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  1. Check out Doraemon story of seasons, i haven't played it yet, but its on the ps4 and i heard very good things about it Sadly, the trophy list is awful, very rudimentary and requires little completionism whatsoever, but better it be a good game in my opinion.
  2. I love these kinda trophy lists, seems very similar to light of hope, which requires you to just collect everything, i do appreciate the completionism, i just hope that in order to do that, it also requires you to max out all of the relationships (assuming its a mechanic in this game)
  3. Defiance PS3 is also unobtainable to 100%, all of the DLC trophies seem to be bugged for everyone that got the DLC AFTER it went free to play (this is not confirmed, just common speculation) plus the Volge Huntmaster monster straight up doesn't spawn anymore, the developers have been bugged about this for years and they have done nothing, good riddance that this game is finally over. So in short, the platinum is obtainable, but the DLC trophies are not.
  4. It is still free on the Australian PSN store and i just picked it up, thanks for the heads up.
  5. I'll always be sad that the Drakengard 3 DLC never got discounted, I've been waiting so long for it.
  6. I appreciate the warning, i should just try and get the 100% asap just to be safe.
  7. This recipe trophy took far longer then i expected, this thread was a big help on trying to get the 5 star reviews, but some of the recommended recipes didnt work for me at all, so i wanted to list the characters in order that i completed, alongside what recipe + ingredients got me the max review, some of these took a bit of experimentation Poncho Supreme Well-Salted Satay +2 Lucky Yaki Meat Thick Soy Sauce Zucchi Short Rib Thick Soy Sauce Moray Eel Huey Supreme Well-Salted Zucchi Cutlet +2 Zucchi Short Rib Volcanic Rock Salt Moray Eel Celis Supreme Slightly Spicy Curry Rice +2 Garam Masala Fluffy Rice Ginger Chili Pepper Habanero Rosetta Supreme Very Sweet Panna Cotta +3 Fresh Cream Arapaima Cauliflower Corn Dr. Zeff Supreme Acquired Tasting Bouillabaisse +2 Sweetfish Char Carp Tilapia Ginji Supreme Refreshing Potato Salad +2 Potato Balsamic Vinegar Tilapia Freshwater Sweetfish Walnut Maurice Supreme Slightly Spicy Man's Curry +3 Garam Masala Zucchi Roast Yaki White Liver Fresh Grouper Lanche Supreme Very Sweet Muffin +2 Light Flour Mango Sugar Pumpkin Miere (she was tough to figure out, she likes warm and sour food) Supreme Refreshing Tomato Soup +3 Tomato Tomato Shiny Egg Fresh Grouper Chou Chou Supreme Very Sweet Mont Blanc Chestnut Fresh Cream Fluffy Rice Red Kidney Beans I hope this helps someone. I'm also very sure that the ingredients used impacts the review, i can have an identical dish in every way, having the same sweetness and +modifier as well as being supreme and the same number of 'musical notes' on it, but give radically different reviews constantly, i would bet that each ingredient has a hidden 'crunchiness' or 'sticky' modifier, that or each character has a hidden list of likes and dislikes for every ingredient separately.
  8. What exactly are you having trouble with? i found the game very confusing at first, having absolutely no experience with anything sword art online related, but after playing a bit i realized that its actually quite simple, what i did was just focused on one thing at a time, looked up online where was the treasure chests with better weapons, focused on the relationship grinding, focused on grinding the hollow missions. I still have a ton to do in the game, so im no expert.
  9. Hey, if you arent too busy can i private message you about trophy problems? you seem to know way more about it then most people, and googling isnt giving much helpful information, but i understand if you're busy.

    1. MMDE


      Try to contact me on discord! :) 

  10. Hey, i want to ask you a question about Necrodancer that really wasnt worth making a thread for.

    If you download the DLC, does the game let you switch between the added content and playing in vanilla? and if it doesnt, would you be able to delete the dlc easily and continue with the same save file whenever? I tried googling around and i couldnt find a solid answer, thanks.

    1. Floriiss


      Hey. Unfortunately you cannot switch between DLC and vanilla. Though, if you want to play on vanilla all you have to do is to delete the game and reinstall. Then you'll be prompted with a checkbox for installing the DLC, which you can refuse. I'm pretty sure that even when you played the DLC and go back to the vanilla version, you can still use your save file. Should be good.

    2. Orphioon


      Thanks for the response! well it looks like it will be a long long time before i get to the dlc content then :(

  11. I appreciate the response, i did a bit of testing trying to replicate it, by spamming restarting previous checkpoint and restart current checkpoint right after finishing a section, and by spamming pauses after finishing the last segment, i managed to get no trophy pop up on the result screen (when it would normally pop for me), and then having the game hang on black screen after fading right after that (on an alt) It isn't quite what happened to me, but its in the vicinity, try to avoid doing those 2 things if anyone reading is going for the 100%, ill probably do more testing over the course of a few days to try and replicate exactly what happened.
  12. Thumper was on sale, so i finally decided to pick this one up to play on the psvr, up until level 3 everything was going well. When i completed chapter 3, i got the trophy for getting the S rank, but for some reason the trophy for 'completing level 3' didnt pop at all, i tried looking up any glitches related to Thumper and its trophies / Achievements and i couldn't find anything. Has this happened anytime before? the scarcity of this glitch is making me really worried that this might be flaggable, kinda killed my whole mood to continue further.
  13. im glad its working for someone at least, i wonder what the general problem was for the others, maybe it required you having to have accessed the online before? i have no idea.
  14. I'll try to spell it out differently, i use wi-fi, and this is what i did Boot up the game to main menu Select offline mode Back out to title screen (If your 'Connect to internet' box is unticked, tick it back here) Select online mode There will be a bunch of loads and notification boxes, ignore all that, once the cutsceen starts playing, press the PS BUTTON In the PS menu, navigate to Settings Enter Network Untick the 'Connect to the Internet' box go back into the game skip cutscene Go back to step 2 I found there to be a big time window in the cutscene for disconnecting the internet, it felt like you could disconnect anytime during it and a bit after it and be perfectly ok, so even with wifi this should work. I got my 20mil not long ago thanks to the people here spreading the message, really thankful that you guys saved me like 80 hours
  15. I'm really looking forward to this game, i appreciate that the list doesn't hold any punches.