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  1. Sent you a message to tee up a discord chat :)

  2. Not really, the game heavily de-incentivizes boosting, the community is very much against "stat padding" and theres tools out there to easily tell if someone is or not (they can check how many times you died too or killed a specific person) If you want to grind EXP very fast the best way to do it (my info is at least a year or 2 old) is to invest in being a medic and mass heal during very heated conflicts, things like the revive grenade and the vehicle healing aura are massively useful in getting massive amount of exp fast.
  3. I'm immediately expecting that this trophy will be nerfed, if not, i really hope there's some workaround to getting this trophy. If neither of these things happen, im expecting this to be the next Yoostar.
  4. It takes more then just hours to do and there's no quick solution sadly (as of this post) Just think of all the characters having a very long progress bar to fill, and you are slowly filling them all at once, it will take a long time before you get the first recipe, but at that point the progress on the other characters are nearing completion too, and you will start to get those recipes very close together as well. The way i did it was to put only 1 dish on the menu with 1 ingredient you have none of, just idle the ps4 (while watching a movie, or just browsing the net) until you hear the bell and people start coming in, if you see any unique people come in, use a 5 star recipe on them (there's a thread here detailing some great dishes to help with that) and then just switch to your burner recipe. repeat until night, then sleep, then wake up and go back into the cafes bottom floor to idle, it took me some real life days to do this. I advise anyone feeling disheartened by the grind to keep at it, you will get it eventually. EDIT: its also worth noting that i got the method of saving ingredients from @MattPieti so credit goes to him if you find it here and it helps you
  5. If you are interested, the number 1 fastest 100% is very achievable if you just get the megapistol then rush brutal difficulty, there are much earlier sections that have clustered insects (though not as much) and it might be possible to even save time doing it earlier. edit: its worth mentioning that as i write this the number 1 spot is 9 hours, 14 minutes, i can imagine it going lower quick once this information spreads more.
  6. My savepoint times Old Bridge - 5:04 Crane - 10:10 (pre bomb and chandelier) Crane - 12:05 (post bomb and chandelier) Graveyard - 15:59 Windmill - 22:52 Stone Pillar - 29:03 East Arena - 34:53 (entrance) East Arena - 42:29 (exit) Waterfall - 56:10 Gondola - 58:52 Water Tower - 1:02:19 West Idol Stairs - 1:09:16 Main Gate - 1:20:04 Sandy Beach - 1:52:19 My worst time-loss was the water wheel, fell into the water about 4 times, but decided to just continue anyways, as i was sure i had a lot of time to spare, this was also my first playthrough of the game, so i didn't have to worry about the watermelon. My first failure string of failures / attempts at learning the waterwheel i got the spiked club, so i didnt have to do a new playthrough or have to replay a segment for the trophy. I also managed to get sewer skip, following the times in this thread was really helpful in gauging how try heavy i needed to be at certain parts. At the Queen fight, i was extremely careful, positioning the pillars up to the top middle of the throne, only slashing the queen right after she delivers one of her attacks, and dragged around the pillars to get to the sword. I used this video as a guide as well, A very good speedrun by a very charismatic guy that any newer players should be able to follow to easily get the under 2 hours trophy, if i can do it on my very first playthrough, so can you. Now i can enjoy my much calmer second playthrough, where i can take it much slower, gather all the savepoints, watch the small environmental interactions with Yorda and enjoy the cutscenes.
  7. An easy and quick way to get all perks is on Chapter 8 of the campaign "Breakout", theres a tunnel that a bunch of bugs will spew from, and you can launch a few explosives at them to get roughly 500k points, then restart the checkpoint to start right in front of the tunnel again, the points will still count even when using the method, a few quirks that happened to me The trophy for 25mil points popped when expected The trophy "Utility Belt" didnt pop until after i beat the stage and the boss, the trophy popped only after i was looking through statistics and stats and then the trophy for beating the Chapter 8 boss seemed to pop about 10 seconds after that The 1500 kill trophy doesnt pop, presumably either the bugs dont count as kills, or restarting checkpoint doesnt save the counter for kills, so you will have to get that naturally With this method you can get the Megapistol so much faster, even before completing the game, so you can demolish the rest of your first playthrough.
  8. Thank you for the notice.
  9. You should look into The Witness, its a very fun puzzle game, it was also a psn+ freebie at one point, so there's a chance you might already own it.
  10. Welcome to the site, I noticed that you have gotten trophies for Ace Combat Infinity within the same time frame that i was grinding it out too, there's a good chance we already played together if you liked Area B7R Dogfight. You have a pretty great collection already.
  11. This seems to be a remastered version of an older game in the series, hopefully there's someone here that can give us some info on how hard / how long this list will be, but given how its apparently "coming to the west for the first time", i doubt there'll be anyone. For what its worth, the game did look fun from the little gameplay snippets i looked up online.
  12. I feel like we're always on the backfoot with these shutdowns, all because of forced online with forced online trophies.
  13. Check out Doraemon story of seasons, i haven't played it yet, but its on the ps4 and i heard very good things about it Sadly, the trophy list is awful, very rudimentary and requires little completionism whatsoever, but better it be a good game in my opinion.
  14. I love these kinda trophy lists, seems very similar to light of hope, which requires you to just collect everything, i do appreciate the completionism, i just hope that in order to do that, it also requires you to max out all of the relationships (assuming its a mechanic in this game)
  15. Defiance PS3 is also unobtainable to 100%, all of the DLC trophies seem to be bugged for everyone that got the DLC AFTER it went free to play (this is not confirmed, just common speculation) plus the Volge Huntmaster monster straight up doesn't spawn anymore, the developers have been bugged about this for years and they have done nothing, good riddance that this game is finally over. So in short, the platinum is obtainable, but the DLC trophies are not.