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  1. I've actually had this glitch happen to me recently as well, i think its a pretty well known issue and you shouldn't get flagged for it. I've actually found myself purposefully trying not to pop trophies too close together (like a 500 kill trophy and a chapter complete trophy for example) incase it might look 'suspicious'. I'm sure I am not alone with this self policing.
  2. to be honest, i was cutting it close to even finish it on the 28th, you should always assume they will shut it down early, at least a week early, and even that is conservative if you compare it to other early shutdowns..
  3. It seems like another trophy list that doesn't force you to properly explore the postgame for the platinum, that's a shame.
  4. When i saw the trophies i was getting Attacking Zegeta flashbacks, but after watching that trailer i'm actually quite interested At first i was expecting it to be similar to Way of the Samurai, but it took a different turn altogether. is it just me or did the game actually seem to be a lot like Resident Evil 1?
  5. Sounds like a bit of a crapshoot, but if others can get this to work, it will be amazing.
  6. The absolute biggest pointer i can give anyone who wants the 100% is DO NOT REPLAY ANY STAGE UNTIL YOU BEAT THE GAME. There's a glitch in the game in which the final level isn't selectable, which seems to be caused by replaying a stage before you beat the game, since you cant access a level you can't get the perfection needs no arms, i was just the final stage away from the trophy when i ran across this gltich, and screwed me out of the 100%. The most annoying thing about this is that its hard to find info about this anywhere, the achievement guide on the xbox site doesn't say anything, this thread didn't mention it, i had to search through smaller forums and posts to figure out what happened to me.
  7. If you really like character customisation and roleplaying, Empires. If you want a more straightforward hack and slash experience, Xtreme Legends
  8. I was thinking about posting that link.. but you posted it an hour before the thought crossed my mind, crazy. I would also recommend This continent guide and This shampuru farming guide. Especially the shampuru farming guide, its absolutely essential, even more important then the base trophy guide.
  9. By a 'few more times' i hope you mean around 15 times for the sham meows, dust bunnies and all of the T15 shampurus, make sure you do the doppelgangers each run, their shampurus are some of the most important.
  10. Does that new boss require you to be decked out in T6 stuff? i admit i dont know much about that new trophy.
  11. That's a good point, i really feel sorry for everyone who started on Z and plan to do the original. Especially because not only is it a downgrade, but you'll have to spend about 10x as much time on it as well!
  12. You're willing to explore the underbelly of videogames, from playing Kayne and Lynch 2 and the Hannah Montannah videogames. You also seem to be both a completionist and someone who likes to hop back and forth on games, you're willing to leave a game for years before you get back to it. This indicates to me that you really enjoy videogames, and care more about actually enjoying them then the 100%, which is unusual for someone who plays such awful games.
  13. Yes, its all still very doable. The hardest trophies would be the 100 captures and the 100 defends, the defends are going to get harder and harder the more experienced the community gets, so try and start the game sooner then later. As for good free to play games, try out Warframe, by far the best on the PS4 F2P list so far.
  14. Thanks for that, i didnt follow a guide, but it actually looks worse for me now.. at 1:05:00 he more or less beelines into the hole and still gets the trophy, maybe if you were to perfectly go straight down or dash past some kind of invisible trophy hitbox it wont trigger? i would love to find someone else who has had this issue.
  15. A quick check of their profiles showed they unlocked the trophy naturally, as everyone else has seemed too, i checked through a few other profiles in the recent 100% completion and they all unlocked it when they should've too.