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  1. im glad its working for someone at least, i wonder what the general problem was for the others, maybe it required you having to have accessed the online before? i have no idea.
  2. I'll try to spell it out differently, i use wi-fi, and this is what i did Boot up the game to main menu Select offline mode Back out to title screen (If your 'Connect to internet' box is unticked, tick it back here) Select online mode There will be a bunch of loads and notification boxes, ignore all that, once the cutsceen starts playing, press the PS BUTTON In the PS menu, navigate to Settings Enter Network Untick the 'Connect to the Internet' box go back into the game skip cutscene Go back to step 2 I found there to be a big time window in the cutscene for disconnecting the internet, it felt like you could disconnect anytime during it and a bit after it and be perfectly ok, so even with wifi this should work. I got my 20mil not long ago thanks to the people here spreading the message, really thankful that you guys saved me like 80 hours
  3. I'm really looking forward to this game, i appreciate that the list doesn't hold any punches.
  4. Like anything, its a time investment and people are more strapped for time then ever.
  5. It was always like this, i made a post in the growtopia section on psnp about how growing the Legendary Wizard takes 13w 1d 15h 53m 20s of waiting, but this growing process isnt even the longest part about getting the trophy related to the legendary wizard, and the trophy relating to the legendary wizard is one of the shorter trophies.
  6. Really sucks to have Growtopia as an unobtainable,dont even think about starting it, 1000s of hours might be putting it lightly, this game is insanely slow, and is built around waiting for timers for your plants to grow.
  7. I love videogames as a medium and I'm willing to give any game a chance to impress me, trophies have opened me up to games i would've never played beforehand and i feel I'm much better for it. An example of a recent game i completed, Knytt Underground, I heard very terrible things from across the web, but after playing it, i really really enjoyed my time with it. This is just one example of an experience i would've missed if i just dismissed some smaller game as 'garbage'.
  8. How would this trophy compare to other hard racing game trophies, for example Wipeout HDs hardest, Need for Speed Prestige gold events, Gran Turismo 5 Red bull events. From what i researched on this game, it seems that this might be one of the hardest racing game trophies out there.
  9. I found it just so much easier to just; - Make a few batches of bane potions - Collect 10-20 better piercing arrows on the corpses leading up to the fight - Pick up a armor set on the way to the fight - Run back and forth making potshots at Runt with poisoned arrows Your armor can last you awhile when runts makes a few slashes at you, it doesn't require any bow training, no treasure hunting, no getting your ass beat by Bernard, i would greatly recommend trying this first before you try the mace method. Great info about burning the hay though, and the potions are of course worth consuming before the fight even with this simpler method.
  10. Actually im thinking about having another crack at this again, it seem for me at the start of every new year i like to grind this game for a bit, and i really liked the format warped developed.
  11. I'm actually very interested in trying to crack the code on how to finish that trophy, are you absolutely sure that its glitched and there isnt some eldritch way to pop the trophy? like, say, make a bad choice that leads to another choice that you go good on? it sounds like you've done a lot of private talking / research and investigation on it.
  12. You like RPGs in general but tend to lean heavily into japanese games (your entire cabinet besides the witcher is japanese), you also bought a ps4 awhile back, but it was only in the past few years you decided that you wanted to trophy hunt. You're a very dedicated completionist and very bold, you don't shy away from long or difficult games at all and you're willing to experiment with a wide range of game genres. It's a very interesting and impressive profile all up.
  13. I really love nigh impossible long term achievements like this new DLC trophy, makes me want to get back into it, knowing that i can casually knock out just about every other trophy on the list while working towards this one.
  14. Thanks a lot for the headsup, spreading the message.
  15. Yakuza 1, Yakuza 2 and Yakuza Ishin are all in Japanese, i have yet to do ishin, but i can speak to the previous 2 as I've done them. These games are very heavily texted based and have lots of missables, which normally would make this nearly impossible to 100% for a non Japanese speaker. These games have no subtitles on the ps3, though there are older versions of the games that have both english subtitiles and even english voices in 1. Luckily for us, @soliunasm created 2 really good trophy guides that are hosted on PSNProfiles for both Yakuza 1 and 2 so that all English speakers can easily get the 100%, i would really recommend them. Yakuza Kiwami 1 and 2 are re-imaginings of Yakuza 1 and 2, they both have a similar structure of the story, but they both have many additions and a few subtractions, the additions are far too numerous to count, but from a gameplay point of view, they are basically different games. The order you wrote out seems correct to me, though i haven't played much of Yakuza 3 and 5, so i could be wrong. I find it hard to understand a lot of your post, so i hope i answered at least some of what you asked.