, i had a feeling it was achievable. I was actually planning to go on an expedition myself into the game and create a guide on how the hell to do it, but I'm really glad someone else did, since i don't have recording equipment and would probably get banned if i did manage to pull it off. I still think this plat will be a 10/10 in difficulty, only having played a bit and the game still kicked my arse on the earlier levels.
  4. Is there one massive timesink in particular towards the 100%? or is it just a slow accumulation of all the smaller things that add up to the 100% completion? i skimmed the trophy guide and i couldn't find anything that really stood out, the 100% was pretty short in RDR1, don't see what makes it so much longer here.
  5. Whenever i see this thread get active, i worry a bit and check to make sure nothing new is added onto the list, I'm sure that im not the only person who does this.
  6. Sad to see there's no Mr perfect, was really fun learning to master the game on MM10 even though i did it on easy..
  7. Great info as always, will use when i pick up the game.
  8. PSNTL has a 'prestige' trophy rarity, for those trophies under 1%, i would like this feature, because there's usually a massive difference between a 4.97% rarity trophy and a 0.50% trophy.
  9. Amazing, I've been postponing this game, because of the tough legendary difficulty campaign, but with that glitch, i can easily get my plat now. thanks for the information.
  10. I know its necro, but i just want to say these pictures have helped me out a lot in my georama building, i'm not one for character customization or prettying up things in games, so these were perfect walkthroughs to just max them out without thinking about it.
  11. I've actually had this glitch happen to me recently as well, i think its a pretty well known issue and you shouldn't get flagged for it. I've actually found myself purposefully trying not to pop trophies too close together (like a 500 kill trophy and a chapter complete trophy for example) incase it might look 'suspicious'. I'm sure I am not alone with this self policing.
  12. to be honest, i was cutting it close to even finish it on the 28th, you should always assume they will shut it down early, at least a week early, and even that is conservative if you compare it to other early shutdowns..
  13. It seems like another trophy list that doesn't force you to properly explore the postgame for the platinum, that's a shame.
  14. When i saw the trophies i was getting Attacking Zegeta flashbacks, but after watching that trailer i'm actually quite interested At first i was expecting it to be similar to Way of the Samurai, but it took a different turn altogether. is it just me or did the game actually seem to be a lot like Resident Evil 1?
  15. Sounds like a bit of a crapshoot, but if others can get this to work, it will be amazing.