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  1. (I keep mixing up MS and MSZ)
  2. Oh true, he did mention how he was doing Mugen Souls Z and was only thinking about the original Mugen Souls. Given how similar these games are, i would not be surprised if that glitch was still in Z, Can anyone confirm if it's in Mugen Souls Z as well?
  3. Pro tip: if your Chou Chou is sufficiently leveled and geared up, go into the Mugen Field with just her in the 4th slot with the first 3 slots empty. Why? Because it glitches out the peon ball, when it explodes, it doesn't do any damage to you, negating one of the big worries of the area.
  4. EDF is a much better game and quicker then Mugen Souls. If you can deal with this game then EDF is harmless. Think of it as Dynasty Warriors but a third person class based shooter, the game is mindless fun and can be enjoyed for 100s of hours before you get bored. Unlike Mugen Souls, which gets stale after about 30hours.
  5. That isnt that bad compared to the 794 weapons and the 85 missions in which you have to do 4 playthroughs on with each character on differing difficulties meaning you have to do 16 playthoughs per mission at a bare minimum. Of course its much much more then that because you'll need an insane amount of armour to have a chance on inferno, theres no genocide gun or extremely OP weaponry that will carry you through it. Also online and offline modes are disconnected, progress made in single player wont track into multiplayer, so you will have to dedicate to one for the 100%.
  6. Seriously? I've heard the opposite, 100% weapons is very grindy and luck based, taking about 400-500hours for the 100%. Insect Armageddon is about 100-150 isn't it?
  7. I would be interested, I've got about 100 hours into 2025 and I'm planning to get the others.
  8. Yeah, I'll join, i need something to motivate me to get back into the game. EDIT: Wait a minute.. is this some twisted plot to try and get someone to write a trophy guide for Mugen Souls Z? If so i support it.
  9. My vote would be for a game called Ultra Hot!!! Pachi Game Spirit CR Evangellion, an Evangellion pachinko game released in japan only Since its purely luck based, you could theoretically get it in a few hours, one of the trophies has a 1 in 20,000,000 chance per spin of popping, the trophy guide writer over on PS3T.org has calculated that it would take an average of 10+ YEARS of continuous turboing, which comes into 87,600 hours on average for the 100%. It could be much quicker, but it could easily be much longer too.
  10. It's the worst grind I've ever experienced. Now with games like Star Ocean and White Knight Chronicles, the games are varied, Star Ocean has you grind all kinds of abilities and enemies for its battle trophies. Some of the battle trophies requires you to do unique things with characters like jump 5,555 times, kill ET within 10 minutes with Lymle, the elemental BTs that require you to synthesize unique weapons and armour specifically for it. White Knight Chronicles has you complete many different missions for the crafting materials, playing it with friends was very fun, racing to try and get the fastest big red kill really made the grind felt much faster. With Mugen Souls its literally the same thing over and over. The enemy type doesn't matter, you get so freakishly strong so quickly that its all just fodder, no special tactics, no environmental changes, its all just the hideous black and blue background of the mugen field. The same casting of the same abilities, with the same lag after each move, with the same peon ability and its obnoxious lag spike over and over and over and over and over. And don't forget the story runs, the Dust Bunny and Sham-Meow shampurus are best recieved during story line battles, so you will need to play the story over and over, i have currently 11 (IIRC) clocked in true ending completions with my current savefile, and i'm thinking its going to take bout 14-15 before i max out just those 2 specifically. And I'm not even into the bad parts of the grind yet, the higher tier shampurus need you to enter and exit the mugen field over and over for the right enemy that drops a piddling amount of the shampuru you need to grind. I do not recommend people start this 100%, unless you're some kind of trophy masochist like i am.
  11. I've been on and off grinding Mugen Souls for about 6 years now, i might just finally gather the motivation to finish this damn game. I have about 400hours clocked in and i only have 457k out of the required 1,005k shampuru, with the first 4 tiers (non special) maxed out as well as almost maxing out my dust bunnies and Sham Meows. Good luck to anyone trying this beast of a 100%.
  12. I thought this method was the default boosting method, just goes to show how different word of mouth boosting methods can be compared to the guides.
  13. I'm going to miss this game.
  14. Now all the stress of boosting this game is finally over, make sure to get your ribbons ASAP if you still need them, never trust the shutdown date to be exact.
  15. If you want some relatively quick and easy extremely rare trophies, planetside 2s gold medal trophies should only take about 10-30hours per trophy (very highly skill dependant) you only need 160 kills with 4 different weapons of a type, the trophies range from 0.0X% to 0.2X%. Only reason i don't have them is because I'm playing semi casually, grinding out the extremely long BR100 trophy (and one of the rocket launchers i golded didn't count for the trophy, damn NSX Masamune 😡)